Japanese Series of the Week (07/02/2012) - Houkago

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Which drama should be the next JSoTW?

Poll ended at Jul 2nd, '12, 08:37

Nurse Aoi
Houkago (After School)
Total votes: 15

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Japanese Series of the Week (07/02/2012) - Houkago

Post by Sorvaseven » Jun 18th, '12, 08:37

Japanese Series of the Week


This poll will run for two weeks.
Please enjoy the vote and feel free to be a volunteer seeder for our next JSoTW ;-).
Thanks to fobdstn to be volunteer seeder for this JSoTW, without him/her all this would not be possible.


>>CLOSED<< And the winner is: Houkago (After School) - torrent with 53% !


VOTE for the next JSoTW above
(This poll will run till 02 July 2012)
This week's nominees are:
Nurse Aoi - torrentHoukago (After School) - torrent

NOMINATE future JSoTWs below


Information and rules for the Japanese Series of the Week:

* What is the Japanese Series of the Week (SoTW)? (Some aspects are not up-to-date anymore)
* Nominate only completed Japanese dramas with completed English subtitles!
* You must have at least 10 posts to vote.
* You can always reply on the current Japanese Series of the Week thread or PM me if you want to be a volunteer seeder for a particular drama for the next Japanese Series of the Week.. I will only choose the first four volunteer seeders for one poll! If there are already four volunteer seeders for a poll, i will write it on this thread. Then it isn't necessary anymore to reply here or write me a PM if you are willing to seed a drama for the next JSoTW. Of course you can reply for FUTURE JSoTW, but please remark it!
* It is always helpful, if people can help out seeding the drama which won the vote!
* It is allowed to post requests, but no guaranty for nomination as long as nobody want to be a volunteer seeder for the requested drama.


Wall of Fame (volunteer seeders of previous Japanese Series of the Week - if you don't want to be mentioned, please PM me):
Previous Japanese Series of the Week (beginning in 2011):
Orange Days
Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta!
Saigo no Koi
Aoi Tori (L'oiseau Bleu)
Kimi no Te ga Sasayaite Iru
Yasashii Jikan
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
Over Time
Konna Koi no Hanashi
Koi ga Shitai
Suekko Chonan Ane Sannin
Anata no Tonari ni Dareka Iru
Virgin Road
M no Higeki
Slow Dance
Big Wing
Koibumi (Love Letters ~Men We Have Loved~)

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Post by ices56 » Jul 21st, '12, 18:56

Division 1 Houkago was awesome, thanks ! :)

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Post by broken580 » Nov 30th, '12, 09:36

downloaded the torrent again and it loaded the trackers. Not sure why it didn't work previously.

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