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Japanese Series of the Week 03/21/05 - My Little Chef

Posted: Mar 7th, '05, 15:37
by thetenken

06/14/2004: As of this date, the Series of the Week is now officially Japanese series only.

Taking nominations for the next series of the week. Let me know what you want to add to the poll and I'll add it. From this point forward only series that have a volunteer seeder will be put up into the poll. People can nominate whatever they want, but the series won't become a poll option until there is a volunteer seeder...


Last time's runner-ups:

Shopping Hero -
With Love -
My Little Chef -


Previous Series of the Week:

Attic Cat
Koi ga Shitai x3 (Where is Love?)
Strawberry on the Shortcake (S.O.S.)
Cheap Love
Big Wing
Sutaa no Koi
From the Heart
Love Generation
A Sleeping Forest
Story of One Century
Younger Men
Merry Christmas in Summer
Shota no Sushi
Aoi Tori
Meguri Ai
Konna Koi no Hanashi
One Million Stars Falling From the Sky
News no Onna
Mukodono/My Husband
Food Fight
Heaven's Coins/Hoshi no Kinka
Forbidden Love

What is a series of the week?
Since there are now a substantial number of torrents on this site, we have implemented a "Series of the Week," where we could dedicate most of the bandwidth to a particular series during that week. This helps in a couple of ways:

1. People will know what series are available and have seeds, rather than just waiting and hoping for them to be seeded at some later date.

2. For those seeders who have DVD burners and have already burnt their collections to DVD/CD, then with the series of the week they know which series can be pulled off of DVD to help seed, minimizing troublesome multiple DVD loading.

3. Constantly re-circulates older torrents back into view, and focuses bandwidth and demand toward those specific torrents, rather than having people request series across the board.

Remember, D-Addicts was started for the community, and being a part of the community means sharing. If you don't share, then everyone loses (refer to JEM's dropping of Cdramas), and a good thing open to all may become a private party.

I take no responsibility for deleting poll entries if there are no seeds. No complaints, as this is a community effort. If the community doesn't want to share, then oh well...

Posted: Mar 7th, '05, 18:37
by dmorgan
Another weeks of voting begins. May the best series win!

Camui doesn't have to go it alone, you can put me down for With Love as well. :D

Posted: Mar 7th, '05, 21:01
by kewun
little chef :D

Posted: Mar 7th, '05, 21:27
by ShaolinMunky
once again nominating Where is Love? (Koi ga shitai x3) :-)

Posted: Mar 7th, '05, 21:53
by gunjourui
oh, I'm the first to vote with love :-) and I'm sure I'm not the last one
so c'mon people!! this time let's make WITH LOVE series of the week

Posted: Mar 7th, '05, 22:01
by eki
<b>My LIttel Chef!!!!!!</b> *random* Forbidden love finally wins ^________________^;

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 02:37
by Shindou-Kun
Hmm.. I voted My Little Chef again :-P I've seen the first 3 eps and it's a realy great show. I'd like to take this opertunity if it wins to download it and watch the entire show.

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 03:12
by chamelean75

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 03:19
by wakopin
i'm in for little chef, too. Just because it's so good, everyone should have the opportunity to see it.

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 03:35
by shikirocks
With love Woohoo :wub:

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 05:12
by danyowrong
My Little Chef was a really good I voted for that. Shopping Hero was also good even though it is one of the most corny drama's I've ever seen. love from TSUHANMAN!

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 05:28
by lilswtangel
*fingers crossed* My LIttle Chef, onegai~ :cry:

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 05:28
by shoebox
Nominating for "Suekko Chonan Ane Sannin"... anyone wants to seed?

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 06:27
by Yashiro
Ym Little Chef !!! This drama is wonderful :wub:

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 07:13
by Camui
This week 'With Love' gets my vote. :cheers:

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 08:53
by odino
that little chef thing sounds good :)

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 10:10
by Yuzuki
Raawr, My Little Chef has this win this time. :lol

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 10:16
by alvy
No no no - With Love! :D

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 10:18
by NatNat
i voted for my little chef.
i've had my eye on that series for awhile.

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 10:50
by cococrust
Anyone know when will voting ends?

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 11:49
by jaycee05
My Little Chef :D

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 12:33
by Bakaneko_San
My little Chef!

How bout if a nice soul could make a batch with all of the eps of current sotw's? That would be convinient:)

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 13:04
by Camui
cococrust wrote:Anyone know when will voting ends?
Usually the date specified, so in this case voting should end March 21st.

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 14:09
by Shymsal
My little chef please! :D

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 14:26
by p6h14
havent been active much... am watching heaven's coin now.
and maybe heaven coins 2 soon...

well hope little chef wins for next week? yummy. :P

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 18:57
by TIticamara
This is gonna be close affair. COme my little chef, you can do it.

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 19:07
by SleepyBoi
My Little Chef gets my vote....i saw a bit of shopping hero and it was corny...Where is love just didn't grab me for some reason.. :roll

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 19:36
by odino
**I want to nominate**

Asunaro Hakusho -

to add some spice for the next vote

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 21:01
by chinamp3
Yeah, i hope you upload my little chef
thank you

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 22:53
by kagome10
new on here, not quite sure what to do but I vote for with love :P

Posted: Mar 8th, '05, 22:54
by aZnSpOiLeR
sorry if this is unrelated but does anyone else get Shopping Hero on Sundays 9-10PM on regular TV? I have it on channel 18 and I don't have cable. It's eng-subbed too. I believe they are on the 4th episode this week.


Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 01:00
by walkwgod7
With Love this would be the series i would like to see next!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 01:00
by Olga_2005
With Love o kudasai :wub:

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 03:34
by LGP1520
Nominating Hero

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 03:44
by piccolo38
Little Chef, thank you.

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 03:53
by ShaolinMunky
aZnSpOiLeR wrote:sorry if this is unrelated but does anyone else get Shopping Hero on Sundays 9-10PM on regular TV? I have it on channel 18 and I don't have cable. It's eng-subbed too. I believe they are on the 4th episode this week.
its on regular tv ch 18 ksci

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 06:23
by JadedAngel
Yes, Little Chef please! Now that we finally got Forbidden Love, i can give this all my voting attention! :lol

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 08:49
by clayden
my little chef, please =)

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 10:52
by titou moony
I propose 'Friends', and I can seed episodes 1 and 3, and soon ep 2 and 4 as well!^___^

Posted: Mar 9th, '05, 17:03
by steffy
my little chef :D

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 12:49
by Yuzuki
:w00t: Can finally vote.

:mrgreen: My Little Chef. For both Yada Akiko and Ueto Aya.

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 12:59
by alexzero
how do i vote for my little chef?

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 16:04
by Camui
All you need to do is have at least 10 posts to be able to vote. :-)
So get to postin'. :thumright:

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 19:33
by ay_link
YAY! :w00t: my little chef is winning :lol

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 20:40
by odino
still ~10 days left though

vote for shopping hero

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 20:43
by hawkeye
i vote for shopping hero

Posted: Mar 10th, '05, 20:45
by LightningEmperor
With Love....if it doesn't win the next series of the has to win the next time!! Please guys, help the people out that want this series to win!


Posted: Mar 11th, '05, 01:33
by Kakashi-sensei
My Little Chef!!! :D

Posted: Mar 11th, '05, 02:30
by karakeru
Hello! Voting for With Love! (Actually, I've got the first 6 eps on my comp, and most of 7 (it's missing 1 MB... I should seed, shouldn't I? I'll have seeds for ep 1, and maybe ep 2 up by this time tomorrow).

Posted: Mar 13th, '05, 08:04
by chumpie434
With Love please

Posted: Mar 13th, '05, 22:11
My Little Chef :D

Posted: Mar 13th, '05, 23:51
by shiruchan
I would like to nominate Virgin Road, if someone could seed it... :P

Posted: Mar 14th, '05, 02:22
by yuki83
i'd like to nominate stand up for the next series of the week...considerin this one is pretty deep in the voting...if someone is willin to upload...that would be awesome...

With Love

Posted: Mar 14th, '05, 03:12
by brianlee1982
i want With Love... i'd been searching for 1 yr...Pls...Vote for With Love

Posted: Mar 14th, '05, 06:54
by pandaprincess88
my little chef all the way!!! totally looks like a keeper. (>.<)

Posted: Mar 14th, '05, 15:17
by cococrust
I will probably vote in a few days. My vote will go for my little chef unless there are additional candidates. :P

Posted: Mar 14th, '05, 15:45
by Asian_girl
my little chef :lol

Posted: Mar 14th, '05, 22:54
by gunjourui
I thought it would be a close race this week but there is an 11 vote difference between With Love and My Little Chef!!
Where are all those who voted With Love in past weeks?? C'mon, vote WITH LOVE!!!

My Little Chef

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 00:50
by crazypalu
i would vote with love... for mY LITTLE CHEf!

however... this is only my first post. =(

(btw, as an aside... right now, there are over 13 ppl trying to get ep2 and over 20 ppl trying to get ep9, but there are no seeds! :blink been stuck for days)

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 00:54
by senakun
seri-chan daisuki!


Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 02:54
by bbhhjr
My Little Chef was the first j-dorama I ever saw... it was a fluke, since I am a chef, and I saw it posted on a torrent site. I was curious, so I downloaded it, starting with episode 6. When I found tears coming to my eyes at the making of Crepes Suzette, I realized I would be hooked. I LOVED THIS SERIES!! From then on I started on a feverish J-Dorama journey. So far my favorites, not in this particular order have been:

Long Vacation
Kimi Wa Petto
and GTO (I just finished watching the final episode about 10 minutes ago!)

I'm in the middle of Orange Days, loving it, and waiting for the apparently difficult subbing.

I guess I also enjoyed Koi Ga Shitai KGS KGS.. Great charachters! I just wasn't such a fan of the romantic leads ( the teacher and his makeshift girlfriend were so BORING!)... My favorite charachter was the frustrated housewife, and the plot was great.

Now that you know what kind of stuff I like.. can someone please tell me what to see next!!

OH yeah.. back to the subject.... MY LITTLE CHEF IS AMAZING!!!!

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 06:12
by candy_stephanieyu
Ya I enjoyed Koigashitai (x3) alot too... (it was the first Eng sub drama I have watched). But this time, I would vote for "With Love"... I have watched it once, and I am sure it would be great to be able to watch it again!

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 18:47
by qyx
I will vote for My Little Chef. This is a really good series!

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 20:42
by cuongtrinh666
I vote for My Little Chef

Posted: Mar 15th, '05, 21:34
by Cammie
With Love!!! :wub: :w00t: :O :D

Posted: Mar 16th, '05, 04:20
by crazypalu
hey, stupid question here. how long does "series of the week" last? lasts longer than a week right?

Posted: Mar 16th, '05, 04:25
by odino
See the date in the subject line? 03/21/05 is the end and these days it is 2 weeks after the start.

Posted: Mar 16th, '05, 04:26
by ShaolinMunky
crazypalu wrote:hey, stupid question here. how long does "series of the week" last? lasts longer than a week right?
your correct its actually two weeks :-)

Posted: Mar 16th, '05, 04:40
by freak
I'm voting for My Little Chef. :-)

Posted: Mar 16th, '05, 05:19
by Azumi
Since I already watched My little chef, I'll vote for Shopping Hero.
BTW, don't watch my little chef, if you're on a diet. :D

Posted: Mar 17th, '05, 02:00
by Camui
I say,, don't watch My Little Chef UNLESS you ARE eating. It's best to watch with a meal or snack. Other wise it could be pure torture.
Although you don't have to worry about that while watching 'With Love'. :-)

I wish the people who like to just say what they want to win, would actually get their post count to 10 or higher so they could ACTUALLY vote. :glare:

Is it just me or does that bother anyone else in any way?

Posted: Mar 17th, '05, 03:18
by odino
hehe no that's no problem they probably write this before they vote and then realize it. But a mention in the first post of the polls couldn't harm I guess.

Posted: Mar 17th, '05, 13:28
by gunjourui
odino wrote:....But a mention in the first post of the polls couldn't harm I guess.
I guess you're right odino. Some of them had already realized that they should have more posts coz the number of their posts is increasing. But there are also others that seems not to know that writing "I vote with love" is not enough and they still have 1 or 2 posts.

Posted: Mar 18th, '05, 01:45
by sze_sze
"my little chef" sounds really good :) i'm hoping it'll stay in the lead! somehow i always vote for the one that's already leading... guess i can trust all the ppl that voted before me that it's a good choice!

Posted: Mar 18th, '05, 01:56
by chamelean75
MY LITTLE CHEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!