Could we start sotw/m again?

talk about and vote for the Series of the Week and Month
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Could we start sotw/m again?

Post by koshonin » Jan 25th, '15, 10:34

I really liked the sotw/m and I learned of some series I would've missed otherwise. Thank you for that.

@soraseven/maintainer if you need hashes/torrents: I might be able to help you out (I tried to save a lot of the DA torrent infos, and can check if I have what you need)

looking forward to the next sotw :)

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Re: Could we start sotw/m again?

Post by RetroHelix » Jan 25th, '15, 11:15

There were very interesting shows on sotm. It would be nice to have it back.

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Re: Could we start sotw/m again?

Post by DragonSpikeXIII » Jan 26th, '15, 05:29

It really needs to come back, it was a great way to get to know great or otherwise obscure doramas.

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Re: Could we start sotw/m again?

Post by Sorvaseven » Feb 6th, '15, 18:55

I could continue with the JSOTW, but it depends on reliable volunteer seeders like fobdstn. Furthermore i want to wait until a-addicts is online or until a new index is established. I'm not satisfied with the current situation... D-A is going to dry up and the regular and reliable uploads of new and old dramas collapsed. And by the way, i hate the new design of D-A ...

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Re: Could we start sotw/m again?

Post by fobdstn » Jan 16th, '16, 02:31

Sorvaseven, sent you PM

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