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Japanese SoTW Poll - Ends 05/28/06 - Princess Hiro

Posted: May 14th, '06, 13:52
by Jannah
This week, we have four completely new JSoTW candidates in the poll! :mrgreen: These choices are actually nominations we've received from some of you in the past weeks. We have no volunteer seeder for Konya Hitori no Beddo de as of now, so if you can seed, please come forward. :notworthy:

If you're willing to seed any of the series in the poll, please post a reply here or in the JSOTW: Looking For Volunteer Seeders thread or PM any one of the Geinou. There are still several series which don't have any volunteer seeders, so do volunteer for those! The more seeders we have, the more variety there will be in the future JSoTW polls.

Many thanks goes out to those seeding the current JSoTW (Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu). Thank you for your support! :salut:

In the now immortal words of thetenken........


Taking nominations for the next series of the week. Let me know what you want to add to the poll and I'll add it. From this point forward only series that have a volunteer seeder will be put up into the poll. People can nominate whatever they want, but the series won't become a poll option until there is a volunteer seeder...

(06/14/2004: As of this date, the Series of the Week is now officially only Japanese dramas with English subtitles.)

The nominees are:

Brand - info, torrent
Princess Hiro - info, torrents
Konya Hitori no Beddo de - info, torrents
Ai no Uta - info, torrents

Previous Japanese Series of the Week:
Oyaji, Otousan, Koi ga Shitai x3 (Where is Love?), Strawberry on the Shortcake (S.O.S.), Cheap Love, Big Wing, Hotman, Sutaa no Koi, From the Heart, Love Generation, A Sleeping Forest, Story of One Century, Friends, Younger Men, Merry Christmas in Summer, Shota no Sushi, Koibumi/Love Letter, Waterboys, Aoi Tori (Bluebird), Meguri Ai, Konna Koi no Hanashi, One Million Stars Falling From the Sky, News no Onna, Mukodono/My Husband, Food Fight, Heaven's Coins/Hoshi no Kinka, Forbidden Love, My Little Chef, With Love, Shopping Hero, Stand Up!!, 101st Marriage Proposal, Seija no Koushin, Maria/Mariya, Asunaro Hakusho, Summer Snow, Pretty Girls, Trick 1/2/3 (JSoTM), Itsumo Futari De, Tokyo Wankei, Denchi ga kireru made, Koi ga shitai (DVD), Wedding Planner, Suekko chonan ane sannin, Koi wo nan nen sundemasu ka/Dreams of Romance, Beach Boys, Keizoku, Nanisama, News no Onna, Aoi Tori, Midnight Rain, Chakushin Ari, Aishitteiru to itte kure (Say you love me), Dekichatta Kekkon (Shotgun Marriage), From the Heart, Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu

What is a series of the week? More Info Here
Since there are now a substantial number of torrents on this site, we have implemented a "Series of the Week," where we could dedicate most of the bandwidth to a particular series during that week. This helps in a couple of ways:

1. People will know what series are available and have seeds, rather than just waiting and hoping for them to be seeded at some later date.

2. For those seeders who have DVD burners and have already burnt their collections to DVD/CD, then with the series of the week they know which series can be pulled off of DVD to help seed, minimizing troublesome multiple DVD loading.

3. Constantly re-circulates older torrents back into view, and focuses bandwidth and demand toward those specific torrents, rather than having people request series across the board.

Remember, D-Addicts was started for the community, and being a part of the community means sharing. If you don't share, then everyone loses (refer to JEM's dropping of Cdramas), and a good thing open to all may become a private party.

We take no responsibility for deleting poll entries if there are no seeds. No complaints, as this is a community effort. If the community doesn't want to share, then oh well...

Reminder: You must have at least 10 posts to vote. Go on, kiddies... explore the forum a bit... :)

Posted: May 14th, '06, 14:15
by Xi@h
Princess Hiro goes for me :)

Posted: May 14th, '06, 15:15
by steven1973sg
I vote for "Konya Hitori no Beddo de". I hope it'll win...

Posted: May 14th, '06, 15:17
by kernasun
Since Princess Hiro is so short, could we just make that a free gimme :P

I voted for Brand, but only because I have recently seen Ai No Uta, which was excellent.

Posted: May 14th, '06, 15:24
by Sukachu
Can't believe it, Princess Hiro :w00t: .

Posted: May 14th, '06, 17:41
by neonkinpatsu
Hmm, I thought ephesus volunteered to seed KonyaBed, unless I missunderstood or he/she couldn't decided not to for jsotw. ... htm#438730

Posted: May 14th, '06, 18:05
by A.K
Princes Hiro! :w00t:

I can help seeding if needed. :salut:

Posted: May 14th, '06, 22:53
by martina_SMO
I voted for Princess Hiro, I really hope to see it *__*v

Posted: May 14th, '06, 22:59
by hakuharu
Voted! Princess Hiro sounds interesting and has a nice cast too. Thanks for recomending :-)

Posted: May 15th, '06, 00:41
by sorvani
none of this weeks selection jumps out at me as something i need to see.

Posted: May 15th, '06, 06:48
by horndogbuddhist
I say Tiger & Dragon - which is finally fully subbed.....

other than that none of the listed really perks my interest.....( never knows...I hope to be pleasantly surprised)

oh another request please how about a japanese comedy????

*of course if there are enough seeders for the nominated drama

Posted: May 15th, '06, 07:36
by canon05
Voted for Princess Hiro. It sure has a lot of prominent cast.

Just out of curious. I noticed Princess Hiro is one special episode. If it wins the poll, is it going to be seeded for the whole month?

Posted: May 15th, '06, 08:51
by idiotboy
i can seed Konya Beddo should it win this JSOTW.

Posted: May 15th, '06, 09:05
by drZero
1 vote for Konya

Posted: May 15th, '06, 12:45
by bLaCkNbLuE
I've been wanting to see Princess Hiro, but my vote this time goes for Konya Hitori no Beddo de. This looks like it could be good :P

Posted: May 15th, '06, 12:46
by Sukachu
canon05 wrote:Voted for Princess Hiro. It sure has a lot of prominent cast.

Just out of curious. I noticed Princess Hiro is one special episode. If it wins the poll, is it going to be seeded for the whole month?
JSOTW = Japanese Series Of The Week.

WEEK, not month.

Posted: May 15th, '06, 13:01
by bLaCkNbLuE
canon05 wrote:Voted for Princess Hiro. It sure has a lot of prominent cast.

Just out of curious. I noticed Princess Hiro is one special episode. If it wins the poll, is it going to be seeded for the whole month?
No, JSOTW is a weekly seeding project :)

Posted: May 15th, '06, 13:05
by lennonmanson
voted for Konya Hitori no Beddo de.......


Posted: May 15th, '06, 15:40
by paopei
vote Princess Hiro

Posted: May 16th, '06, 01:29
by usyagitntn
Yay Princess Hiro all the way!!! :D I hope it wins ^______^

Posted: May 16th, '06, 01:54
by canon05
@Sukachu & bLaCkNbLuE - Thanks for explaining the JSOTW

I always thought it was monthly :sweat:

Posted: May 16th, '06, 03:46
by mizune
canon05 wrote:@Sukachu & bLaCkNbLuE - Thanks for explaining the JSOTW

I always thought it was monthly :sweat:
Since Japanese series are much shorter than their Chinese and Korean counterparts, we run the polls on a biweekly basis...
We're the exception... All the other polls are monthly... :)

Posted: May 16th, '06, 12:40
by mrvx
hey jannah.. aku belum tgk lg cerita2 tu.. so.. boleh ke saya jd uploaded... saya punyer share ratio pun dah 67.5 ...

Posted: May 16th, '06, 12:46
by laure_choc
I voted for Brand, but I highly recommend Princess Hiro to those who didn't see it yet.

Posted: May 17th, '06, 09:17
by trisakti

Posted: May 17th, '06, 13:28
by JadedAngel
:O Ahh! Such hard choices this month! I want to see Ai no Uta, but I think i will vote for Konya Hitori no Beddo de this time. It seems like it'll be very good!

Posted: May 18th, '06, 14:58
by ephesus
Yeah, I can seed Konya. But it doesn't look like it's going to win anyway.

Posted: May 18th, '06, 15:27
by alheab
.. Historical Dorama..It will be such a nice change from the commen trend
I would vote for pincess Hiromi .. Rather than the other sries not because tey are not good , It will be such a healthy change form the commonly comedian and dramatic ones ...

I can't vote bcause I a not eligible to do (Les than 10 posts ) but I just wanted to say my opnion ...

Nevertheless, Good luck to all the competitors ...

Posted: May 19th, '06, 17:00
by sharnock
Konya Hitori no Beddo de!!

Posted: May 21st, '06, 02:24
by Shindou
I'd like to nominate Double Kitchen for the next SOTW

Posted: May 21st, '06, 06:12
by 20centuryboy
Shindou wrote:I'd like to nominate Double Kitchen for the next SOTW
:thumright: cool!!

Nomination for older NHK Dramas: Tokimune Hojo & Aoi Tok

Posted: May 22nd, '06, 11:00
by goman
As the subject suggests, I would like to nominate two hard to get series from the NHK Taiga Dramas:

Tokimune Hojo
Aoi Tokugawa Sandai

I realize there are horribly long series, but that makes them hard to get as well, so featuring them as series of the week really would help.

Posted: May 23rd, '06, 01:29
by awrittensin
I did a search for subbed jdrama that have 0 seeds and came up with a few suggestions for next week's poll, I haven't seen these drama mentioned for a while.

Family Values (5 episodes)
Friday's Lovers
Koukou kyoushi 1993
Salaryman Kintarou (4 seaons)
Tokyo Wankei

Maybe one of these could go on?

Posted: May 23rd, '06, 05:39
by mizune
^ Even though I personally hate it (not into melodramas), I'd really like to put up Friday's Lovers since it's one of the first series uploaded on this site and hasn't really seen any action since... the problem is finding a seeder, since it's so old...
If anbody has it and is willing to seed, please let me know (post or PM)...

Posted: May 23rd, '06, 05:49
by lilswtangel
Konya Hitori no Beddo De onegashimasu! :-)

Posted: May 23rd, '06, 05:50
by lilswtangel
lilswtangel wrote:Konya Hitori no Beddo De onegashimasu! :-)
and as for the non-seeded dramas mentioned above...I can help seed Tokyo Wankei~

whoops, I pressed "quote" instead of "edit". gomenasai~

Posted: May 23rd, '06, 14:29
by rousoku
voting for Princess Hiro. *sangat mahu tengok..* :P
such interesting casts, i really wanna watch it.. :cheers:

Posted: May 24th, '06, 04:44
by neonkinpatsu
Oh noez. This is looking bad for KonyaBed. :sweat:

Posted: May 25th, '06, 02:02
by steven1973sg
Since Princess Hiro is so short, can we have "Konya Hitori no Beddo de" too if it gets 2nd place?

Posted: May 25th, '06, 03:02
by jholic
neon: i added one more for konya, but i don't think it made too much of a difference.

Posted: May 25th, '06, 21:44
by Trebicyem
I really like Ai no uta and I hope it will win eventually. But my vote went to Princess Hiro because there's alot of actor I like in the serie (and I havent seen it yet)


Posted: May 27th, '06, 01:52
by martina_SMO
I wonder if Double Score with Takashi Sorimachi and Toshio Manabu could enter one of the future JP SoTW polls. It has English hardsubs and it's on the JEM tracker, which is part of D-addicts^^;

This series was uploaded some months ago, but it seems that not many people noticed it, since there haven't been many downloads... I certainly didn't notice it when the torrents were uploaded ;__;

Onegai shimasu m(_ _)m and Thank you^__^

Posted: May 27th, '06, 03:22
by SakuraG89
Double Score was very good--I'd nominate it, but does Jem have all eleven episodes, or just the ten that made it to the newsgroup a while back? I don't have the REAL episode 3, just the 10 found on ABMJ.

A question--does the SOTW have to have subtitles? If not, couldn't we once a month or every other month feature one series we think is good that hasn't caught the attention of the subbers? I can think of a couple I'd like to see subbed, and if they're available for download . . .neh?

Posted: May 27th, '06, 03:26
by neonkinpatsu
(06/14/2004: As of this date, the Series of the Week is now officially only Japanese dramas with English subtitles.)

Posted: May 27th, '06, 04:34
by martina_SMO
Thank you for replying^_^
I hadn't noticed that the last episode of Double Score is missing, gomen.
I know I shouldn't have asked that question (yes, I read the rule that has been quoted^^), but I wanted to try anyway. I'm sorry .__.

Posted: May 27th, '06, 22:03
by fairytwix
i thot it was juz princess hiro!! soo interested bout it.. ^^

Posted: May 28th, '06, 08:54
by alheab
Wow ...
Konya Hitori no Beddo de was going strong in the begining but Ai no Uta is in the lead now ,, with only 2 votes apart ..

Posted: May 28th, '06, 11:34
by japysia
I'd like to nominate Ai no Uta and Konya Hitori no Beddo de for the next poll.

Posted: May 29th, '06, 00:58
by kryptolus
I would like to nominate "joou no kyoushitsu" for the next poll. I am willing to seed it if it wins :)

Posted: May 29th, '06, 01:12
by lilswtangel
looks like Princess Hiro's the winner

Posted: May 29th, '06, 01:40
by LittleGreenGrasshopper
lilswtangel wrote:looks like Princess Hiro's the winner
Yup, lilswtangel, indeed it is :) Thanks again for those who voted, and a big thanks for our volunteer seeders. So, as lilswtangel has predicted.... this week's winner is...

Princess Hiro.

Posted: May 29th, '06, 03:22
by lilswtangel
welcome back LGG~!! :)

Posted: Jun 1st, '06, 14:54
by Genmai_cha
debating if i should download this... any feedback-anyone???

Posted: Jun 1st, '06, 15:09
by Sukachu
Genmai_cha wrote:debating if i should download this... any feedback-anyone???
Yes, defintely. Both the story and cast are great.
Takenouchi Yutaka and Tokiwa Takako playing the leading roles are doing a great job.

Too bad it's pretty short, the story is mainly a historical one, pretty interesting.

Posted: Jun 1st, '06, 19:53
by Genmai_cha

arigato gozaimashita >.<

BTW i like watching jdrama b/c it is short... sometimes just don't have the time to follow a huge series...

Posted: Jun 13th, '06, 01:49
by Jannah
Many thanks to everyone who have seeded / are seeding Princess Hiro! Do continue keeping the torrents alive. :thumleft: