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forum software

Posted: Jan 1st, '15, 06:35
by waf
what do people think about phpbb? there is obviously a lot of other forum software. people have suggested bbpress and buddypress. i know many sites (minecraft :)) use xenforo.

this is a general discussion topic. please don't start a huge war over which software to use. if the majority of us don't like phpbb, we can switch in the (near) future.

Re: forum software

Posted: Jan 1st, '15, 10:28
by MoerkJ
you must be kidding.. switching again? :nuts:

i don't want to know how many days it will take to re-add all custom features from the old forum.
customizing, some configurations and fixing broken stuff will take some time.

the only point for critisism is that we should have used phpBB 3.0.12 instead of 3.1.2

Re: forum software

Posted: Jan 2nd, '15, 00:17
by waf
is there something wrong with switching? yes, it will take some time, but are we (users/moderators/admins) actually satisfied with phpbb? i don't have opinions either way, but i know some people that use forums a lot have strong opinions about it.

Re: forum software

Posted: Jan 6th, '15, 08:43
by Tsunku
personally i miss the old layout, it was familiar and easy to use. dunno just seems off compared to the old one, i know phpbb is supposed to be better but still just wanted to say i liked how it was heh