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The D-Addicts IRC channel moved

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 00:36
by MoerkJ
today we moved [url=irc://]our channel[/url] to Rizon. You are welcome to have a chat about drama and other nice things in life.

channel: #d-addicts
redirectors: ,
network homepage:
network statistics:
URL for channel: [url]irc://[/url]
IRC information:

Posted: Sep 24th, '05, 01:11
by azn_wrx
w00t, i <3 rizon

/me pokes moerkj

(my irc sn sti_penguin)

Whats the address to D-addicts IRC channel?

Posted: Oct 11th, '05, 05:10
by kamakazi17
Sorry for making a post.. i've done the search and couldn't find it

Posted: Oct 11th, '05, 05:16
by amrayu
Look at the first post.

Posted: Jul 10th, '06, 15:11
by mister
does the irc channel still work???

Posted: Jul 11th, '06, 00:21
by jholic
i haven't checked it, but i haven't heard of any changes.

Posted: Jul 11th, '06, 07:49
by lilswtangel
the channel at Rizon?

it works~ :-) but it's usuallly the regulars over there:

i pop in sporadically :whistling:

Posted: Sep 11th, '06, 16:54
by nichollegal
whee.... tat's great....hope we will have more fun as usuall...thankzz

Posted: Dec 17th, '06, 22:50
by Moriya
maybe someone put a irc guide... that may get more ppl to chat and etc

Posted: Dec 29th, '06, 22:47
by DiSpy
I have an irc guide for my channel (mangaproject on irchighway) posted on my personal website at: if that helps anyone. :D

Just be sure to substitute everywhere it says "mangaproject" with "d-addicts" and substitute everywhere it says "irchhighway" with "rizon". :thumleft:

Hope that helps... and if anyone wants to rip it and post the guide here (with the changes for channel and network of course), just be sure to give me credit... THANKS! :salut:

Posted: Mar 23rd, '07, 18:50
by Neji-sama
Nooooo rizon... give Qnet :P

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 20:21
by harce
I want to learn how to use IRC. Do you have any quick instructions or Can you suggest any websites that have a good explanation of what IRC is and how to get started.

Please be kind, take pity on me for being clueless about this stuff and willing to learn, and reply!!!!

\\(^o^)// !!!!!

Thank you!

Posted: Jan 23rd, '08, 20:29
by ironicwave
IRC Tutorial here... :-)
Leeching (Download) Guide while we're at it... :lol

Posted: Jan 24th, '08, 05:43
by lilswtangel
^eh leeching? are we allowed fserves in d-addicts's channel now? haven't logged in years ^^;;

Posted: Feb 15th, '08, 10:41
by amrayu
lilswtangel wrote:^eh leeching? are we allowed fserves in d-addicts's channel now? haven't logged in years ^^;;
D-addicts IRC channel doesn't allow fserves from what I remember. >_<
You probably know already that SARS-Fansubs has a big IRC channel with fserves and bots filled with dramas. There's not many other drama channels unfortunately.

Posted: Nov 12th, '08, 21:36
by hibiYa
woo hoo~

just joined, and not many people here =( let's advertise somehow!

Posted: Nov 19th, '08, 03:26
by carmenie21
hey, why i can no longer connect to your new server. it did work before but now it says, "Unable to resolve server"

Posted: Apr 6th, '10, 01:31
by Neliets
BUMP. Let's try using this again? :D

Posted: Apr 6th, '10, 01:55
by ik0n
Ohh, I'll be on dA IRC. :O

Posted: Jun 5th, '10, 18:34
by recca_cool
Does anyone really show up :P?