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Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 19:04
by nikochanr3
no, i dont know what H2 is either. my world needs expanding.

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 19:11
by pokute
You mean you just hang out here for the forums? You've been here 5 days longer than me... You aren't watching enough dorama!

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 21:00
by Daisy
After finishing audio book from Orson Scott Card - Songmaster I feel so SAD and tragic over the story. :cry: . What a book. :cry: :cry:

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 21:26
by ssusan
what is really on my mind right now is that i am very mad at my bf and also my next class homework in which i don't know if we were suppose to do it or not, and i am just going to do it anyway, but was lazy.

Posted: Feb 7th, '07, 21:34
by Mitani
that my stupid stomach should stop hurting every time I eat some of my fav candy @__@

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 02:08
by AzNightDreams
Im thinking about how I wish it was Friday alrdy... :glare:

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 02:42
by azndaydreamer
AzNightDreams wrote:Im thinking about how I wish it was Friday alrdy... :glare:
Lol, I second that! I have a midterm tomorrow. And it's like 30% of my grade for the quarter... -_____-

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 02:46
by AzNightDreams
ah I feel 4 u

I took all my midterms for the last two weeks! Its tiring ne?

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 03:07
by Oguri_Shun_fan
i've been wishing it was friday since monday morning when I had to get up and go to my first class for the week.... I had 4 tests this week and I still have 2 more... and it's not even time for my midterms yet -_-

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 03:30
I'm thinking of what AM i thinking of...but i WAS thinking about the guy from the post 'How to approach a guy?' and how i want chocolate, and how i wish it was summer, and how i have to do my homework and how i wish someone would call me and say they just wanted to talk...which never happens!!! (how sad) and how i ALWAYS TEND TO WRITE SO FREAKING MUCH!!! ugh! =D

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 03:46
by kawaiineemei
what am i thinkn bout right now?

i need to lose weight.

i've been sitting infront of the computer for more than i go walk around. (VERY BAD!)

im not ginormous.. but i am gettn the chubs here and there. (im a gal by the way..)

i plan to lose 25 lbs to get back to my ideal weight.

Also to tone up.

and to get myself healthy.. heart-clogg free!
since my family has a history of diabetes.. i need to do this to avoid setting the disease to take over my body.

for the next 3 months, i plan to lose 20lbs. 5lbs every 3 weeks starting this tomorrow.

yep. its about time i do this.
im usually an athletic chick.. but i've been bumming it for too long.


WISH ME LUCK MINA(everyone!)! ^_^

i wish my body will be strong enough.

- cardio (stamina) training
- muscle work
- nutrients (fruits, veggies, meat, grains, vitamins) + water therapy

if anyone has any exercise tips or the right foods tips.. let me know ^_~ thank you!!

now... 1st obstacle: im making chocolate covered strawberries for valentines day, that only means i'll have to run 2x the next day eh? ^_~ hehehe

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 03:50
Good luck KAWAIINEEMEI! All support right behind you! Ganbare!

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 15:56
by Lingo
I think i reaaaaaaaaally need to get started revising for my accountin and finance module .. but for some reason when i think of work i get sleepy or other things pop into my mind i need to do as well!

I hate procratinators and im probably one of the worst lol

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 19:46
by mimmi
chinese cooking and pepsi....ok, food, food, food :lol....

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 20:38
by horent135
i did a all nighter on homework and i feel alot smarter!!! and a bit crazy too from lacking of sleep.

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 20:46
by HaJoSa
whats in my mind right now is I am mad cuz next week I'll bed back to college :(... my vecation will end up :(

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 20:51
by haruhi-san
Well, im thinking about getting some Takoyaki or maybe pizza! Gah, what should I get? :scratch:

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 20:59
by Suenaga
Get both! :D

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 21:27
by pokute
I have never found takoyaki that were worth a damn... Are they supposed to be mushy?!

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 21:30
by nela302
i'm thinking i should really start on my college paper work but i'm too lazy

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 21:39
by ohcrapimonfire
I just saw this

and it made me laugh :P

Posted: Feb 8th, '07, 21:49
by TatteredCrimson
I wanna learn how to dance.
DDR is not enough. I need a new DDR pad; maybe a red octane this time and not a bootleg pad.
I'm so fat; I need to lose tons of weight before I go to Bermuda this summer.
All my friends have love interests/boyfriends and I have none and they ask me for help which I can't give because I've never had a boyfriend.
I need to watch another Drama or I will die.
Aaaagh, I'm so fat!
I need to concentrate more on my school work and email my proffesor about my grade and my other professor about my course.

Okay. Why thank you. I feel relieved. Fuaha.

Posted: Feb 9th, '07, 19:01
by princess 1
right now i'm thinking OMG school is after tomorow.........:p

Posted: Feb 9th, '07, 19:30
by mimmi
I better get ready for work

Posted: Feb 9th, '07, 19:44
by azndaydreamer
Right now I'm worrying and stressing about Valentine's Day. >____< I wanna write a heart melting poem but the words just don't flow out of me. Anyone got good ideas on how to start one?

Posted: Feb 9th, '07, 23:46
by AzNightDreams
hmm a valentine's day poem.. :scratch:

eh I dunt think I can help sry I suck at poems lol :lol

Posted: Feb 10th, '07, 04:47
by gummonster
HAHAH, the youtube video is freaking funny

Posted: Feb 10th, '07, 14:27
by nikochanr3
mm, takoyaki. the only takoyaki place i like in NY started using prepackaged ingredients, so now the ginger has SESAME. and semame is my mortal enemy, so alas, no more takoyaki.

Looking at everything i have to do, and cowering in huge amounts of fear.

Posted: Feb 10th, '07, 18:55
by mimmi
what's on my mind now?....get ready to go to work

@ niko: here lots of courage to you and good luck :-)....

Posted: Feb 10th, '07, 23:26
by phramc
hmm how I should probably go take a shower but I'm too lazy to actually accomplish it.

Posted: Feb 10th, '07, 23:33
by thislove
I really need to start studying for my bio midterm but too lazy to even open the damn book. I really need a break from school so stressful.

Posted: Feb 11th, '07, 03:17
by najimta
azndaydreamer wrote:Right now I'm worrying and stressing about Valentine's Day. >____< I wanna write a heart melting poem but the words just don't flow out of me. Anyone got good ideas on how to start one?
start with:
roses are red
violets are blue
life in this world
is nothing without you.

hehe i dunno

whats on my mind: is likin a guy say a couple years [9] older wrong... bleh i dunno like i know a lot of married ppl 10-15 years apart... but bleh. how come its weird for a 14 year old to be with a 23 year old but its okay for a 30 year old to be with a 39 year old. its the same difference. is it a matter of maturity?

ah the rambles of my mind.

Posted: Feb 11th, '07, 03:38
by getsuga
Damn! I am finally 90% free from that freaking seminar presentation preparation, aaah it has been so tiring!

Posted: Feb 11th, '07, 04:21
by AzNightDreams
I feel 4 u :glare:

Seriously this time of the year sucks lol :P

Posted: Feb 12th, '07, 22:42
by EleKYAH

[img] ... 361527.jpg[/img]

Their 3rd ATTACK concert at Budokan is freakin' awesome!!!! Im not tired of looking it again and again and again... XD

Posted: Feb 13th, '07, 10:08
by getsuga
I hate my **** landlord! I must move to another accomodation, f*** you landlord!

Posted: Feb 13th, '07, 21:45
by AzNightDreams
damn that sucks

ur landlord must be a b******

Posted: Feb 14th, '07, 20:24
by Natsume Maya
I´m thinking... why do we have Carnival?
This damn samba practice next to my apt. is driving me crazy! :crazy:

Posted: Feb 14th, '07, 20:30
by Seelenfang
of course I'm thinkin about the only thing more important than Asian Drama, my one and only Werder Bremen. :salut:
Hope we'll beat da Kaaskopps from Ajax Amsterdam today.

Fighting, fighting, fighting Werder

Posted: Feb 14th, '07, 22:57
by Oguri_Shun_fan
I'm thinking.... why do college professors SUCK! you go and ask your fave teacher to write you a letter of recommendation and he tells you no, his reason... you weren't the best student but you had a B- and that's good considering the highest grade in the class was a B . I'm just tired of teacher, tired of classed, tired of life at the moment.

Posted: Feb 15th, '07, 02:07
by AzNightDreams
Rite now im thinking WHY CANT I BE SNOWED IT

Posted: Feb 15th, '07, 02:10
by OvertheRainbow
I am thinking that orange juice by tropicana is very good. AND I get a snow day tomorrow which is cool because I got a snow day today and early dismissal week ever

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 06:38
by najimta
what`s on my mind?
*in sing-songy voice* "six and a half day weekend, six and a half day weekend"
haha thank God for wintry mixes =] jeez i hate school.

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 06:58
I'm thinking depressing all good people die young...WHY am I thinking these thoughts? Cuz This week i've watched Yuuki, and i started 1 litre of tears...and they make me wunna just throw away my computer and go out there and 'enjoy' life...but then i say to myself 'ur just a retard with too much time on ur hands' so yah....

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 07:23
by thislove
I'm just realizing that my life revolve around school and just tat. I really need a life :crazy:

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 07:25
by thtlam
thinking of my physics quiz...and wondering damn why wasn't I born smart?

Posted: Feb 16th, '07, 18:13
by sillyme
wanted boyfriend... hahaha!

Posted: Feb 17th, '07, 08:15
by mimmi
What's on my mind right now?....hmm, my husband :D and he forgot his cell phone....tried to call him just to hear his voice, but the darn phone rang from my bedroom :lol....

Posted: Feb 17th, '07, 19:02
by nela302
i'm thinking right now that why do do my sibling have to be soo annoying and also my neighbor.why do i have to help them with their stupid homework and their science projects. :x

Posted: Feb 17th, '07, 19:09
by nophankh
stressing over my economic history of thought exam coming up in a week, intermediate microeconomic exam in two weeks, GRE testing in a week or so (should I reschedule?), and graduation/ finding a decent job.

just stuff..nothing too dramatic.

Posted: Feb 17th, '07, 19:12
by nophankh
thtlam wrote:thinking of my physics quiz...and wondering damn why wasn't I born smart?
hahah, I totally feel you..i hated physics back in high school. Thank god, I don't have to take it now.

Posted: Feb 17th, '07, 19:17
by LightningEmperor
Wishing right now, that my dang clubbox would start DL'ing

Posted: Feb 17th, '07, 19:19
thinkin of episode7 of HYD :D

Posted: Feb 18th, '07, 02:20
by AzNightDreams
me 2 and when I can get a chance to see it lol

Posted: Feb 18th, '07, 05:40
by TatteredCrimson
I wonder if I'll be accepted into Pratt University :/..........................
I wonder if my parents will let me stay with my aunt while I'm attending Pratt.
I wonder if my art will ever get better.
I wonder why I'm not good at anything.
I'm not good at anything.
Wow. My. Life. Sucks.

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 01:30
by mimmi
Better get off this computer and head for the gym, then watch doramas when I'm back :-)....

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 01:37
by lbhismyoppa
Goodness.... do i really have to go to work again?.....sunday night sucks....

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 08:18
Hm...i feel always...shitty but high on life, but i'm thinkin of how i absolutely HATE my family, and how i am going to never see them ever ever again when i move to (hopefully japan :D)

Posted: Feb 19th, '07, 18:15
by AzNightDreams
Im thinking of when I can move out of the country...

and move to like DMPA sed.. hopefully Japan ><

Posted: Feb 20th, '07, 05:48
by DMPA i still wunna move to japan, and how i have swiming tomorrow for gym, and how my best friend doesn't kno how to swim...and how i will be probably teaching/saving her XD

Posted: Feb 20th, '07, 05:54
by kawaiineemei
im thinkn... i haven't heard of Gackt in a while. Well.. nothing new on youtube i mean. how's gackt? I heard he has a new single out. but other than that .. nothing.

i'd like to see some gackt spam pics around here.

Posted: Feb 20th, '07, 08:45
by TimeForTea :D
PJB wrote:Erm

1. Love Interest
2. Oh damn, need a haircut again
3. Love Interest
4. Gotta get down the bank!
5. Love Interest
6. Doh, need to find a temporary job
7. Love interest
8. Should really study harder...
9. More love interest?
10. - Censored -

wow, thats about what im thinking! not sure about the censored part but.. wtever! l0l

Posted: Feb 21st, '07, 21:29
by mimmi
hmm, better get off this computer and go have some brownie and put some hersey chocolate flavor syrup as a topping, hmm yum :lol....

Posted: Feb 21st, '07, 22:38
by FlameWolf21
1.) Bored and sick and tired of being nagged
2.) Need to finish my essays for AP history and outline chapter
3.) Need to answer back to the colleges that keep leaving me mail and get my parents off my back
4.) Need to finish reading...
5.) Is love real or just a figment of my imagination
6.) How soon can I move to Japan if I get a job and save my money.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '07, 19:26
by mimmi
Would like to go for a drive out in the country and snap a few pictures, but it's just so windy....oh, why does it have to be so windy on my day off? spoils this fine sunny's still too cold and the wind makes it more colder....hmm, so what do to, maybe I should brave this cold wind :lol....but I'll have my cup of cappuccino first :-)....

Posted: Feb 22nd, '07, 22:19
by nikochanr3
i'm wondering what the people on this board are really like in person, if they are as nice as they seem. im knowing if i was younger id probably try to find out! (the first NY D-Addicts gathering!) :lol there are some people here who seem to have real definted personalities.

im also wondering when i can go home. i hope soon.

Posted: Feb 22nd, '07, 22:39
by pokute
I'm about 1000 times pissier IRL. I go to Korean bars and pick fights with all the ex-KCIA guys. I go to sushi bars and complain that the saba is aji. I go to Chinese restaurants and make fun of the old guys wearing the expensive silk suits. It helps that I look like Al in Hagaren (after the accident).

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 04:58
by phramc
How I want to go to japan. :crazy:

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 05:19
1.(still how i want to go to japan)
2. How i'm getting chuby from all of the computer sitting and eating lol i wish i could live in one of my stories (such wonderful fairytales filled with fantasy and romance)
4.wish the guy I like would say hi to me! (keep dreaming poor child, keep dreaming) i CAN'T WAIT TILL MY PARENTS LEAVE TO MEXICO!!!!! for a week...
7.can't wait to finish school
8.i need chocolate...
10.HAVE TO MAKE A NEW HEART FOR MYSELF!!! So heartless, and mean, and evil to pplz...THEY ALL DESERVE IT!!! (heh hehe.)
11.I want food...must....resist....*sigh*
12.I LOVE ASIANS!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ASIAN PPLZ!!!!!!! life would be nice...
16. can't wait for HYD EP. 8 WITH english subs!!!! ='(
17.better stop talkin.

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 05:56
by madesoda
where my first post should be?

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 15:54
by mimmi
This is what happen when there's nothing to do in the morning; you're passing the time on computer....hmmm, now I'm thinking about chocolatey sweets :lol....

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 16:14
by nikochanr3
i want to see THE HOST again. im really suprised how good it was.

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 20:16
by ssusan
what's in my mind right now is that i'm thinking of if i should download some stuff or not...also if i should start on my homework or not. i don't know.

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 20:31
by mimmi
ssusan wrote:what's in my mind right now is that i'm thinking of if i should download some stuff or not...also if i should start on my homework or not. i don't know.
ahaah, that kind a mood....hard decision to make....go have some chocolate ice-cream first, it helps sometimes :lol....

I'm thinking "should I call somebody to take my hours, or should I go in"....hmm, I think I need a scoop of chocolate ice-cream too :lol....

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 20:35
by FlameWolf21
WHEN HYD episode 8 is coming out and how soon can i get some subs. And how much God loves me cuz everyone has left me home alone to myself...FREEDOM