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What TURNS you OFF?

The real life drama forum. Discuss your relationships or get to know the other members here.
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Post by MsDeath » Apr 16th, '08, 22:23

crazylife123 wrote:just dont like it when girls start farting after you get to know them well.

it's like..." oops...sorry, accidently came out."

but once it starts...it never stops. Image
hehe :mrgreen: interesting :D

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Post by tannl » Apr 21st, '08, 18:54

girls with long-ish armpit hairs :pale:

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Post by zyrene » Apr 30th, '08, 14:05

ican tolerate if you have bad odor, bad breathe, long hair armpits but
girls with no brains???!!! unforgivable!! :D

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Post by maakopla » Apr 30th, '08, 14:44

Hmm. this is kind of useful topic since you can check what you shouldn't do to make ppl like you :D

Lets see what turns me off in a guy:

-long hair. Yeah, this is stupid but I just don't like it. I mean like a really long hair that you may even braid. It's for girls not guys.
-bald guys. Dunno it just makes them look so old. I like hair and different hairstyles so bald guys look kind of not right to me.
- guys without sense of humor. I know a couple of guys like that and I hate them! I like those ppl who make me laught and who are always joking. It's so much fun.
- picky eaters. It's just plain annoying. We can't go there and we can't eat here and I don't want this and don't want that either. :cussing:
- guys with beard or/and moustache. I shave my armpits and legs, you shave your face!
- stinky guys. You may not shower for 3 days if you live alone and just sit home. I don't care what you do in your shady apartment but when you go out... just take a shower or something.
- nagging. I can't stand nagging. Just relax and chill out.
- guys who swear a lot and spit everywhere. It's disgusting.
- guys who wear same clothes for 2 weeks. Or guys without a sense of fashion. I'm not saying that you should wear extra fashionable clothes, just don't go everywhere in your sweatpants and try to look good. You don't need extra cool clothes to look good.
- guys who complain all the time. Makes me feel like :cussing:
- guys who think they are the sexiest things in whole world and that all girls want them.
- guys who can't say anything nice unless they are drunk.
- guys who are too intelligent. Ok I'm not stupid but I'm not the brightest person either rather silly. So I hate guys who try to prove that they are better than me in everything.
- guys who always say "that's so typical for women" make me feel that they are looking down on women.
- really skinny guys. It really seems like all clothes just hang on them like on hatstand or something.
- guys who are always trying to show off.
- gusy who think they are funny but are not.
- boring guys. I hate those situations when I can't come up with anything to talk about and the guy doesn't even try. + guys who always sit home.

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Post by slowmoe » Apr 30th, '08, 14:58

cant think of any....maybe people who arent sincere....who dont respect their elders....

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Post by Lifo » Apr 30th, '08, 16:11

People who can't read the air.

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Post by murokeksi » Apr 30th, '08, 17:02

Guys who are acting like ladies!!! I hate stereotyping, but well.. here I go;
- guys who want to hug and ??snugle?? all the time!!!
- Want to speak on the phone like every day(I hate speaking on the phone!!! It's damn boring..)
-guys who are not thinking and acting without me telling what we should do or he should do etc.!!!!!! Hey, I don't want to be your mother(There is a difference!!)!!! Think what you want by yourself!!!!

----now days I just hate guys who think I'm some kind of mother-girlfriend to them!!! Like hell I'm going to be in a relationship where there is just one brain..

.. and please take care of your hair and clothes etc. Smelly not hot :glare:

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Post by nankasento » May 4th, '08, 23:50

the biggist turn off would be if the person doesn't have a turn off, wether it be peronality, looks, hobby or habit there has to be turn offs and flaws in that person, otherwise I'm not really interested.

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Post by xvannie » May 5th, '08, 00:33

someone who tries to act funny, but really isnt... at all :glare:

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Post by EniramNocer » May 7th, '08, 03:59

This thread. :P

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Post by zippyflu » May 7th, '08, 15:10

this thread is funny...

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Néa Vanille
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Post by Néa Vanille » May 7th, '08, 15:25

murokeksi wrote:Guys who are acting like ladies!!! I hate stereotyping, but well.. here I go;
- guys who want to hug and ??snugle?? all the time!!!
- Want to speak on the phone like every day(I hate speaking on the phone!!! It's damn boring..)
I actually really like these kinds of guy.... :mrgreen:

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Post by zhinsara » May 19th, '08, 05:43

guys with smelly armpits! :faint:

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Post by Paris_Hangover » May 19th, '08, 05:51

Three guys on this forum who think they are God's gift to women.

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Post by Hanzol » May 19th, '08, 05:55

Paris_Hangover wrote:Three guys on this forum who think they are God's gift to women.

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Post by xplicit » May 19th, '08, 16:33

Hanzol wrote:
Paris_Hangover wrote:Three guys on this forum who think they are God's gift to women.

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Post by slowmoe » May 19th, '08, 17:01

Hanzol wrote:
Paris_Hangover wrote:Three guys on this forum who think they are God's gift to women.
hey i know you....ya the guy from the lastfriends thread who was gonna buy his gf those crappy cups....shooottt......

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Post by TLab3000 » Jun 1st, '08, 13:47

It turns me off when someone doesn't want to try my food, which happens very rarely and only when they've never tried my food before.

Like when planning to meet with a girl at my place to do whatever.... exchange doramas, for example... and I say "Alright, I'm gonna cook something nice. Is there anything you can't have, like lactose or gluten?"
And then she really insists in me not cooking for her. Not because of politeness or modesty like "Oh no, you don't have to. No, it's fine. Oh you're gonna cook for yourself anyway? Is it really no effort? Oh, well then... can you please make monkfish fillets?".
Nope, what turns me off is when they just refuse to eat anything I'd cook for no good reason at all. I take that as a personal insult.

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Post by Zealousy » Jun 5th, '08, 03:25

Today, this guy in my class called his girlfriend pathetic because she tells him about her life & family and because she crys when shes upset. If I heard someone I liked say that, that would be an instant turn off.

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Post by Lovelymagic » Jun 29th, '08, 07:40


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Post by cesothao » Dec 5th, '08, 22:43

total turn off when they try too hard to be funny and starts talking nonsense. just plz be yourself! XD

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Post by aimlesswanderer » Dec 10th, '08, 14:02

Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs and vacuous and ignorant people.

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Post by ooijanice » Dec 10th, '08, 14:36

Inconsiderate smart assholes... that really turn me offff....

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Post by kuno2011 » Dec 21st, '08, 02:29

aimlesswanderer wrote:Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs and vacuous and ignorant people.
same here! :cussing:

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Post by biniBningPunkista » Dec 21st, '08, 03:07

illogical people with no sense of humor. :blink

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Post by brokenx17 » Jan 19th, '09, 08:56

flirting is a big no no to me. i would want my girl to see me as the only guy to her coz im the type who would also give my all and yeah, body odor and poor hygiene are a big no no too

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Post by Niji-Rach » Jan 30th, '09, 13:37

biniBningPunkista wrote:illogical people with no sense of humor. :blink
Totally agree on that. They need to have a certain sense of humor I can relate to. Oh, and wannabe's >_< Wannabe's turn me off badly.

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Post by dabogy » Jul 15th, '09, 01:37

an of course nice "TOES"

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Post by LegendKenshin » Jul 31st, '09, 21:05

What turns me off is ugly teeth

bad breath
AND talks biiiig >.<

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Post by xMyuMyu » Aug 3rd, '09, 05:03

stinky boys >__<

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Post by tkah » Aug 3rd, '09, 05:19

People talking while eating with their mouth open. In Jdramas/Kdramas I have watched, I forward through parts where they eat and talk at the same time (WHY are there so many times this is in these dramas!). I think its so disgusting! As much as I like watching the asian dramas, that is one thing that really makes me sick.

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Post by crazzycat » Aug 4th, '09, 12:46

Onle if there is something i haven't solved yet :crazy:
I have the coolest wallpaper

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