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Student Life

The real life drama forum. Discuss your relationships or get to know the other members here.
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Student Life

Post by gmak » Apr 3rd, '08, 10:20

hey all,
this thread is for discussing and sharing your current or past high school stories.
i'm sure many of you had or are currently having experiences in school, so this thread is for you to share and give advice.

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Post by noawesome » Apr 21st, '08, 14:25

back when i was in jr. high, i had this huge crush. she was a new transfer student and she was so shy. anyway, we had Physical Ed. together and the roll call was alphabetized. our korean last names were the same, thus she sat right next to me.

we were doing some stretches before the exercises. one of the stretches we all had to do was to lay on our backs and stretch them out by lifting our legs up and behind the head.

i don't know if it was something i ate, but as i was lifting my legs up, i let out some gas. thing is, my butthole was pressed against the pavement and it made it sound like a machine-gun and she started cracking up. i guess it turned her on :) she was my first kiss

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Post by pixie464 » Apr 21st, '08, 15:24

Last year was my last year at school so lots of things happened, I was very rebellious I guess I was afraid if I didn’t do every thing I’d miss out, well I tell two of the most funniest to me.
I went to a all girls school one of a kind very posh, every one has to study hard and always look presentable, one day the AC broke down and it was so hot the headmistress wouldn’t let us go home, and I live in a really hot country so my class left half way through bio lesson and went down on strike all the sudden all theses girls came coming out joining us, it was soooooo HOT so we all started stripping, it was so funny, once our class started taking off our uniforms, and throwing water over every one it was like spring break LOL, at the end the head couldn’t do anything and sent us home….that day was great.

When my friend got her license and came to school in a hummer, our class snuck out off school, she had parked it out the back so we jumped the wall to go get something to eat [there is only 10 in our class], we get to MacDonald order have fun and as we are about to leave the head of our year is only ordering in the drive through OMG, someone who worked there knew we had ditched so he held the door opened and we crawled across the parking lot between cars and climbed in, and as we got back the guard found out we had left and was waiting for us so I made a joke to him about bribing him like in the movies, and instead of calling the head like I thought he would, he said how much!! LOOOOOOL :w00t: we paid him and that was it.

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salsa dancing in english

Post by gmak » Apr 25th, '08, 20:48

It was in AP english and our assignment was to teach the class something. well, one of my classmates decided to teach salsa dancing. so we all got into pairs, and it just so happened that i was paired with someone that i had had a crush on a while back. being someone that i know is sensitive and a bit shy, i was afraid to hold her hand. but in the end, it all worked out. she even complemented my dancing as well as my "broad shoulders" but annnywayy, that's beside the point.
my advice: go with the flow and be a good friend to everyone.
hope this helps.

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Post by zyrene » Apr 28th, '08, 16:34

back in high school i had a crushed on this girl in my class. weve been clasmates since 1st year high school. but i started to make a move when we were in the last year of our high school days. we dated since then. i know i liked her a lot and her to me? i dont really know. we dated like normal couples exchange emails and evrything, attended the same university, same course, but she never really said that she liked me. i can say that we really are sweet to each other for two years since we started seeing each other. then before the second semester ends during the first year of our college life her family moved out of the country. at first nothing has changed, we exchange emails everyday and all other stuffs when she was still in our university except of corz her presence. then the first problem occur maybe about six months after she left. she said that there is this someone a guy who is starting to get close to her. damn the thing that i am afraid of before she left. then what happened to me? i dont really know..... i'm afraid to ask her if she like this man more than me because of course she doesn't even said that she like me before... so out in the blue before i knew i could hurt her i got another girlfriend here in our university i mean an official one not like the relationship that i have with my crushed. Her little sister told me that she cried a lot upon hearing the news. and then the next news that i got from her is that she has a boyfriend the guy that i was talking earlier. they were still together until now. as for me i broke up with my girl upon hearing the news and promise to myself that i would never get a girlfriend until i saw her again in person.

boring ne`? :D but thats true and i'm still hurting now. well at least when i remember her. :)

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Post by noawesome » May 4th, '08, 01:07

^ i'm so confused

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Post by slowmoe » May 4th, '08, 01:13

me too....

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Post by zyrene » May 4th, '08, 04:01

to make the long story short, i have a crush with a girl since first year high school but she only became my girl friend when we were in our fourth year, weve been together for almost a year but then she left coz her family moved out of the country. and as everyone says long distance relationships are up for no good. :D sorry for the confusing post.

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My Long Love Story.

Post by jenwashere » May 11th, '08, 09:44

I stumbled upon this topic by mistake, but while I'm here...I might as well contribute.

I'm currently in my last semester of college in the U.S., so high school for me was four years ago. Anyway, this story is true and quite long. Read at your own risk. Onto the story:

It was my senior year and I developed a close friendship with this guy -- let's call him Pete. He moved to California (where I lived) from Michigan and started hanging out with the same people I did. Although we had mutual friends, he and I hardly ever talked -- that is, until we ended up in the same physical education class.

He had a love of basketball, which I just so happened to be pretty good at. My chick friends and I would play ball against him and his friends, sometimes mixing it up a little. When we'd be on the same team, he would give me tips on shooting and we'd come up with plays to win. So, it was through basketball that he and I became close.

I started talking to him more and began developing feelings for him because we had so many things in common. Only, he had a crush on this girl -- let's call her Julie. So, from time to time, he'd ask me to give him advice on how to approach Julie. And, like a good friend, I'd give him good advice and cheer him on. I even befriended her and invited her to hang out with us once in a while.

During this time, my feelings for him weren't completely clear to me. I just knew that he made me happy when I was with him and I didn't want to be an idiot by mistaking friendship with love. I somehow convinced myself that I only thought of him as a friend.

Then, one day, he found out that he was failing his U.S. History class. We had the same teacher only during different times, so I offered to stay after school and tutor him. Because we'd stay after school almost every day, we would talk about all sorts of things -- family problems, crushes, mutual friends, hobbies, etc. I learned that his mother passed away when he was younger. I learned that he helped raise his sisters. I learned things about him that I never knew that made him that much more endearing. I started to realize that I really was falling for him.

As the end of the year began drawing near, so did prom. I really wanted to go with him but didn't have the guts to ask, especially because I knew he wanted to go to prom with Julie. I dropped massive hints, like giving him suggestions on the color tux he should wear. I even told him that I didn't know who I'd go to prom with. But, the hints flew over his head and he was blinded by his crush on Julie.

Fighting against reason, I eventually encouraged him to ask Julie to prom. We came up with this idea where he and I would meet Julie in the library after school and I'd leave them alone so that he could ask her. So, the day arrived, and as I counted down the hours hopeful that she'd flake on us, I found myself wondering around the library. Unable to settle my racing heart, I sat down, knees shaking, and waited for Pete and Julie. However, something seemed odd. Pete and Julie were no where to be seen -- not even after 15 minutes of waiting. So, I decided to go out and look for them.

When I heard Julie laughing, I assumed the worse. Oh no, I thought to myself. They're together and he's already asked her. She probably said yes and now they're going to prom together. But, when I found them together, Pete and Julie were just merely talking. Pete pulled me aside to tell me how nervous he was. "I can't do this," he said. And, like a good friend, I patted him on the back and told him she'd be stupid to say no to a nice guy like him. So, he regained his courage and we went into the library -- all three of us.

While I sat next to Pete and across from Julie, I found myself extremely protective of Pete. I had this feeling that Julie would rip his heart apart, so I was reluctant to leave. But, as the day went on and everyone began feeling more comfortable around each other, the two started flirting shamelessly in front of me. I strangely found my vision blurred by tears that began to form. Ashamed that they might see me crying, I excused myself and went outside for fresh air. This gave Pete ample time to ask Julie and it also gave me a reason to be alone and cry my eyes out.

Just when I was about to let my tears fall, I heard footsteps behind me. Wiping the forming remnant of tears in my eyes, I turned around and found Pete standing there. "What are you doing out here?" I asked him. "Are you OK?" he asked me. I was moved. He noticed that I was sad. He cared about me. He came after me. But, trying to play the role of the friend, I told him that everything was alright. I convinced him that I was just tired and had a long day. "I'll be going home soon," I said. "Go make your move so that I can find out if your dreams are going to come true." So, he smiled and returned to Julie.

When I went back to the library to retrieve my things, neither one of them was there. My heart sunk as I grabbed my belongings and began walking home. The entire way home, I cried. I imagined them together holding hands, happily laughing and making plans for prom together.

When I got home, I received a phone call from one of my guy friends at school -- let's call him Leon. Leon was a year younger than me. He was away on a camping trip with some of our other guy friends. He was calling to ask me if I'd go to prom with him. I said I wasn't planning on going. Sad, he hung up. A few minutes later, our other guy friend, Todd, who was with Leon on the camping trip gave me a call. He told me how nervous Leon had been to ask me and that Leon was afraid of getting rejected so he couldn't conjure up the courage until all the guys finally convinced him to ask. Feeling bad, I gave in. What will it hurt, I asked myself. Pete's going to prom with Julie anyways. If I can't go to prom with him, at least I might have the chance of sneaking in one dance with him.

The next day Pete was scheduled to take a make-up test for U.S. History that would determine his grade in the class. If he got an A, he would pass with a C and graduate with the rest of us seniors. He didn't tell me about it because he was nervous, but I found out through our U.S. History teacher. So, I went to the classroom after school and waited for Pete. When I peeked in the room and saw that he was done, I walked in and surprised him. "What are you doing here?" he asked, grinning. "I'm here to see how my student is doing," I said. "I want to know if he was listening." Our history teacher laughed and graded the test in front of us. Pete got an A. As we rejoiced, our history teacher asked, "Are you two a couple?" We looked at him and shook our heads no. "Are you two going to prom together?" he continued. We laughed and said no. "You two would make a really great couple," he said. Pete and I, both red faced, smiled at each other and left.

On our way out, I asked him about Julie. "Did she say yes?" He smiled and said, "She has a boyfriend." "Oh," I said, "well, she doesn't know what she's missing." We stopped and stared at each other for a brief moment. "Thanks," he finally said. "For what?" I asked. "For always encouraging me," he replied. I smiled and we continued walking. Then, I blurted out, "I'm going to prom with Leon." All he said was, "Oh, well, I hope you have fun."

What happened prom night was that Pete ended up going with the cousin of one of our chick friends. We barely saw each other the whole night because we rode in different cars and got to the prom at different times. We did end up taking a group prom picture together where I stood on one side of him. But, that was all. Prom wasn't as great as it would've been if we'd gone together.

You think the story ends there, but it doesn't.

Graduation night, I ended up going to our school's sober grad nite. The event was held at a local arcade/amusement park. It was closed to the public and guests had to be inside the premises by midnight, when the doors would close. The doors wouldn't be reopened until 4 a.m., so whoever was inside couldn't leave and whoever was outside couldn't get in.

I got there early and waited for him to show up. He told me he wasn't sure if he was going, but he said he'd try. When midnight rolled around and he wasn't anywhere to be found, I gave up hope of him coming. Then, at around 1 a.m. I sat down on a bench and watched as three security guards walked pass. "He jumped over the fence," I heard one of the guards say into his walkie-talkie. I thought, who the heck would jump over a fence to get inside? But as the guards passed, I saw the answer to my question standing in front of me.

"Shh," he said as he sat down. "Pretend like we're talking." A bit shocked, I noticed something weird about him. He smelled like alcohol and he seemed a bit tipsy. "Oh my gawd, are you drunk?" I asked. "Shh," he warned, then nodded his head. I started laughing because I had never seen a drunk Pete before. "Can you walk?" I asked. He nodded his head, so we got up and began walking towards the batting cages on the other side of the park -- far away from the security guards.

"I can't believe you're drunk and you were able to jump the fence," I said. He laughed and explained that he wasn't completely drunk, just a bit buzzed. A bit paranoid, I started grabbing water bottles and forced him to drink. "These will make you want to take a leak," I said. "Hopefully after, you'll regain your composure and not make it so obvious that you're buzzed. If they catch you, you won't get your diploma." (Our school sends the actual diploma in the mail a few days after graduation.) I also suggested that he try to cover up the strong scent of alcohol that was making me nauseous and would definitely tip the guards off as to who jumped the fence. I basically walked him to the restroom and ended up taking care of him for the rest of the night. Sometime around 3 a.m., he and I ended back on the bench where I had seen him the first time that night. We sat and talked. We reminisced about high school. We laughed and talked about how ironic it was that he showed up to sober grad drunk. Then, we talked about prom.

"I'm sorry you didn't get to go with the girl of your dreams," I said.
"It's OK," he replied. "Did you have fun?"
"It was alright, but I think if we went together then it would've been better," I found myself confessing.
He smiled then said, "I was going to ask you that day we planned for me to ask Julie. When I followed you outside, I was going to ask you. Then, when you told me to go ask Julie, I thought you wanted me to go with her so I didn't ask."
Amazed, I couldn't stop staring at him. "Really?" I asked.
"Yeah," he said. "I was going to try again, but then you told me that you were going to prom with Leon."
At that moment, I felt an overwhelming happiness engulf me. I couldn't stop smiling and noticing some photo booths near us, I wanted to capture my moment of happiness forever so I asked him to take pictures with me. He and I sat in that photo booth taking pictures, laughing, re-taking the pictures, then laughing some more. That's where he told me that he thought I was beautiful.
"I look awful," he said.
"No way," I said. "You look like you. I look weird."
"There's no way you can look weird," he told me. "You're beautiful."

That night, I ended up winning a door prize. It was a lava lamp. I gave it to Pete because I didn't have any use for it. When we dropped him off, he thanked me for the lamp and for taking care of him. He asked for my number and called me the next day.

That was the last day of my high school years. It was memorable and sweet. Pete and I ended up talking until mid-summer. He went to Minnesota to visit family, and I ended up in Wisconsin visiting my sister. While in Wisconsin, I met my next love story.

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Re: My Long Love Story.

Post by kouba » May 11th, '08, 10:24

jenwashere wrote: On our way out, I asked him about Julie. "Did she say yes?" He smiled and said, "She has a boyfriend." "Oh," I said, "well, she doesn't know what she's missing." We stopped and stared at each other for a brief moment. "Thanks," he finally said. "For what?" I asked. "For always encouraging me," he replied. I smiled and we continued walking. Then, I blurted out, "I'm going to prom with Leon." All he said was, "Oh, well, I hope you have fun."
While I was reading this, I was wondering why Pete didn't just ask you to prom, but then you said you were going with that other guy, and I was like "noooooooooooo...there goes his chance". haha, but at least everything turned out well.

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Post by Jscorpio » May 12th, '08, 00:06

One of my most memorable moments in secondary school I would have to say it was...
.. the night when my girlfriend and I were discussing the art of kissing. Kissing is something I truly enjoy, I told her. A simple light kiss on the cheek to a passionate, lingering kiss on the mouth and anything between or beyond... all of these kisses have their own value. None is any less important than the next. It just depends on what emotion you are hoping to convey..

She and I were not romantically involved, but we flirted with and teased each other fairly regularly. We seemed to possess the same opinion of kissing and how erotic even a soft kiss on the cheek could be, if the body language was right..

As we were inside our dorm room talking over the science behind kissing, she surprised me by saying, "So, why don't you show me the evidence you have to support your theories??" Her eyes filled with that familiar teasing I had become used to seeing..

I looked at her in slight shock. She rarely ever surprised me with her playful audacity, but I definitely wasn't expecting this proposition. We continued to hold one another's gaze a few moments as I tried to figure out her intentions. I slowly extracted myself from my chair and crossed the short distance to stand in front of her. I had always wondered what kissing her would feel like....

Looking down at her as she looked up at me, I grasped her hand and slowly pulled her to a standing position in front of me. Our bodies still a good foot apart, I softly explained, "Well, in my book, there are four types of kisses." Her eyes were still dancing playfully as she nodded to acknowledge my comment..

Still holding her hand, I slowly pulled it to my mouth. "First," I breathed across her knuckles, "there is the polite kiss on the hand." I closed my mouth and gently pressed my lips into the backs of her fingers, all the while maintaining eye contact. It appeared to me she stopped breathing for a brief moment, but her eyes were still glowing, so I wasn't sure. I continued without much of a second thought..

I stepped closer, reducing the distance between our bodies by several more inches. Leaning towards her, our bodies nearly touched as I placed my mouth very close to her ear..

"Second," I whispered, my warm breath cascading softly across her ear and jaw line, "is the friendly kiss on the cheek." Touching my lips lightly to the soft skin of her cheek, I allowed myself to linger for the effect. When I pulled back to meet her gaze, I noticed immediately that her eyes had darkened considerably and her tongue tip darted out to moisten her lips..

Continuing, I maintained the distance between us as my eyes travelled up and down slowly - studying her eyes and then her mouth. Up close, I deemed her lips to be the most delectable things I'd seen. Watching her watch my mouth, I said, "Third, is the simple peck on the lips," and reached up to gently cup her face with both of my hands. I quickly brushed my mouth over hers, purposely choosing not to linger, and pulled back again..

My hands still cupping her face, I paused to study her. Her expression was not easily discernable and seemed to me one of many thoughts and feelings all at once. The playful light in her eyes had changed to something else. I wasn't sure of my own thoughts, either. My skin was tingly, my body was warm and my head was swarming with dozens of images..

Clearing her throat quietly, she murmured, "And the fourth type of kiss??"

Grinning slightly, I gazed deeply into her eyes and said, "The fourth kiss is one of my favourites because it has the potential to lead into so much more.."

My mouth on hers again, I pressed closer this time. The softness of her lips caressed my own. I concentrated a few moments on the contour of them and how perfectly our mouths fit... akin to two jigsaw puzzle pieces finding their matches..

Pulling away slowly, I opened my eyes and noticed hers were still closed. After a few seconds, she opened them and it was my turn to stop breathing.. The heat in her eyes coursed through my body and radiated to my soul. What was I feeling?? Why was I feeling it?? Was I gay?? Bisexual??

I seriously did not want to end the kiss, but somewhere in my mind, I knew I had to. At least for the moment. I slowly pulled away. Our faces were still close as we gazed deeply into each other's eyes. Mustering my senses, I said quietly, "I'm sorry.."

I stood there, waiting. Not exactly sure what I was waiting for, but I didn't move..

She nodded slowly, and whispered, "I definitely like your theories.." :-)
Regrettably, her parents had to relocate to Zurich. Thus, we drifted further and further apart. Suddenly I realised that I hadn’t spoken to her in over three years.. Le **Sigh**

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Post by G'boy » May 12th, '08, 05:22

Ok gfs bfs, here's one of my unforgettable high school stories I would like to share.

His name was Brad. The first time I ever laid eyes on him, I thought he was a junior mack daddy wannabe that probably sat around on his pc drinking kool-aid out of a peanut butter jar while watching South Park. I couldn't stand his ass. Arrgh...

The feeling was mutual though, because our first physical interaction was when he gave me the finger and then spit on my brand new air jordans. We were both fourteen then and puberty was barreling in on us like a ton of bricks.

Anyways long story short... here's one of his E-Lovenotes to me:

<i>"I know you're pissed at me. I was wrong to do what I did. Please forgive me. It's just that I like you so much, and you hurt my feelings the other day. You probably don't care, since you've hated me since you moved here. Sara was mad at me today. I told her the truth though. I told her I wanted to go with you. She said I should stay with her because you would never date me anyway. Is that true? Are you still seeing that Mohammed dude? The Muslim with the raggedy car? If so, I'll leave you alone. Either way, please accept my apology: I'll see you at school tomorrow, and maybe we can go skateboarding or to a movie this weekend. I can ask my mother to drive us and pick us up.

Love Always,

After reading that note, I swear I didn't take a breath for at least five minutes. Brad and I were going to be together, I thought. Screw Mohammed! And screw Sara! Because it was G'boy and Brad sitting in a tree K-I.S-S-I-N-G. LOLLOL&LOL!

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