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What's your outtake on Phone Break Ups?

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What's your outtake on Phone Break Ups?

good enough
bad idea
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What's your outtake on Phone Break Ups?

Post by biniBningPunkista » Jan 3rd, '09, 13:36

I'm just wondering what your opinions are about phone break ups.
Whether it be a long term relationship or a short one.

Is breaking up through phone i.e. Phone Call or Text Message good enough as long as you've cut the relationship and not let the other party hang around and lead them on that you care but in reality you don't?

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Post by Basuha » Jan 3rd, '09, 14:38

I'm from the ATL (United States) there is no such thing as a phone break up! Believe me even if a person try to text or leaviing a message to end a relationship isn't going to work. That just not acceptable. The closest we come to phone break up is the Dear John letter and even that not clear cut. When a person want to end a relationship it should be done in person and reason giving for the change of heart, it just out of respect!

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Post by SSpiegel » Jan 3rd, '09, 14:55

I've done it once, but just because he deserved it. He wasn't that nice of a guy, so I didn't feel bad.

But in general I believe it's best to break up face to face. Being dumped usually sucks pretty bad, so seeing the hurt you're causing and letting him/her give his/her outtake on things makes you share the pain.

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Post by MochaValencia » Jan 5th, '09, 08:44

Leading someone on, making him think that you care when you don't is not a good thing... but if you weigh that against the other option, breaking up with that same person through phone is just as bad. It's not like I've ever been in a relationship, but IMHO, a phone break-up is like trampling on a person's worth, especially if the relationship you're trying to get out of was at least a pleasant one. It might also give the impression that you can't handle a relationship--that youre' just in it for the good times, then you'd toss it away at the slightest feeling of dissatisfaction. I agree with the others that doing it face-to-face would be best, no matter how you make yourself believe that you've cut the relationship long before.

And breaking up through text messages? Now that's even worse. I have friends who cried buckets because of that.

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Post by nankasento » Jan 5th, '09, 21:07

I have no respect for people who'd even consider that, even if the partner wasn't all that, for some odd reason you are a couple, made agreements, at least you can have the courtesy to break up face to face.

It's right up their with cheating, also something that should not be done.

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Post by azntina » Jan 7th, '09, 06:49

Phone break up is the worst and lowest way of dumping someone. I despise people who do this, happened to my friend during final week. What an a$$hole, didn't even have the gut to tell her in person. She cried so much and the guy was not even worth it, I think he was cheating on her too. I just have one thing to say to people who breaks up by phone, grow a spine and do it in person.

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