[Discussion] Lupin no Musume

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[Discussion] Lupin no Musume

Post by in2sky » Jul 14th, '19, 19:06

Ok starting a Lupin no Musume thread.

Who's seen EP 01?

It's (already) my favorite summer drama in just one episode.

So funny, kinda reminded me other Fukada Kyoko dramas like Yama Onna Kabe Onna.

It's full of action too.

Let's discuss the series, spoilers are ok I guess.

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Re: [Discussion] Lupin no Musume

Post by nuve » Jul 16th, '19, 14:14

this one looks interesting. i'm going to give a try to this. hope it will be funny as it looks according description

well, first, thanks for tip. the first episode was really funny. l like all of the charas till now, though her parents are definitely somewhere at top. how could they manipulate everything and everyone around them. :)
looks like those granpas may know something, or is it just me, but i got that feeling from Kazuma's grandpa. (hello, Fujioka :D )
i hope this drama will stay in this way in next episodes as well, since comedic and action parts seem to be in balance.
defintely something for summer

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Re: [Discussion] Lupin no Musume

Post by Riderplayer16 » Jul 18th, '19, 15:08

I hope someone work with the english sub

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Re: [Discussion] Lupin no Musume

Post by dedeotaku » Aug 9th, '19, 03:19

i saw that 4 episodes that been subbed on KA ,so you know who is the subber?

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Re: [Discussion] Lupin no Musume

Post by Neologic » Aug 9th, '19, 05:41

the subs are available on Subscene
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