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[Discussion] Omoni Naitemasu

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[Discussion] Omoni Naitemasu

Post by semi-fly » Jul 28th, '12, 00:43


Series Details
Title: 主に泣いてます
Title (romaji): Omoni Naitemasu
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romantic comedy
Episodes: TBA
Viewership rating: TBA
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2012-Jul-07 start
Air time: Saturday 23:10
Theme song: Naite tatte by Naoto Inti Raymi
Websites: Official & D-Addict
Subtitles: fanofta

A woman of unequaled beauty, Konno Izumi's (Nanao) looks cannot be described by words. With a perfectly balanced body and a lovable face, she turns the heads of all men that she passes by, and not only do the men turn around, but they are struck by a cupid and his arrow, who will most definitely come chasing after Izumi to ask her out. No is not an answer for these men, and they will risk anything to obtain the chance to be Izumi's significant other. For this reason, Izumi is unable to live an ordinary life, having to hide away from society, spending her days in solitude.

Akamatsu Keisuke is a student at a university of the arts who ends up substituting a painting class under art professor Aoyama Jin in exchange for credits. He is rather shy and reserved, and like all other men who meet Izumi, falls victim to her beauty. He tries to keep his feelings to himself but is unsuccessful. Izumi, on the other hand, is having an affair with Jin the professor, but her feelings for him are unrequited.

Based on the comic book by Higashimura Akiko of the same title, the story of the invincible beauty takes place in the traditional towns of Tokyo. A chain of unrequited love are portrayed comically as the characters intermingle with one another. Will there be happiness for Izumi in the end? You'll just have to wait to find out. --Fuji TV

Nanao (菜々緒) as Konno Izumi
Nakamaru Yuichi as Akamatsu Keisuke
Kusakari Mayu as Midorikawa Tsune
Takaizumi Atsuko (高泉淳子) as Toki Baa/Granny Toki
Kato Ryo (加藤諒) as Komomo Nobuchika
Aoyama Noriko as Komako
Watanabe Kunito as Kito Kotaro
Tsubokura Yoshiyuki (坪倉由幸) as Teshigawara Kozo
Tajima Reiko as Katorea Mama
Adachi Yumi as Aoyama Yukiko
Kazama Toru as Aoyama Jin

Honma Tsuyoshi (本間剛) as an interviewer (ep1)
Higuchi-kun (ひぐち君) as a hikikomori (ep1)
Onuma Ryohei (大沼遼平) as a deliveryman (ep1)
Horiuchi Masami as Yokogawa / Sedan man (ep2)
Kobayashi Takashika as Haruta Manabu / K-car man (ep2)
Matsumoto Wakana as the beautiful woman (ep2)
Yamada Asako (山田あさこ) as the ugly woman (ep2)
Fukui Yoshihito (福井慶仁) as the news reporter (ep2)

Production Credits
Original writing (manga): Omoni Naitemasu by Higashimura Akiko (東村アキコ)
Screenwriters: Nogi Akiko (野木亜紀子), Uyama Keisuke (宇山佳佑)
Producer: Oki Ayako (大木綾子)
Directors: Hayama Hiroki, Miyaki Shogo (宮木正悟)

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Post by xnopex » Aug 10th, '12, 02:39

no discussion? this drama is funny so far.

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Post by semi-fly » Aug 10th, '12, 23:34

xnopex wrote:no discussion? this drama is funny so far.
I would agree that it does have its moments. The first couple of episodes I think set up a rather strange arrangement between the leads not to mention Tsune comes off a tad strong for someone who's supposed to be in middle school or high school. Don't get me wrong I get the character and all but her scenes with Izumi & Keisuke put them in a rather unflattering light (like a pseudo-parent-child relationship) and no matter how you look at it that's just a bit odd.

The other side characters I don't really have a problem with (the restaurant ladies in particular) but Nobuchika rubs me the wrong way even as a sidekick or tertiary character. In reality I think it's just the way they introduced him (as "interference" for Keisuke --- that's a nice way of putting it) and/or the continued shtick the writers seem to have up their sleeves for him.

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Post by cnidaria2jin » Oct 18th, '12, 15:37

I wish someone could finish subbing this drama ! :(
I like this drama a lot~

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Post by jpopwanderer » Oct 20th, '12, 20:41

the english sub for the episode 3 has just been released. And the subbers mentioned working on the other episodes. it'll probably be slow but i think there's a good chance we'll get all episodes english subbed eventually :cheers:

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