[Discussion] Sukitte Ii na yo (Say I Love You)

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[Discussion] Sukitte Ii na yo (Say I Love You)

Post by JennySolln » Jun 10th, '15, 19:41

Has someone watched "sukitte ii na yo" already? Actually I like the plot.
But I have watched, or rather started to watch, the anime. But I did not like it at all. It was kind of a struggle to watch all episodes or I even dont really remember if I actually watched it completly. I dont know what I did not like about the anime exactly, so I am wondering if it is worth to watch the drama? I am very much into Rom-Coms. But I also like drama/tragedy. Important that there is some kind of romance in it :D

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Re: sukitte ii na yo / Say I Love You

Post by harmione » Jun 11th, '15, 14:55

I have watched it. Actually, it is kind of plain to me. XDD Mei is really.. ugh i don't know. Maybe it is an after effect of the death of the rabbit or what that is. But I bet that the anime is kind of more interesting than the live action movie :3 Seriously. But I just watched the movie due to curiosity and I just liked it because of Sota Fukushi (Male lead). :D Share! :D :sweat: :wink: :D :D :D :-)

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Re: [Discussion] Sukitte Ii na yo (Say I Love You)

Post by whiteadamas » Jun 11th, '15, 16:31

I like the anime more, both actors are not into their characters, for me that's what i feel when i watched it

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