[Discussion] Hojo Tokimune

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[Discussion] Hojo Tokimune

Post by jacobrc92 » Jan 23rd, '18, 23:55

Hey, just wondering if anybody knows anywhere to get or to watch the 2001 Taiga drama Hojo Tokimune? On a seperate note i heard that Genroku Ryoran was floating around online at some point? Is that still avalaible anywhere? Thanks a bunch if anybody can get back to me.

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Re: [Discussion] Hojo Tokimune

Post by Prometheus » Mar 9th, '18, 22:17

I still have both on disc from the time there were torrents on this site. But I don't have any torrent files anymore.

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Re: [Discussion] Hojo Tokimune

Post by Sewerrat1 » May 21st, '18, 17:38

They are both available on VHS prints with hard coded subtitles on AvistaZ

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Re: [Discussion] Hojo Tokimune

Post by Zkbagles122 » Jan 14th, '19, 16:02

That site appearantly an invite only site. Is there any way someone can provide a download or link?

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