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[Discussion] Ochanomizu Rock

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TV Station: TV Tokyo
Broadcast Date: January 2018
Broadcast Time: Wednesday, 2.35 am (Japan time)



Sato Ryuji as Katayama Hajime (Vocalist, Dydarabotch)
Sakiyama Tsubasa as Ousaka Shouhei aka SHO (Vocalist, The DIE is CAST)
Maeyama Takahisa as Nara Yuusuke (Guitar, Dydarabotch)
Matsumoto Gaku as Nitta Makoto (Bass, Dydarabotch)
Miyagi Koudai as Inui Shingo (Drum, Dydarabotch)
Sunahara Kensuke as Igarashi Hayato aka ARASHI (Guitar, The DIE is CAST)
Chiyu (SuG) as Yoshihara Kouta aka KO-TA (Bass, The DIE is CAST)
Tarumi Keisuke as Tachibana Ren aka REN (Drum, The DIE is CAST)
Tanimizu Riki as Fujise Kazuya aka KAZUYA
Someya Toshiyuki as Katayama Ryo (President, Crimson Sky Record)


“One day, I would like to stand [on the stage] in the Budokan!”

From their childhood, Katayama Hajime (Sato Ryuji) and Katayama Ryo (Someya Toshiyuki) have hung on to the same dream. However, because of the death of their mother, they have traveled along different paths.

A few years later, the band formed by Hajime, “Dydarabotch”, and its five members were finally able to have their long-awaited live performance, but they faced a harsh reality and the hall was empty during Dydarabotch’s performance.

For the grand finale of the live, “Heavens Door”, the group produced by the talented producer, who is also the talk of the town, Katayama Ryo, takes the spotlight. When they make their appearance, the live house that was initially empty was filled with spectators.

In the midst of this, Dydarabotch’s vocalist decides to quit while they are preparing for another live that had been scheduled for the following week.

Replacing the absent vocalist, guitarist Hajime takes over being the vocalist of the band, but–

He still yearns for the acknowledgement of his brother…

With that wish in his heart, he aims for a live in the Budokan with his band, Dydarabotch.

* “Budokan” refers to the Nippon Budokan, which is the place that Japanese artists consider to be a sacred venue. It is the dream of many, if not all, Japanese artists to perform here; being able to perform at this venue is considered to be a huge milestone for them.

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