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Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 27th, '19, 10:42
by kumasan
Hello all,

I'm a Taiga fan :fear:
I've decided to get & research them all and I think it would be very nice to have a master index dedicated to the Taigas, which is undoubtedly one of the best show ever.. :notworthy:

What I am thinking about is to have the whole list here with info on whether the taiga itself or sub is available and which format, etc. Where to find them, etc.
I have my own list which is definitely a work-in-progress, but .. why not sharing and/or getting your input in the meanwhile.. I'm sure some of the members here like [mention]Avallac'h[/mention] and [mention]Keiko1981[/mention] ..just to name a few ... could provide tons of info too and guidance..

Do you think this would be nice to have?

Reference list by NHK:
My WIP list which goes back to 1980 (there could be definitely some mistakes..):

[remove first draft]

Anyway although this is half-baked, I hope it will spark some collaborative work and on my side I'll update it in case I find new stuffs (or I find the time to go back before 1980).

Cheers! :whistling:

PS: a table would definitely be better, maybe a gdoc or a custom html hosted somewhere.. but again, just wanted to start the discussion..

EDIT: Version 2.1!

Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 27th, '19, 12:51
by Keiko1981
English Wikipedia has an article on it

Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 27th, '19, 15:32
by kumasan
Did a little mods of the list after some further research here
also calling out [mention]Rashomon[/mention] since he/she wrote in another thread about raws that I don't have
All the "wip" subtitles are threads in this forum..

Anyone has some subs or raws that are marked as "no" ?

Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 27th, '19, 16:48
by Sewerrat1
Subs for Taiheiki are available
There is a hard subbed version of the first 17 episodes of Ryukyu no Kaze available on AvistaZ in its English Title "Dragon Spirit", but the last six episodes are missing.
There is a hard subbed version of Shisengumi on AvistaZ.
There is also a Chinese subbed version of "Kaze to Kumo to Niji to" the 1976 Taiga available on AvistaZ

Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 27th, '19, 18:22
by kumasan
Thanks Sewerrat1! I'm getting all sort of info and I'm working on a second version of my list. Will upload soon.

Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 28th, '19, 19:25
by kumasan
Hello all,

I've made a v2 of my original list of Taigas starting from 1980, attached to original post (I will eventually go before 1980).
Feel free to use it and modify with info in case there are mistakes, amend offline info, etc.

I think this clearly shows where we miss something (missing subs or missing episodes/raws) so we can work to get/finish them :salut:
Thanks a lot to the members that sent me info :cheers:


[mention]Avallac'h[/mention], [mention]Rashomon[/mention], [mention]Keiko1981[/mention]

Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Posted: Jan 28th, '19, 21:50
by kumasan
Version 2.1 Added with Idaten Domo (the official one is not yet released so I've added the one featured in episode 1) and the WIP subs thread.