Powerful tatemae game general questioning

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Powerful tatemae game general questioning

Post by yoruneko » Apr 8th, '19, 10:07

So, this is a bit of a realization I had recently, bear with me if you think it's exaggerated but I don't think it is.

I was super confused by Tomohisa Yamashita (yamapi) acting in Code Blue, as he comes out as so expressionless and cold I think it borders on mental illness. Yet all women think he is cool, and none of his doctor colleagues seems to diagnose anything.

I discovered Yamikin ushijima kun and a totally expressionless Takayuki Yamada who succeeds in not moving any facial muscle during the course of 3 seasons and 3 movies. great show otherwise.

Then I watched DELE with the same actor, and apparently director briefing was mostly the same except is not looking straight at the camera but at a 45 degrees angle where his regrets lies. very powerful.


Are they considered cool and sexy because they feel nothing? Is it generally considered a sign of mental fortitude and rich inner life in Japan?
Please enlightenment me and tell me if you agree/disagree..

My point is not that I don't like it but I think it's exaggerated to a point where it's unrealistic/weird.

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