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[Discussion] Brother Beat

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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How would you rate Brother Beat?

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[Discussion] Brother Beat

Post by wachi » Oct 22nd, '05, 03:25

I see no thread for this drama, might as well make one. I dunno, I quite like it.

Hayami is getting a bigger roles now, which is good, I think he deserves it. Who here think, Tamayama Tetsuji is so good looking? :lol

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Post by Jecky » Oct 22nd, '05, 04:52

i think this drama sounds pretty interesting . i haven't really watched it yet so i can't vote :P Hayami is sooo hot. :wub: :wub: :wub: he did a really good job in Gokusen 2 so i think he will do great in this drama.yeah i think Tamayama Tetsuji is hot too :wub: can't wait to see this drama! 2 episodes are already out....YAY!!!!! :mrgreen:

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Post by wachi » Oct 23rd, '05, 01:42

I'm still waiting for the english sub before I vote on this drama.. but it seems really enjoyable so far.

I'm not exactly a fan of Hayami, but boy is he tall. There are times when I can't stop looking at him, especially when he's all dress up being a host.. but seeing him half naked in the swimming poll.. is well, not that much of a turn on, he's so thin. >_<; , but then again, aren't most Japanese actors?

Nice title by the way, all they seem to do is beat each other up or get beaten. XD Next episode will focus on the little bro. He seems like a pushover type.

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Post by blackstarjr » Oct 30th, '05, 05:33

Well Brother beat for me, if I had to vote (and I did) i'd say shouldn't miss it.Pretty interesting and funny.It's kinda ur typical comedy/serious(a bit) dorama with romance mixed into it.At least this time around they made a dorama with 3 brothers instead of 3 sisters..lol..(been too many sis ones)..Though it's not high on my list of things to watch this season, I still watch it.

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Post by evosantin » Oct 30th, '05, 05:44

My favorite for this season. It's interesting to see a single mother with 3 matured boys. Each has different characteristic.

Oh, the songs by Def Tech are nice too. :lol

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Post by tianj » Oct 30th, '05, 15:55

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has requested to collaborate with any translator for translating Brother Beat. It turns out this drama has longer than usual dialougs, so it takes much longer to sub than the average drama. The plan is to have two translators working in tandem(one person does one episode and take turns). If there's anyone interested, please pm me. Everything is already timed. Thanks,

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Post by wachi » Oct 30th, '05, 19:25

^ Well, all I can say is good luck.

I just realize Tetsuji the older brother played Takumi in NANA the movie. He looks extremely hot.

Did it seem like in episode 3 he turned down the girl who works with his mom? She's so pretty.

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Post by urbanscrappy » Nov 5th, '05, 01:35

I'm a big fan of this. I'd say its probably my favourite new jdrama this season.
I'd probably like it even more if there were subs though.
Here's hoping. :whistling:

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Post by wachi » Nov 5th, '05, 03:26

yeah, still waiting for the sub. i admit, even without the subs, i really do enjoy this drama. probably my 2nd favorite drama of this season. i watch it every week without skipping around like i do on others. haha

i can't wait for next week ep. i thought hayami & the short hair girl is dating.. from the preview.. is she wearing ..
a wedding dress

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Post by tianj » Nov 16th, '05, 14:39


Looking for editor for Brother Beat. Only need to do quality check. Need one asap. Thanks,

Here's the progress for it.

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Post by lilswtangel » Nov 16th, '05, 15:40

*raises hand~

to answer your question, I do~ :lol

and this is the first series that I've seen him in, too. Maybe I'll download Hakoiri Musume next. :-)

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Post by wachi » Nov 18th, '05, 03:31

Eh? What happened to my post? I thought I replied to you ^ . Well anyway.. it's just to say how hot & sexy Tetsuji is, though my obsession with him lasted about a few days. :D

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Post by aikawadb » Dec 6th, '05, 04:51

I love this drama!! The story is very well organized! i love all the characters! they are all unique and special! everyone is so cute and cool at the same time!
watch this drama! it is one of the dramas that u shouldn't miss!!
so happy there is subtitle now!
i really enjoy it more!
brother beat rocks!!

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Post by jaycee05 » Dec 12th, '05, 08:49

I'm pretty sure I saw Tamayama Tetsuji's face before. I've searched jdorama up and down, but I didnt find it there. Then I remembered to check D-A's wiki and found my answer at last. He's in Summer Snow! His role was probably too small to list it under his jdorama profile. At first I thought Tetsuji was Ryoko's doctor. But he's too young at that time to have that role. So to finally put my mind into rest, I've grabbed my SS CDs and searched for him episode after episode. He was actually Hiroto's head bully at episode 7. T_T But hey, he was really captivating even if he was a meanie in summer snow.
I never thought I'll see him again after 2 years :mrgreen: *giggle*. OMGosh I'm sounding like a dork. :crazy:
Anyway, I just finished the first episode, and I totally love it! The boys' relationship to their mother is crazy and funny at the same time.
Here's to hoping it'll keep it up.

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Post by redsea » Dec 12th, '05, 16:08

This show is great. I enjoy it very much. The story about brothers and how they care for each other is different from sisters. But it's fun and interesting to me to see how guys behave :lol The elder son is cool. He's so kawaiiiiii. I really like him :wub:

This show's definitely worth trying.

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Post by tianj » Dec 13th, '05, 23:55

Brother Beat English subs out:
http://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtop ... 01&start=0

Thanks to ephesus and projectskillz!!

This show is off the hook, the Def-Tech music themes goes along very well with the theme of the drama. The mother: Haru is soo LOL hilarious. Tamayama Tetsuji and Hayami Mokomichi are not just hot, eye-candy but superb actors as well. Kuninaka Ryoko is super kawaii and sweet.

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Post by sasorisa » Dec 14th, '05, 00:10

Really, I have to say... I just watch for the eye candy! lol... but really, I just prefer dramas that aren't -too- serious, meaning it not overly angsty or dramatic and just calm. I love how they always fight with one another, hence the title. It's like my house at the holidays... tho, I'm usually the one beating my brothers -_-;;.

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Post by jaycee05 » Dec 14th, '05, 01:06

At first, I wasnt really expecting too much from this drama. I didnt even get suckered because of the eye-candies(I cant really tell by looking at the picture. Although, I knew Hayami is in it but still not good enough reason for me to see it). I see its banner everytime I dl dramas from kangjegu's clubbox(it's changed now), and I thought it was about a rockband with high school kids. But when I looked at the banner closely, the lady on the center is Haru-san, the mother, and she's holding a whisk not a microphone...gosh, she looks really young and hip on the picture, no?
Hayami, Ryoko and Tetsuji are holding brooms, not guitars...and Junpei is holding a soup ladle, and not a drum stick. And the crowd of people on the bottom left are just a collage of the same characters on different scenes and not a bunch of students. Well, you can see that I'm not a really good observer..hehe
Anyhow, after all those mistakes and gulping all four episodes on one sitting, Im finding this drama too enjoyable for me to watch. I'm falling in love with each character...the head teacher from Gokusen(with "the hair", if you know what I mean) is in this drama as well. That ojisan make me laugh on his dramas.
Three grown men in a tiny wooden house, does anybody else get scared that the house might collapse everytime they fight? lol I do, but like the poster above me said, Im glad that the drama's pacing isnt downright serious, that you can laugh, cry and relate with each ]problem they encounter.
Thanks to ephesus, projectskillz, and tianj for bringing us yet another drama that would feed my addiciton. :heart:
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Post by Fumasu » Dec 14th, '05, 01:08

Even though I'm a guy I really like this drama! Not many cute girls innit (Ryoko Kuninaka dake) but it manages to find the golden middle between drama, romance and humour better than any other show this season.

Funny that many shows have host/hostess bars in them this season... must be popular over there :roll

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Post by mikomi » Dec 14th, '05, 07:56

I actually enjoy this drama a lot. Yes, the story is just the same usual old stuff we get to see in most family dramas, but I found the characters interesting. I must admit the good looking guys in here kept me going for the most parts though. And wow, do they really fight and beat each other up, hence the title, lol. The relationship between the mother and her three grown sons is really cute and funny. In episode 4, I was laughing so hard at the part where
Haru pretends to be Chisato's boyfriend and goes to a meeting with her parents and as expected with his flirtatious personality, he upsets her father and gets water poured all over his head. I won't mind watching more of him and Chisato's father XD.
oh, and I agree with jaycee05 about the fight thing. Everytime they fight, I feel so afraid that the house will break down at any moment XD. I guess that house must be prepared numerous times. Speaking of that, I suddenly am reminded of Yuki and Kyou in Fruits Basket, they always fight and destroy things, lol.

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Post by godmode » Dec 16th, '05, 07:07

Why isnt this show more popular on this board? I like it a lot, it was a nice break for me from school dramas that ive been watching. Only seen 4 episodes so far (english subs are only up to that), but its a fun show.

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Post by gryzze » Dec 16th, '05, 08:55

godmode wrote:Why isnt this show more popular on this board? I like it a lot, it was a nice break for me from school dramas that ive been watching. Only seen 4 episodes so far (english subs are only up to that), but its a fun show.
I've been wondering the same thing. It's one of my favourites this season... :-)

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Post by Shouta » Dec 17th, '05, 00:16

Been collecting this but I just got around to seeing it. It's really good so far and far better than the other 3 series i've been watching this season. Great characters, great acting, and really funny so far. I'm surprised it isn't more popular around here as well.

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Post by flcia » Feb 7th, '06, 10:45

i've gotten hooked after watchin the first episode...
i really like the mother n how she doesnt act like you average noraml mum...brings something new and fresh to the screen...a break for me after all the dark series this season...
hahaha omo the tetsuya guy is soo kawaiiiiiiii arghhh lke i wanna pinch his cheeks like a little boy...the way he act n stuff...but of corse hayami is so much more good lookin...

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Post by TheCerebralAssassin » Feb 8th, '06, 05:42

I too love this series. Hell, even my mom likes it. I manage to be able to relate to all 3 of the brothers even though I'm an only child.

I feel that it mixes comedy and drama perfectly, has a good "slice of life" feel to it, and an interesting plot. Need ep 5+ though. :|

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Post by Oguri_Shun_fan » Mar 20th, '06, 16:12

Hi! Iwas just wondering if anyone has heard if the rest of this series will be subbed? I really love this series so i hope it's not a dropped project. Thanks

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Post by Saragorn » Mar 21st, '06, 06:26

It hasn't been dropped, Nemui is doing hardsubs (up to five is already out): Nemui's forum :D

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Post by Oguri_Shun_fan » Mar 21st, '06, 06:39

Saragorn wrote:It hasn't been dropped, Nemui is doing hardsubs (up to five is already out): Nemui's forum :D
Thanks for the info ^_^  :wub:

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Post by apples » Apr 15th, '06, 16:29

It's an enjoyable drama, but there are times when Haru gets annoying. She tends to exaggerate or try to act cute, and it's not cute at all. I keep on thinking it could've been better if they had a different actress play her character. If you have seen akimahende! or maybe h2 (hiro's mom), the actresses playing the mom were funny and cute.

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Post by skachild » Jun 20th, '06, 15:07

i really like this drama...!!! to bad.. not alot of discussion about this drama in this thread lo :-( :-( :-(
really cannot wait for the next released hahaha..... :lol :lol :lol

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Post by nicpkh » Jul 16th, '06, 03:48

Interesting drama, really enjoying tis drama. Really love how the 3 brothers always quarreling. Recommended to those jdrama fans.

Can't wait for ep 9 by Nemui Fansub team. Really thank a lot for subbing this great drama hehehe.
I think this drama is underrated, what do you all think guys?

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Post by raven_frost » Jul 17th, '06, 03:12

I just watched the drama recently and it's really entertaining. The guys share great chemistry and it's just hilarious watching Haru imitateTatsuya's mannerisms by pulling her hair across her face and mimicking him.

Definitely a must watch!

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Post by neena » Jul 20th, '06, 00:28

I'm still on episode 7 and i absolutely love it!! they all do look like real brothers because they're chemistry on-screen is so nice!! i think tetsuji and ryoko make such a hot couple too...he's the guy who doesn't know how to treat a girl and can be stubborn about it and she's the perfect girl for him because she helps him learn how to do those things. i love them together. they're one of the cutest couple i've ever seen.

moco is really good with asami too...they look hot together too. :mrgreen:

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