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Post by NuDrive » Oct 19th, '08, 20:37

aishii wrote:i liked the Australia SP more than the Hawaii one
only thing that was missing was Ryo :roll

i HOPE the'll make a 3RD special with the show just focusing on Aya & Ryo <33
:mrgreen: that'll never happen tough :-(
Where'd you guys watch it?! [:

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Post by Meecha » Oct 20th, '08, 07:52

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Post by garnet07 » Oct 20th, '08, 09:21

Downloaded it from Jpopsuki Tracker >> http://mullemeck.serveftp.org/jps_beta/ ... s&id=48637 . Need to register first!! Now I wonder why it wasn't posted on d-addicts.
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Post by gordon_br » Oct 20th, '08, 22:36

This has been a great series and specials. Humorous and touching, with some life lessons along the way.

Most of the series that Aya is in are really good. I am already looking forward to the next project with her.

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Post by kuma601 » Nov 23rd, '08, 07:15

This was very enjoyable and I'm happy there were enough Aya fans to keep this and her other series torrents active. :thumleft: Want more... :alcoholic: You think a third Attention Please SP would fit in?

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Post by BokoWoShinjite » Feb 21st, '09, 21:57

I've searched the first couple of pages of this topic, but couldn't find the subtitle-file for the first episode. Anyone know where I can find this? Please!

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Post by Alexz80 » Nov 29th, '09, 17:10

Anyone have the english sub for this? i already download all the HD version of this dorama. Thanks in advance.

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