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Are YOU the drama?

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Are your choice of dramas similar to your personal life?

Yes, which is exactly how I choose my dramas.
Yes, but it isn't my only criteria for choosing dramas to watch.
No, my life is not like the dramas I watch.
If they wrote a drama based on my life, it would score 40-plus points.
Total votes: 77

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Are YOU the drama?

Post by groink » Aug 2nd, '06, 20:45

WARNING: This poll is based on choosing dramas for its plot or theme. If you're a fanboy or fangirl, this poll is not for you.

I've noticed that many people ask for certain genre of dramas: school, family, gloomy, happy, comedies, death all over the place... I'm curious as to WHY a particular genre(s) interests an individual? Studies have shown that people prefer to entertain themselves with entertainment that fit their current mood, rather than trying to counter it with something more positive. For example, if a person is depressed, such as breaking up with a spouse, he would prefer to listen to sad music. Yes it doesn't make any logical sense, but that's humans for you...

The question is: Are you, the viewer, the dramas you watch? For example, if you are still attending high school, do you prefer school dramas because you're still in school, and you can relate to the situations that occur in this genre of drama? Or, if you think your life is total s**t, do you prefer to watch dramas about people with problems so you feel like you're not the only one with problems? Or, if you're a really happy-happy kind of a person, is that why you like watching comedies and other dramas with a positive outlook?

You would think depressed people would watch happy dramas. But based on studies, they don't. Go figure!

BTW, I'm posting this in the Japanese drama discussions section because I could care less about the other Asian dramas. So let's keep this only within the Japanese drama circle, and use only examples related to Japanese dramas.

--- groink

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Post by BOGCHI » Aug 2nd, '06, 20:58

For me, if I was sad.. I don't think I'd watch anything depressing like Sekai No Chuushin because that would just make it worst. So, I picked no. It's kinda the opposite.

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Post by Catris » Aug 2nd, '06, 21:08

I agree to a certain degree. I like to watch shows that relate to my situation in life. I am no longer a high school student so most high school dramas don't interest me because I can't relate to the characters (there are of course exeptions to this rule). Also as a young single gal I don't really enjoy family dramas either, or stories about married couples as, again, I don't relate to the characters.

However the rest depends on my mood. I agree withe BOGCHI in that I have to prepare myself before I watch a sad drama so I would probably not watch one when I'm depressed... however I don't think I would watch a happy drama at that time either.

So in the end I picked "Yes, but it isn't my only criteria for choosing dramas to watch."

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Post by gibonite » Aug 2nd, '06, 21:13

actually, i'm new at my work, so the drama sapuri fits perfectly my life :P

But, in fact, I usualy see love dramas when I'm sad... Don't know why...

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Post by kaname » Aug 2nd, '06, 21:32

I actually watch all kinds of dramas so I would have to say no and yes.
I usually watch any type of drama but sometimes I watch one that I know suits the mood or situation I am in. When that happens I do watch sad ones when I am sad and so on.

Thats why I didnt vote...well, yes I did...I'm the one who would score 40+.

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Post by nikochanr3 » Aug 2nd, '06, 21:36

My favorite dramas include one with someone dying of a disease, a cowboy and para para girls in shibuya, a medical drama, and this time, a 27 year old gangster going back to high school. Id say only MY BOSS MY HERO resembles my current life. (hehe...)

so, nope, my drama choices have nothing to do with how i relate to it.

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Post by rickt » Aug 3rd, '06, 17:50

yes, I guess I tend to choose drama where I can relate to in real life. (apparently, that is also how I choose what book to read after I thought about it..) but that is not always the case. sometimes when I see an interesting synopsis of a drama (of any genre), I may try a couple of episodes first before deciding whether I should continue or just stop right there. and the availability of subtitle also affects my decision. so my vote goes to the second choice, "Yes, but it isn't my only criteria for choosing dramas to watch."

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Post by Yukster » Aug 4th, '06, 09:07

Sometimes, when I reflect back on my love life, I feel that they can use it to make a pretty good dorama. I;ve always felt its somewhere between "Meguri Ai" (aka Refrain) and "Yamato Nadeshiko." It all started when I was going to graduate school (sort of like "Meguri Ai" where I meet the girl of my dream... it didn't work out, she moved back to Japan... well, I will let your imagination fill in the rest, but so far it didn't have a happy end, so I am still waiting for that part to be written. Cast maybe Satoshi Tsumabuki to play my charachter, and Tokiwa Takako to play the girl (yeah yeah, big age difference, but in real life, I am one year older), and some generic, friend type charachters, and you are all set.

Being 30, my life is not as crazy as when I was a student, and I am enjoying the peace and quiet... but you know that when things are nice and quiet, there is always trouble around the corner...

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Words of Farewell
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Post by Words of Farewell » Aug 4th, '06, 10:55

Haha, I'm actually pretty happy my life is not like Kirihara's in Byakuyakou. I guess most people watch drama because their life is the exact opposite, it's boring and constant, if it wasn't that way you wouldn't need the change of pace and thus wouldn't watch it.

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Post by Littleangel91356 » Aug 5th, '06, 00:53

I don't choose dramas that are like my lifestyle cause if it were, seriously it would be boring and I think dramas is a different way to view a different life you never really experienced but in a unrealistic way and that's what it makes it enjoyable.

I prefer dramas that are like kami wa saikoro wo furanai: fresh, unrealistic, serious but with some comedic drift and in the end, a nice meaning ending but the whole drama gave a good meaning, such as 'enjoy every single day as it is your last because you never know when you can see important people again or even yourself' a moral used for many years but brought in a nice manner.

But then again, I never had a drama simular to my life *even in school dramas, maybe 1-2 people in there, I have met simular people before but that's about i, got tortured before but never really ignored or treated in that manner and the relationships don't occur like that * and I would never want one. It would suck to see a drama which I can really relate but the actors and actresses suck badly and just ruin it.

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Post by tejizo » Aug 5th, '06, 06:58

Yes, I always choose dramas that I can relate to my personal life. It somehow makes more sense. I'm in my mid 20's now, finishing school/start working, part-time etc., therefore, drama like Orange Days, Slow Dance, and working environment type such as anego suits me the best. Even older drama such as Asunaro Hakusho also suits me since the theme fits.

Sometimes I also tend to choose high school dramas because they bring back high school memories, and I can relate to that. Also, I found that most high school theme dramas are funny, comic-y, really perfect for weekly entertainment.

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Post by pinkuonigiri » Aug 7th, '06, 03:44

I don’t know about that, the dramas i watch aren’t really based on how my daily mood is , but i do know i like more lighthearted quirky dramas then tearjerkers and sappy romances.

Mainly because i find extreme tearjerkers " character deaths, terminal illness, characters being in abusive relationships" too hard to watch and just too overwhelming when its just pure drama, usually i don’t mind it if its mixed in with humor and/or other elements

i also don’t like sappy romance dramas especially ones where there couples just seem to be idiots and go about there relationships in a immature and crappy direction, and when things get too sappy it just makes me wana roll my eyes and say " oh yea right" and its hard to get into it

i mostly get into dramas that have a semi-interesting plots, that are at least a little different from some of the real stereotypical dramas and, shows that seem like they have good character interaction.

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Post by asianblondgirl » Aug 7th, '06, 03:51

I watch lots of dramas, but most of the ones i watch relate to my life in many ways, ether personalities, boyfriends, problems, or just plain out complacated.
I find it funny sometimes when sertain charectors have a very similar personality as me.
But i enjoy watching them when they relate to me, cause in the end even if their sad or depressing, everything works out ^.^

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Post by Midnight » Aug 7th, '06, 04:59

I'm not really attached to any particular genre(s) since I tend to watch a little bit of everything. The only genre that I won't watch, the one that I avoid like a plague, are the tearjerkers. I'll read sad novels, watch sad movies and listen to sad songs, but I have never been able to watch sad dramas.

I tend to watch dramas more for the characters than the plot or theme. As long as I can bond with the main character(s) I can be lenient about the plot (to a certain extent). Even in heavily plot-driven or action-oriented shows, if I can't emphatize with the character(s) then the show is not as enjoyable. Character development is really important for me, but I've never watched a show where I thought that the character was just like me. I enjoy acting and writing, so I'm drawn to shows with great dialogue and ones where I can do a good character study.

I wonder if the types of shows I watch has more to do with my personality rather than my mood/situation in life. For example, I like a good underdog story, but I hate it when a character is misunderstood or blamed for something they didn't do. I like characters who can laugh at themselves, but I hate characters who make fools of themselves. I'm greatly entertained by jealous characters as long as they get angry when they're jealous; I hate it when they get depressed or vindictive.
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Post by m_3_ee » Aug 7th, '06, 05:05

i watch so many dramas i sometimes wished my life was like the dramas that i've watched but really if i had to watch dramas based upon my life, i think i would really die. i dont think i want to watch a drama all about my life, it wouldnt be as exciting or should i say since i live it, why want to watch it, right?

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Post by Kakihara » Aug 7th, '06, 05:33

What I like about the J-Drama's is the intensity, the overcoming of obstacles, and the inspiration. The "Go Get'em" and "Do your best" attitude is cool. The endeavors of the characters rubs off on you. So every day, just before going to bed, you can look at yourself in the mirror and answer affirmatively to the question, "Did you do your best today?"

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Eziya Minamoto
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Post by Eziya Minamoto » Dec 28th, '06, 03:12

My life is nothing like the dramas I watch....I usually watch anything with friends or family, or strangers meeting. I think if my life was a drama, it would get some interesting ratings or bore you to death, depending on what happens.

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Post by getsuga » Dec 28th, '06, 03:46

I can not say that I the dramas I have watched are similar with my life, but I do carefully based which dramas should I watch on my idealism. For instance, I believe that life must be lived whole-heartedly. Therefore, I choose dramas that give morale boost for me, to live this life whole-heartedly, such dramas are My Boss My Hero, Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, etc...

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Post by Kath-Lee » Dec 30th, '06, 00:01

I knew I wasn't normal. I can watch sad dramas only when I'm in a really good mood. Thus it works the other way around for me. :)
It's more about an emotional balance that we're searching for, rather than someone or something to agree with our moods. For from my studies people wouldn't watch sad or cruel movies during World War II for instance. Instead, they have watched comedies, most likely in order to forget about what was going on out there.
I agree with you when it comes to sad people listening to sad music and happy people preferring happy music though. Strangely enough it doesn't work for music like it does with movies.

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Post by pankanshe » Dec 30th, '06, 00:48

This is why we call these dramas... because they rarely reflect real life.

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Post by PJB » Dec 30th, '06, 01:02

I have a strong connection to tragic stuff and sadness, let's just leave it at that. On a scale though, my life is often just dull and boring. Note, often, so sometimes... it's not :)

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Post by arabian » Dec 31st, '06, 13:20

I watch a lot of drama but not one of them as mylife..

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Post by minorinhu » Dec 31st, '06, 13:53

I really like to watch sad/romance dramas
but my life is not like tragedies and crying
it's rather boring..

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Post by ushiushi » Jan 1st, '07, 11:03

Hm . . interesting topic. I tend to watch a lot of school dramas because I used to teach in Japan and it's nostalgic and relatable. My least favorite jdrama genre though are the comedies . . I find them mostly unfunny and unreal. I thought it was just due to culture differences, though y'know, I'm not the happy type and I have been depressed lately (because I suddenly really miss teaching in Japan after watching all these school dramas ironically :cry: )

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Post by Kath-Lee » Jan 1st, '07, 19:24

ushiushi wrote:I'm not the happy type and I have been depressed lately (because I suddenly really miss teaching in Japan after watching all these school dramas ironically :cry: )
*pat* I don't know you, dude, but don't be sad on New Year's day.
This is a little off topic but it'd be great if you could write a bit about your work as a teacher in Japan as I'm considering to do something similar in the future. PM me if you like to. :)
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Post by korean_foreva » Jan 1st, '07, 19:47

i want realli sure because mine kinda in between ...i onli see sum of the signs in a drama happen in my life..lolz..^__^

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Post by ushiushi » Jan 1st, '07, 23:35

Kath-Lee wrote:
ushiushi wrote:I'm not the happy type and I have been depressed lately (because I suddenly really miss teaching in Japan after watching all these school dramas ironically :cry: )
*pat* I don't know you, dude, but don't be sad on New Year's day.
This is a little off topic but it'd be great if you could write a bit about your work as a teacher in Japan as I'm considering to do something similar in the future. PM me if you like to. :)
Thanks, my New Year's been good so far, albeit uneventful. :P

Actually, I blogged about my time in Japan, most of the stuff you can read here if you have A LOT of time:

But in short, go for the JET programme. It's the best and easiest way to teach in Japan (you can also get in through private employers but they're really picky apparently). Good luck!

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Post by fo0lish » Jan 12th, '07, 20:45

Hm.. Well, It's True I watch a Certain Type of Genre of Drama on a Certain Mood. I do love watching School Life Drama, I am also Attending school. I just love the Uniforms =] Hehe, and Well.. When I'm depressed I do not watch Depressing things. I watch things to Cheer Me up, Like Comedies. I don't really like to watch Dramas where they are too similar to my Life. It makes me think about my Life and I go Depressed. Too much Predicaments in a Drama is not something that I would watch :w00t:

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Post by emrams » Jan 12th, '07, 20:52

I watch drama's to make myself feel happy, but the ones I watch are the ones I can relate to the most as well as ones that can have nothing to do with my life. I like to watch school dramas because I am going to go there to teach next year, but I know that they are a tad unrealistic so I do like the entertainment factor of them as well. I don't watch them for any particular actor or actress though if there is one I liked in it, there would be a higher probability of me watching it. However, I will try our new genres and new actors all the time. I don't have anyone I will refuse to watch and there are dramas that I have seen with actors I like in them, but the plot totally being totally unappealing I stop watching them. It's not enough for me anymore to have just a certain actor in it. It has to be fun to watch.

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