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[Discussion]Enka no Joou

Posted: Jan 20th, '07, 11:12
by marienella_m
thanks to the subs by quashlo, i was able to enjoy the first episode of this wonderful dorama! it was absolutely hilarious! Amami Yuki was great in portraying the character of the silly obachan! i also found the story to be unique and very interesting. :D its definitely on my watch list this season, along with himitsu no hanazono, hyd2,etc.

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 05:45
by _iris
I think this season has given some great dramas. Not that I truly dislike this series or wouldn't keep watching, but it's not one on the top of my list. It's just darn depressing watching her walk into so many disasters. Although, I think the younger actress playing the main character's younger self is quite good :) I hope her luck changes :blink

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 06:42
by marienella_m
the first episode may be depressing because of the strings of bad luck, but i admire Amami with the way she carried her character, its totally different from her previous roles like in Joou no Kyoshitsu and Top Caster. one reason why im also excited with this drama is because the script writer is Yukawa Kazuhiko. i admire his works and he's one of the unconventional dorama writers who add social issues on their scripts. his previous dramas are all in the serious drama genre, so i think this is his first comedy.:)

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 11:22
by seaweed
i dun think i will continue after i watched the first epi. The plot was rather depressing. Somehow, i prefer amami doing stronger roles. =)

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 11:29
by Prince of Moles
I watched the first episode of this show and I think I will continue to watch it. I just want to see where the story goes.

Oh and Yukawa Kazuhiko (the script writer for this show and Queen's Classroom, GTO, Majo no Jouken, etc) is a guy.

Posted: Jan 21st, '07, 17:22
by marienella_m
thanks for that info..ive always thought that he is a "she". :D

Posted: Jan 22nd, '07, 04:43
by mizune
I haven't been doing much but skip through the episodes so far, but it seems pretty funny and interesting to me. The combination of dark, cynical humor and physical slapstick is right up my alley... :lol
From what I've skimmed through, the plot is starting to remind me a little of Yakusha Damashii, but that might just be a passing resemblance since I haven't actually watched the eps... ^_^;; And the child actors they've collected for this show and are just slowly starting to reveal are excellent! We started with Fukuda Mayuko (btw, I thought the way they revealed who her character was in the 1st ep was a neat twist and the apology at the beginning of ep 2 was pretty amusing), tacked on Takei Akashi (Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu), and now we find out Narumi Riko (Ruri no Shima) is in it as well! I'm definitely watching this, when I get the time... :fear:

Posted: Jan 22nd, '07, 14:30
by Prince of Moles
Well I just finished watching episode 2 last night and I must say that now I am going to watch to the end of this show. Amami Yuki despite being almost 40 is just too damn adorable. (I know it's weird using that word in her case, but I guess that just proves that she can act.) I'm wondering how it will all turn out.

Will all the sufferings that she endured through the course of the show be beneficial in the end? (I'm assuming and hoping that it is.)

Will Hitoshi (Harada Taizo) become a responsible person in the end? (In a way I kind of hope not, since he is the cause of almost all the issues.) He's got a good heart, but man if someone like that was my friend, I'd have decked him.

It time for everyone who's not watching to "Open your eyes!"

Posted: Jan 24th, '07, 06:42
by kiddygrade
Great drama it is :-) My hope is that some very kind person will upload the OST when it is out at the end of February... The music is by Ike Yoshihiro, who incidentally wrote the score for Joou no kyoushitsu.

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 19:01
by amihan
can we talk about how she NEVER learns from her mistakes? :blink

although this is half comedy, I still hate the guts of that guy. Anyway, he's a major character also so I guess we'll see him all the time. But I hope the "guy-brings-trouble" cycle would not be over repeated till the end. Because Himawari has her own issues to deal with.

I just noticed.....

Posted: Jan 31st, '07, 19:05
by amihan
The school in Episode 3 seems to me as the one used in Nobuta wo Produce.

I know most schools there look the same, it's just that this one looked so much like it and both shows are produced by NTV.

Although the classroom setting are already sets.

Anyway, this isn't really a big deal. :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 3rd, '07, 15:34
by SummerMemories
i def think it is the same school! i love nobuta. ne way, this drama is good so far but is anyone getting alittle bored of it already? i mean it is great but i hope from now on the story gets deeper. and i hope she stops doing all these things for that idiot guy. I really hope they don't wind up together in the end cause i hate him

Posted: Apr 25th, '07, 18:51
by richardthebrave
oh man! oh man! i started loving this show after watching the first episode. himawari-san's string of bad luck never ends, but what encourages me to watch is how she deals with the situation even if it hurts her a lot (never say die! and talk about being invincible hehe)

i hope there are a lot of you guys and gals who would start downloading this wonderful series.

and for those leechers out there, don't deny these other j-drama lovers here how excellent this series is. SHARE!!!



Posted: May 16th, '07, 05:35
by booniez
Does anyone know if there is a Enka no Joou special planned? This show is screaming for a special since Himawari's story didn't seem complete -- at least to me.


Posted: May 16th, '07, 08:13
by quashlo
Now that you mention it, the ending is kinda wide open... I know I was expecting her to make a debut on Kouhaku in the last remaining minutes, but all we got was Himawari singing in a hospital... :roll
I doubt they would make a special, though... The ratings weren't all that spectacular and I think most of the viewing audience considered the series a flop. Personally, I don't think it was all that bad at all. I think most people were expecting something that was gonna live up to Joou no Kyoushitsu, and were turned off after the first episode.

Posted: Jul 2nd, '07, 06:52
by Shadow Hexagram
Actually, having just finished the final episode, I don't really think that there is any need of an SP, it would ruin the end.

*~singing enka in winter, dancing yassai mossai in summer~*

English Subs?

Posted: Aug 14th, '07, 15:36
by Icemisty
Does anyone here know where to get the English subs for this drama: Enka No Joou? A million thanks!

Posted: Aug 14th, '07, 16:21
by Shadow Hexagram
Softsubs can be found in the softsub index and the ones for Enka no Joou there:

Posted: Aug 15th, '07, 07:22
by Icemisty
OMG! Thanks so much for your help Shadow Hexagram!! :cheers: I must have been blind to have missed the subs for this one in the forum. Hontoni arigato!

Posted: Jun 26th, '09, 15:13
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Posted: Jul 3rd, '09, 15:47
by wang_noi
SAD_LAD wrote:any one have
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