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[Discussion] First Kiss

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Post by hafizadam » Jan 18th, '09, 11:38

han428 wrote:Anyone know the theme song called??? OR any download link??? I luv that song so much , maybe because of 1st kiss drama
First Kiss OST
Kokoro Theme Song MV Torrent
Kokoro Theme Song mp3
want more?

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Post by misuzana » Feb 8th, '09, 00:48

kuma601 wrote:I found this series enjoyable though agree that with so many different stories to carry through, it weakened it. At least I thought they tried to tie it all up...some other dramas, they just seem to chop it off and the viewer is left with :scratch:

It would be nice to see a SP follow-up about Mio and the pretty doc along with Kazu being a photographer. :-)
yea i would like for that too
to its seems like it s not finish :unsure:
oh well :P
but i like this drama :cheers:

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