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Black Comedy no Fukatsu Eri

Posted: Aug 21st, '07, 01:26
by l'hiver2008
Anyone know anything about this series of skits 'Fukatsu Eri no Black Comedy'? Like where to see it on dvd? Has anyone seen it and is it any good? ... 52,TSHA:en

I like her alot and interested in knowing about the special comedy vignettes she's doing.

Posted: Aug 21st, '07, 01:54
by greyhorse
I like Fukatsu Eri too, but I don't think it's going to happen for either of us.

According to the link you posted, it was an original production by Gyao, an internet TV company. At the time it was only available on Gyao and I'm guessing this series was a promotional thing they did to get interest in their on-line content.

I you want to buy the DVD it can be purchased here:

Reviews are mixed as I'm sure they would be for free internet content. Given the low exposure such a show would have, I'm not sure anyone would have bothered trying to upload it to the P2P networks. Best of luck.

Posted: Aug 23rd, '07, 02:34
by l'hiver2008
Found a clip from it. But I completely do not understand what is being said. So even if I get a dvd, I'll still be lost. Heard that Eri sung the closing credit song in her animated childlike voice. ... n%26sa%3DN

Posted: Jun 4th, '11, 20:32
by xaxa
Don't know if you're still looking for it, but I've posted download links to 'Fukatsu Eri no Black Comedy' here ... omedy-2006

Fukatsu Eri no Black Comedy - English Sub

Posted: Aug 13th, '11, 10:53
by tinkerbell
Unsolved Cases have just released first three episodes of "Fukatsu Eri's Black Comedy" with english hardsubs. We are going to translate the whole series sometime soon.

You can find the links and more details on our web journal. We hope you enjoy the show and possibly share some opinions about it. :-)

Posted: Aug 14th, '11, 13:04
by antspace
Thanks! I love quirky series like Camouflage, Juri Ueno's five bags and this one :-) Started watching these without subs, but my Japanese is nooooot good enough :P

Posted: Aug 16th, '11, 10:55
by tinkerbell
Glad to hear that! Hope you will have even a better time watching thanks to the subs, antspace.
I will post a notice in this topic when the rest is up. We will probably post a torrent with a batch too after the series is ready for those who prefer to download it that way.

Posted: Aug 18th, '11, 08:49
by tinkerbell
Episodes 4 and 5 are up!
Check the link in my signature below. :)

Posted: Aug 28th, '11, 22:25
by antspace
Thanks again : )

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 14:07
by tinkerbell
A pack with four episodes (6-9) is ready and up!!
See the link below for the MU folder. :)

Posted: Sep 3rd, '11, 23:22
by antspace
Thanks : ) But ep 8 seems to be absent. Kinda strange to be the only one replying for a while now, but I've seen a couple of replies on your site though. I am very happy with your subs! :thumleft:

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 08:48
by tinkerbell
Antspace: We appreciate your comments very much! :) Thank you for watching and following the releases.
True that the series is not the typical one and the won't gather as much attention as some other "mainstream" productions. In that sense, we're not counting for a large feedback from the viewers. The download stats vary from 20 to 30 depending on the episode, so there is someone watching. :)

As for episode 8 - I've checked the mu folder. You can follow the link to get it. [CLICK!]

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 11:18
by antspace
That worked. Thanks!

Posted: Sep 4th, '11, 11:44
by k361
Ohh, you didn't found ep8.
I thought you mean, this episode is strange. I did not like most of the animated episodes yet.

Yes, it Fukatsu Eri no Black Comedy none mainstream, but i am very thankful for the subs.

I believe, it is good to have the posibillity to discover the wide spectrum of asian tv entertainment. The capture/encoder make a preselection, than the file-distributors select what they prefer, at least the subber pick up what they like. The average consumer get a ready-made image of the asian tv culture. It is similiar to the manga community few years ago. Only few people outside japan knew the less selling magazine and their content.

It is rare to find a subbed niche product of japanese drama after this selection chain.

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 11:14
by tinkerbell
For all of you wainting (im)patiently for the subs, the next to episodes (no. 10 and 11) are ready and up.
Meaning we reached the half of the series. We'll try to present you the rest as soon as possible.

Posted: Sep 11th, '11, 12:34
by antspace
Thanks! I loved the last bunch! Especially ep 7 with the word game :lol

Posted: Sep 12th, '11, 13:56
by tinkerbell
antspace wrote:Thanks! I loved the last bunch! Especially ep 7 with the word game :lol
Haha, that one was a hell lot of work, especially for the editor. :) But it turned out quite funny, so it was worthwile.

EDIT: Constantly fighting with the lack of sleep, we managed to finish two next episodes - waiting for you at the link below!

EDIT 2: And another 3 episodes (no. 14-16) are up and ready. Finishing soon enough!

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 16:55
by tinkerbell
I have the pleasure to announce that the pack with last four episodes is ready and up on our journal.

I hoped you liked the Fukatsu Eri's Black Comedy. And if you didn't try it yet - do so! All Sakai Masato fans should check the last episode too, as he's appearing there as a guest. :)

Posted: Oct 8th, '11, 17:05
by antspace
Thanks for finishing the series! Looking forward to seeing the last episodes :-)