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[Discussion] Chocomimi

Posted: Oct 2nd, '07, 05:41
by blueseeker
Genre: Comedy
Broadcast Network: TV Tokyo
Airing: 2007-Oct-1
Air time: Monday 17:30

A llive-action drama has been adapted from the Konami Sonoda's ChocoMimi chibi fashion manga. The two volumed gag manga, follows two school friends (Choco Sakurai and Mimi Nekota) on their adventures with their friends and pets (Choco's dog Chiffon and Mimi's cat Huckleberry), as well as their changing fashion styles. ... -tv-dramas ... hp?id=8528

Teramoto Yukika as Sakurai Choco
Masuyama Kayano as Nekota Mimi
Kido Yuya (木戸邑弥) as Andrew (Ando Ryunosuke)
Miura Toko (三浦透子) as Mumu-chan (Momoyama Mumu)
Usui Masahiro (碓井将大) as Mikachin
Goriki Ayame (剛力彩芽) as Bambi

Posted: Oct 2nd, '07, 05:58
by emrams
cute!! i want to see it! :D

Posted: Oct 4th, '07, 20:12
by blueseeker
Finally watching more than 100 Jdramas has paid off....or at least for the most part. I watched the first episode of the drama and have to say it does seem quite the fun drama. The leads are all quite cute and there is about 20% of animation which makes it quite fun. For those who are wondering this is sort of like a shoujo anime but in a live action. The only downside i noticed so far is that the cast is....well....rather young for my heart to beat...hehe. Also maybe it's just me but the two female leads seem to not have much experience actions, although is not bad.

Posted: Oct 13th, '07, 15:25
by hollisterluv
awww... this drama looks really cute! i really wanna see it.. lol one of the boy actors in this is my age.. hes 15 and im 15 :D

Posted: Oct 16th, '07, 17:44
by JuliaLane
Is anyone planning on subbing this?

Posted: Oct 19th, '07, 12:03
by snooopy06
I would like to see someone subbing this