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[Discussion] Binbou Danshi

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Re: Ringtone from Binbo Danshi-Rocky theme

Post by anna12125 » Jun 14th, '08, 06:26

msshino wrote:I loved Binbo Danshi and Oguri Shun. However, I got hooked to the ringtone that he had on his cell phone. I've searched and searched for it but couldn't find the right one.
Anyone have any ideas?

Is Detective Conan a good series? Thinking of watching that soon too.
I found it! XD thank me! hehe
It's 'final bell' by someone called Rocky. I can send you the ringtone if you PM me.

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Post by YouLessThanThreeMe » Jul 13th, '08, 21:50

Gosh I LOVE this drama!! And OmuOmu rocks!

But I have a question: There's a 'slow' version of the Sukiyaki Song playing in a couple of episodes when it gets emotional ^^° I SO WANT THAT SONG! But I couldn't find out who sang this version! It's NOT Kyu Sakamoto! It's as I said a very slow intense version of the song. And it's not on the Soundtrack unfortunately ...does anyone know who's singing it? Thanks in advance! ^^

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Post by Sutaia » Jul 17th, '08, 00:29

I think detectiv Conan is ok....but just because of Shun...
He is calm, and in a jacket and tie....so...he is sexy...
What more is it to beg for.... ;)
But hey....anyone who knows when 8-9 Binbo Danshi with eng sub is down....
Waiting.... :D

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Post by outcast_within » Oct 24th, '09, 14:22

i finished this show. It was surprisingly good. At first i was annoyed seeing this character i know only as some stoic high jumper to be this goofy. But he quickly grew on me.
Also great compliments to the two support actors. They don't seem like the standard actors i see. Less fake funny like those teachers/principals from gokusen.
Also that girl had a reaaally pouty mouth. I don't know if she's pretty or she just has a sexy mouth.

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Post by Yukimi87 » Aug 18th, '10, 15:35

Does anyone knows if any groups is interested on translating Swan no Baka?

Thanks :D

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