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Posted: Dec 5th, '07, 16:48
by Oguri_Shun_lover
thanx alot seirin :cheers:

Posted: Dec 5th, '07, 16:56
by lilswtangel
thanks for the preview links seirin!

I always get excited about Shun's dramas...he usually acts in the better/more popular ones. :)

Posted: Dec 6th, '07, 02:15
by TeAsEy0shi
Thanks Seirin!!
I notice this... is Shun wearing black polish??

Posted: Dec 6th, '07, 02:24
by seirin
TeAsEy0shi wrote:Thanks Seirin!!
I notice this... is Shun wearing black polish??
it might be dark red? He was still performing Caligula in November. I think he's still doing Caligula right now too, but in Osaka now.

Posted: Dec 6th, '07, 02:32
by TeAsEy0shi
:O what else is he doing other than Caligula. He has got to take some time off and rest....
So if this drama starts at January 22 then when are they going to start making HYD?? summer??

Posted: Dec 6th, '07, 02:50
by seirin
TeAsEy0shi wrote::O what else is he doing other than Caligula. He has got to take some time off and rest....
So if this drama starts at January 22 then when are they going to start making HYD?? summer??
I don't know how he's going to find time, but he has to start filming Binbou Danshi soon. It's airing in January, so he should start filming soon after he returns from Osaka. Also he has to read the script for HYD soon too. Filming for HYD is scheduled from Jan-Feb. The movie is coming out in the summer. Rest? What rest? Christmas? What's that? ^^; I wonder if Shun is still doing the Obon thing with his friends...he really has no time...

btw, there's no date for Binbou Danshi. 22 is the time. 10pm. I think Binbou Danshi might start January 1 or 8th. Yukan Club finishes Dec 18. So there might be specials and stuff going on for Dec 25 and Maybe Jan 1

Posted: Dec 6th, '07, 02:59
by TeAsEy0shi
seirin wrote: btw, there's no date for Binbou Danshi. 22 is the time. 10pm.
Whoops must have read it wrong...

oh no....Im going nuts thinking about his schedule. HYD is schedule from Jan-Feb?
Then he has to travel back and forth numbers of times.... :crazy:
Thats crazy... well i hope everything will eventually work out for him and having some time with his friends/family whenever that is :glare:

Posted: Dec 7th, '07, 07:43
by a2a
Shun is one of Japan's most prolific actors. I've lost count of the movies, dramas ans stage plays he's done! Thus he is one of the busiest too. But he must really love acting if he's working so much (and this is one of the reasons he's my favorite actor) ! And he just got what I think he deserved: A true lead role in a drama!

Posted: Dec 7th, '07, 13:06
by NanaTorigawa
yah both Toma and Shun got Lead roles this next season!!!!

Posted: Dec 7th, '07, 13:21
by Yorokobi
seirin wrote:Yorokobi, I thought you were doing the jyounetsu translations? ^^; btw who is doing Conan translations? Depending on my time, I might do Daisuke...but I might be busy with work and other projects :S
I am doing jyounetsu Im about haf way+ hrough but doing it in amogst mop girl and other little translations plus study so its taking some time

Posted: Dec 8th, '07, 13:26
by Oguri_Shun_lover
I have question :unsure:

is timeles will do soft or hard sub??? :salut:

Posted: Dec 8th, '07, 13:28
by Yorokobi
both as far as I know thats what they usually do but specifics haven't been decided yet

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 04:42
by Salz
cant wait cant wait for this drama next season :cheers:
cant wait for the sub also :D

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 12:56
by Yorokobi
if there are any subbers hanging out her who want to hep sub this drama please join timelessubs

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 19:55
by seirin
Yorokobi wrote:if there are any subbers hanging out her who want to hep sub this drama please join timelessubs
I could probably help with QC maybe.

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 21:31
by Shunbaby
Here is a clip for Bindou (I think)...seems funny :)

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 21:53
by SugizoStyle
KSWisHOT wrote:Here is a clip for Bindou (I think)...seems funny :)
Its weird! :blink

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 22:31
by atskv9
hahha, that clip was pretty funny 8)

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 22:42
by mikautada
that CM was hilarious!!:lol Shun is really a great actor..

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 22:44
by NanaTorigawa
Can't wait to watch it when i get home... on a computer that doesn't let em see that...

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 22:54
by wachi
That clip is hilarious! VICTORRRYYYYYY! I hope he didn't drop that tiny paste in the end; he was shaking quite hard. :lol All that effort for nothing.

We have to wait until the 15th. :|

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 22:55
by seirin
That looks pretty funny hehe. wow so proud of him :P He managed to squeeze tooth paste out... :lol

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 23:07
by Shunbaby
haha, i guess because he is a poor student, he has get every drop from the tube :)

Posted: Dec 9th, '07, 23:55
by Yorokobi
i love that ad looks like its gonna be a funny series
ah i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: Dec 10th, '07, 00:19
by Oguri_Shun_lover
it will be funny :wub:

Posted: Dec 10th, '07, 00:22
by vina.loves.sushi
ithat made my morning! just woke and seeing shun acting so goofy is the best !>_<

Posted: Dec 10th, '07, 02:10
by NanaTorigawa
hahah and the hair is funny... it all crazy.. and if you watch to the very end... he even drops the paste obnt he ground. hahaha

Posted: Dec 10th, '07, 06:19
by supi-san
This is really fun
Comedy is difficult.but he did it.
i proud of him too.
Oguri Shun daisuki.

Posted: Dec 10th, '07, 08:50
by a2a
Shun has acted as the cool guy for too many dramas. It's time he got to play a goofy character! ^_^

Posted: Dec 12th, '07, 05:48
by NanaTorigawa
hahha... and his hair... hahaha... It was iek mega explosion...

Posted: Dec 14th, '07, 11:03
by Oguri_Shun_lover
one month to go ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :cheers:

it is a long time :glare: can't wait :roll

Posted: Dec 14th, '07, 13:07
by NanaTorigawa
WHEHEHEEHE yah 1 month... i do not know what i'm goignt o do for my break..... sinc eYukan Club ends next week and.... have to wait 2-3 more tilll crainess

Posted: Dec 17th, '07, 01:59
by Shunbaby
can't wait for this drama to air...

Posted: Dec 17th, '07, 03:06
by NanaTorigawa
KSWisHOT wrote:can't wait for this drama to air...
that picture.. hahah he looks so high.. hahaha.. is he smoking bread.. hahah....

and the beard ahhhhh.... hahahaa

Posted: Dec 17th, '07, 04:06
by atskv9
Haha his frizzy hair is so awesome :D

Posted: Dec 17th, '07, 04:33
by NanaTorigawa
atskv9 wrote:Haha his frizzy hair is so awesome :D
ahhhhhh i like you avy.. it maki... andahhhhhh Kurosagi... ahhhhhh... that is so cool*goes look for that*

Posted: Dec 17th, '07, 12:38
by Oguri_Shun_lover
thanx shunbaby

he is so happy in it and his smile is LOVE :wub:

Posted: Dec 21st, '07, 10:39
by Oguri_Shun_lover
guys another CM for binbou dashi

I found it @ oslj

he seem to tought that someone come and steal his house , he start to look after his valued things but he not that he is poor so he didn't have valued things LOL ~~~~

:wub: :wub: shun is sooooo funny

Posted: Dec 21st, '07, 12:47
by Yorokobi
its a private video I cant watch it!

Posted: Dec 21st, '07, 14:00
by Shunbaby
Yorokobi wrote:@OSL
its a private video I cant watch it!
check out os forum...i put a few there :)

Posted: Dec 21st, '07, 14:03
by Yorokobi
thank you!!

Posted: Dec 21st, '07, 14:58
by Shunbaby
i can't wait to see, it looks like it's going to be a very funny drama.

Posted: Dec 21st, '07, 19:09
by Oguri_Shun_lover
the short CMs is sooo funny
of course the drama it self will be sooooo much fun :cheers:

Posted: Dec 22nd, '07, 00:00
by NanaTorigawa
26 more days... i think...

Posted: Dec 22nd, '07, 10:42
by Oguri_Shun_lover
nope it is 23 days :unsure:

Posted: Dec 22nd, '07, 11:53
by Yorokobi
thse Cm's are awsome
I especially love the one aout the theif cracks me up soooo much!!! Even more then the toothpaste one
Shun's the best

Posted: Dec 22nd, '07, 14:29
by Shunbaby
I like the 4 sec clip...he looks hot even in a newpaper suit :wub:
can't wait to see it :lol

Posted: Dec 22nd, '07, 15:03
by Robina
Yorokobi wrote:thse Cm's are awsome
I especially love the one aout the theif cracks me up soooo much!!! Even more then the toothpaste one
Shun's the best
The 3 CM are sooo funny :lol
Same here :lol I never imagine Shun in this kind of role but it sound soooo nice drama and interesting too~ looking forward to watch it. I have many drama to watch @ Jan, Kame drama, Toma drama (Hooney & Clover) and Shun drama :cheers:

Posted: Dec 22nd, '07, 20:17
by NanaTorigawa
hahah... 22 more days.. i was counting in my head... i need to see the CMs....

Posted: Dec 23rd, '07, 14:54
by Yorokobi
you should definatly watch the CM's

Everyone I just finished trnslating a few short bit on this drama from a tv magazine
be sure to check it out at my site (see my sig)

Posted: Dec 23rd, '07, 22:04
by Oguri_Shun_lover
thanx alot yorokobi ^^

shun is the best :wub:

Posted: Dec 25th, '07, 12:34
by Yorokobi
o i forgot to mention
it looks like the possiblilty of a love interest for shun as o the relationship chart theres one f those arrows with love? next to it from shun to a girl

Posted: Dec 25th, '07, 23:07
by NanaTorigawa
Maybe a girl he likes and she has not intrest in him? hahaha

Posted: Dec 26th, '07, 17:53
by Oguri_Shun_lover
I didn't see the chart :unsure:

Posted: Dec 27th, '07, 11:59
by Yorokobi
i dont know that its up anywhere yet but its in the tv magazines

Posted: Dec 28th, '07, 03:52
by NanaTorigawa
WHEEEE we ahve 3 more weeks!!!! or less....

Posted: Dec 29th, '07, 12:46
by supi-san
I am waiting and counting day by day
:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Dec 29th, '07, 17:04
by NanaTorigawa
17 more days!!!! hahahahaha

Posted: Dec 31st, '07, 02:21
by noop
Timeless Sub is doing the subs right? will there be soft subs or hard subs only?

Posted: Dec 31st, '07, 02:51
by atskv9
^^From what I've read, they release both.

Posted: Dec 31st, '07, 08:14
by seirin
two more weeks til it airs :) It's odd though, binbo man website isn't updated yet :S There's only an image there

Posted: Dec 31st, '07, 15:49
by Yorokobi
i know i was surprised at that too
ive been watching tv a bit more recently (re runs of nodame cantabile) and they play the toothpaste ad all the time ^_^

Posted: Dec 31st, '07, 20:39
by NanaTorigawa
haha... really... thats funny...
Well we have 15 more days left... ^^ and the Hachikuro website just got filled thsi week so.. lets hope Binbou Danshi will this week...

Posted: Jan 4th, '08, 13:42
by supi-san
No news until now.
only 11 more days.
This made me crazy.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Posted: Jan 5th, '08, 18:58
by Kurai yoru
I can't wait to see this one!

I'm first time here (I did not read all pages of this topic yet ^^'' ) could you tell me if some sub group will be subbing this dorama?? I would be greatful for answer

Posted: Jan 5th, '08, 19:07
by katdiva
Kurai yoru wrote:I can't wait to see this one!

I'm first time here (I did not read all pages of this topic yet ^^'' ) could you tell me if some sub group will be subbing this dorama?? I would be greatful for answer
I haven't seen any group formally announce it yet, but I'm sure it will be snatched up by a good Fansub group, because it looks too good to NOT sub!

We will just need to be patient, ne! :whistling:

Posted: Jan 5th, '08, 20:53
by atskv9
TimeLesSub has announced it, but are in need of more Japanese translators for it

Posted: Jan 5th, '08, 21:55
by seirin
I'm not sure if anyone noticed this thread. Someone posted file to stream tv from Japan. So we can watch Binbo Danshi live ^-^ It's on NTV, on of the channels on the list. Too bad I'll be at work when it airs T_T

Posted: Jan 6th, '08, 01:49
by supi-san
NTV do not thing with Binbo's block.
I found this in TV magazine.But I can't understand it.
Hope someone can.

Posted: Jan 6th, '08, 16:46
by Yorokobi
because I cant post in the oguri shun forum due to a temporary lock ill post here instead ^_^

I just watched caligula
It was amazing!
there was no sign of the shun I know and love but a whole other side to his acting and well I was blown away
i only wish I could have gone to see it live
(i felt sore for the guy who had to keep eating onions all through it though)

can't wait for binbou danshi
yet another shun to see

shame timeless subs still has yet to find a translator
why is there no one wanting to translate this???

Posted: Jan 6th, '08, 17:54
by Shunbaby
@yorokobi - does this mean timelessub is dropping this drama?

Posted: Jan 7th, '08, 00:28
by NanaTorigawa
Yah i was wondering why Jin and Shun's thread was blocked....

I might translate the aboe.. if i ahve time... so... but i know the one between Shun and the one girl is "Like"

Posted: Jan 7th, '08, 00:59
by seirin
well..I pmed the mod and this was the message I got.
don't take it too much to heart, those threads were just getting way too long and the yamashita and inoue mao threads basically triggered it...
after i locked those two i checked around for anything over 500 pages in that subforum...
what we would consider spam is anything that starts reminding you of short oneliners like you see in chatrooms,
but in threads like the actors/actresses, that's almost expected and almost unavoidable...
none of this has anything personally to do with you or any ONE person...
just continue to have fun and if the threads hit 500+ pages again, we'll just do the same thing... Laugh

cheers, wave

Posted: Jan 7th, '08, 01:10
by OneMore
I hope timeless can do it alright. They are doing Mop Girl too and have got up until episode 3 as of now. It looks like a good series. Can't wait. :crazy:

Posted: Jan 7th, '08, 11:53
by Yorokobi
timeless subs officially has a translator now so dont worry guys!
they are always looking for more help in that department though cause it is a big job
im finding it hard enough being part of the two-man translating team for mop girl

i also pmed the mod about the oguri shun thread cause i felt it was unfair as that thread has the least amount of spamming in my opinion