Rasen (1999)

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Rasen (1999)

Post by MasterOfPuppets » Sep 2nd, '08, 20:57

Has anyone here heard of the drama "Rasen"? It is the sequel to the series JEM ripped "Ring: Saishusho". Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the series? I desperately need it and have even printed out DVD artwork for it. Subtitles are not necessary but preferred in English. It is only 13 episodes and I would be very grateful to who ever can get that drama to me. I noticed JEM has a request section, is he/she/they still taking requests? It is the last item I need to complete my Ring collection so I will be incredibly happy once I get a copy. Sorry, if asking is off limits here.

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[Seed Req] Rasen (1999)

Post by kyu_ichiro » Jun 15th, '21, 11:43

I want to "rasen(1999)" in raw.
I would be very grateful to uproad that drama on nyaa.
Thank you for your kindness.

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