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Asian Drama Adaptations for Japan?

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Asian Drama Adaptations for Japan?

Post by PopGilligan » Sep 22nd, '08, 16:09

I've seen many Japanese dramas being re-made for Korea and Taiwan (Hana Kimi being fairly recent), but I can't think of any Korean or Taiwanese dramas that are re-made in Japan. I know a K drama will sometimes just air in Japan, but is there a reason remakes are not popular? Or am I just being daft and can't think of one? Ha! What would you like to see remade in Japan?

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Post by SSpiegel » Sep 22nd, '08, 17:41

Just now there's the jdrama Maou which is a remake of a Korean drama The Devil.

Anyways, Hana Kimi was (at least aired) first in Taiwan, so you can't really count it as a remake if it's been done before. Meteor Garden was made before Hana Yori Dango, too.
Also, there's the fairly recent jdrama Ryokiteki na Kanojo, which is a adaptation of the Korean movie My Sassy Girl. If that counts.

I'm sure there's more.

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Post by gokidora » Sep 22nd, '08, 19:06

There's also Hotelier, a Korean drama starring that Harry Potter-lookalike, which was remade in Japan in 11 episodes less than the original twenty. They're good at miniaturization.

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Post by j_halo7 » Sep 24th, '08, 13:32

i think the reason why there are no Taiwanese drama (at least i can't think of any) that has been adapted by the Japanese is because most of the popular TW dramas are made from Japanese manga. take Hana Kimi, Meteor Garden, It Started With A Kiss, Devil Beside You. they are all adapted from japanese manga. there are tons more i can list. as for the TW dramas from SETTV, ultimately it's always a fairytale story where poor girl meets rich guy which is pretty boring after a while so not much of a point to adapt.

there's probably a higher chance of Japanese dramas adapting from Korean dramas like the recent Maou and others listed by the posters above my comment. reason being at least they have some more original stories worth adapting.

as for dramas i would love to see being adapted, i wonder if an adaptation of Goong will work. :P

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