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[Discussion] Boku No Imouto (Odagiri Joe,Nagasawa Masami..)

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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[Discussion] Boku No Imouto (Odagiri Joe,Nagasawa Masami..)

Post by Machihxh » Apr 26th, '09, 23:21

After watching the first episode, I was looking for the discussion thread for this drama but couldn't find one so I thought I'd make one. :D Looking forward to your insights and thoughts on this drama! :cheers:

Official Site

* Title: ぼくの妹
* Title (romaji): Boku no Imoto
* Also known as: My Younger Sister
* Format: Renzoku
* Genre: Family, drama
* Broadcast network: TBS
* Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-19 to 2009-Jun
* Air time: Sunday 21:00
* Theme song: Futari by Ikimono-gakari

Egami Mei is a genius surgeon, but is somehow still lacking. On the other hand, his younger sister Satsuki is poor at studying, but she has a good nature and a strength for living. "Boku no Imouto" is a human drama about these two siblings whose parents died while they were still children. Because of their different values, they are always arguing, such as when the brother finds out that his sister is having an affair with a married man. However, the siblings have also developed a strong bond that keeps them together despite their constant conflicts. But a huge and unexpected incident occurs, which threatens to shake their relationship. --Tokyograph

* Odagiri Joe as Egami Mei
* Nagasawa Masami as Egami Saya
* Chihara Koji as Kuki Koji
* Tomosaka Rie as Kirihara Satoko
* Tanaka Tetsushi as Segawa Kinya
* Suzuki Sawa as Segawa Shigeko
* Sasamoto Rena as Okawara Haruna
* Wakabayashi Go as Okawara Ryuzo
* Otaki Hideji as Sakurai Chuji


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Post by Machihxh » Apr 26th, '09, 23:41

After watching the first ep.
Did anyone else get the feeling that pehaps Egami Mei's sister had something to do with Satoko's death? I'm not sure but it just seemed a bit too coincidental that she was at the crime scene when it happened and how she just walked away. Maybe she was just looking out for her brother and followed him there after their talk? Hmm... Anyone else have any thoughts as to why you think she was there?:scratch:

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Post by core2quadcore » Apr 27th, '09, 00:00

will there be a group who'll sub this?..kinda feeling hardcore watching it without subs :faint:

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Post by lenrasoon » Apr 27th, '09, 00:30

this drama looks interesting and like Odagiri Joe <3

@core2quadcore: TimeLesSub will be releasing hardsubs for this drama^__^

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Post by Machihxh » May 2nd, '09, 06:24

After watching the 2nd episode, [spoiler]It seems that Egami Mei's sister is hiding the real reason as to why she met with Kirihara Satoko. That Kuki Koji man seems really creepy as well. I wonder if he really was Satoko's boyfriend, as in Ep 1 he seemed really rude to her. :x I can't wait to see the next ep and see how this story unfolds.[/spoiler]I hope more people will be able to watch this when the subs come out so more people can join the discussion. :cheers: :D

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Post by Machihxh » May 4th, '09, 06:27

After Ep 3, it is revealed that
Tomosaka Rie who plays Kirihara Satoko was indeed pushed by someone so it definitely wasn't suicide. I really hope that it wasn't Egami Mei's sister who's responsible and that it was someone else. Anyone else have any ideas as to who you think could be responsible for pushing her off the ledge? :roll I can also understand why Kuki might feel the way he does as to already putting the blame of the murder of his girlfriend on Egami Mei as he claims that he was there and saw him the day of the incident. I'm also starting to think if it's Kuki himself that pushed Satoko off the ledge in anger, if Kuki himself knew what happened between Egami and Satoko that one night they spent together. :scratch: Hmm....

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Post by totemokakkoii » May 10th, '09, 12:15

this drama is quite interesting actually (contrary to the poor rating).. the first few episodes might be abit boring, but it gets better after that.

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Post by thienly » May 11th, '09, 11:24

hope some fansub doing the english sub for this drama

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Post by hohliu » May 25th, '09, 13:22

I am keen to watch this drama. Hope it will be subbed soon

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Post by suparstarx » May 26th, '09, 23:02

sorry i haven't been logging on DA too much, there's no softsubs for this yet right? I got the raw's sitting on my HD.

and HI everyone!

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Post by noshadow31 » May 27th, '09, 03:03

if you take a look here
http://fansub.d-addicts.com/Jdrama_Fans ... pring_2009
you'd know that only hardsub will be released.

and you can check the subbing progress from here

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Post by Fenki » Aug 21st, '09, 19:59

Still I can't find any subs released... anyone else?

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Post by vcoolwater » Aug 27th, '09, 02:17

Timeless subs are suppose to sub this series. But I doubt we will be seeing any episodes anytime soon. it most likely will be pushed further on the back burner with them concentrating on Koishite Akuma and Tokyo DOGS. Oh well, I was looking forward to this series. Something different than the usual fluff.

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Post by knuts » Sep 9th, '09, 17:15

I enjoyed this one. Not boring to me. Maybe because I have not watched many j-drama's?
Wished I had a nice brother like that.

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Post by P@permoon » Sep 9th, '09, 20:28

I liked this series. It was not one of the best Dramas ever, but it was good.
The story was slow paced and you needed patience here and there, but the characters moved well with it. When you have time and need a "calm" series, I would say have a look at it.

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Post by totemokakkoii » Sep 11th, '09, 12:38

yep.. actually i thought this story was not bad.
rather than stories that focus on love relationship, i thought this drama used an interesting angel to look at brother-sister relationship.
and the final episode, those words the brother (odagiri) said to the sister (masami) at the finale scene really touch me... it made me tear...
i really hope i had a brother like that too.

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