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Best Japanese martial arts dorama

Discuss Japanese drama series here.
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Best Japanese martial arts dorama

Post by Zonakusu » Jun 10th, '09, 18:40

I'm a big fan of the Japanese martial arts dorama and I'm sure I'm not the only one here on D Addicts. So what are your favorite dorama you've ever seen. Of course movies are fine too :)

My favorites are:

- Musashi
- Fighter in the wind (although its a korean movie, it is about Budo and is set in Japan, dont hit me! :P)

I must be forgetting some right?

Btw, I couldn't find a similar topic, but if it already exists, I'm sorry :P
Btw #2, I practise Nunchaku-do and Yoseikan Budo myself, how about you?

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Post by groink » Jun 10th, '09, 22:34

Kagero no Tsuji
Mei-bugyo! Ooka Echizen
Mito Komon
Aberenbo Shogun
Yagyu Jubei Nanaban Shobu
Ude ni Oboeari
Kage no Gundan
Momotaro Zamurai
Hacchobori Seven
Tenbatsu ya Kurenai Yami no Shimatsu Jou

Some of these may not be available on the Internet. KIKU showed most of these, and that's how I watched them.

--- groink

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Post by thienly » Jun 10th, '09, 23:36

there is SP martial called Satomi Hakkeden....quite good,...only 5 hours SP though

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