Future Superstars?

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Future Superstars?

Post by JackBauer2424 » Sep 7th, '16, 02:05

Who are the next future superstars?

I consider the following current superstars:

Takuya Kimura
Ryoko Yonekura
Nanako Matsushima
Hiroshi Abe

What's stopping the following from making the leap? When will the bigwigs trust them for big time leading roles?

Ryoko Hirosue
Matsu Takako
Yuko Takeuchi
Aibu Saki
Yoshino Kimura
Rina Uchiyama
Ayumi Ito (very good looking)
Matsuoka Masahiro
Riho Yoshioka
Yuko Fueki

I suspect Matsuzaka Tori could be the future pretty boy heir to Takuya Kimura. Naka Riisa from Lucky Seven and Kyou Kaisha Yasumimasu can look really pretty, as well as Lucky Seven ep9-10's Indou Kaho. Naka Riisa has the attractive mannerisms and charisma. Yui Aragaki from My Boss My Hero & Dragon Zakura and Nagasawa Masami from Dragon Zakura seem like they have potential for adult roles.

Who are some prospects to pay attention to who did some good series? Any new good singers who will successfully cross over into acting?

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Re: Future Superstars?

Post by diodrama » Sep 6th, '19, 11:44

Fukuzaki Nayuta. I guess you could already call him a former child superstar because of Kuroshitsuji twice! But he's smoking his young adult roles too -- Hikari, Mario - the Future of AI, Kamen Riders Hensei Generations Forever. I think he's going to set 'My Graduation Project' on fire -- it could be like 'Riverdale' for Cole Sprouse. Based on Kuro, we might have thought Nayuta would grow into a 'pretty boy', but actually he's developed very manly good looks. Plus he's rocking that whole 'Dark Charisma' thing. What I like about Nayuta is that he can go cool or hot. He played it cool in 'Mario' until just the right time to explode.

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