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Posted: Jun 9th, '12, 17:15
by naokanzaki
From today's Hotaru premiere. :salut:

Posted: Jun 9th, '12, 17:43
by nikid
thanks for sharing :)

Posted: Jun 11th, '12, 01:23
by Jav_sol
Ayase Haruka attends stage greeting for “Hotaru no Hikari” movie in a wedding dress

On June 9th, actress Ayase Haruka attended the stage greeting which was held at Cinecitta Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture, for her movie “Hotaru no Hikari” on its release day. Ayase who showed up to the event in a wedding dress with her co-star Fujiki Naohito, as if it was their wedding ceremony, excitingly said, “Now that the movie is finally released, my heart is full of excitement and nervousness.” When asked when her real wedding would be, Ayase answered, “I don’t feel a foreboding for it at all, though I do have a desire…”

The “Hotaru no Hikari” movie will be released in 8 countries throughout Asia. Right after the event, Ayase flew to Taiwan where the movie’s premiere screening will be held on the 10th, and attended the press conference there.
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Posted: Jun 11th, '12, 19:53
by naokanzaki

More Haruka pics from Saturday's premiere and some pics of her in Tawain where she was going for the premiere of the movie there. :goggle:


Posted: Jun 11th, '12, 20:06
by naokanzaki
Haruka from the July issue of Only Star.

From the June issue of With. :salut:
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Posted: Jun 16th, '12, 08:27
by hana_fon
anyone know where can download hotaru 2012?

Posted: Jun 18th, '12, 10:57
by yard
hana_fon wrote:anyone know where can download hotaru 2012?
I'm another one who wants to know, i love this serie and it would be great to watch the movie, if there are subs even better :mrgreen: :wub:

Posted: Jun 18th, '12, 11:59
by sunflower63
I am waiting for a link with subs too...please let me know if anyone has it.

Posted: Jun 18th, '12, 16:27
by nikid
the movie isnt available yet

Posted: Jul 9th, '12, 00:53
by Wakashimazu
New trailer for her upcoming movie, Himitsu no Akko-chan. Ayase-san is cute as usual! :lol


Source: Tokyohive

Posted: Jul 10th, '12, 00:02
by Jav_sol
"Ayase is transforming into several outfits"
They really like their cosplaying over there. :D

Posted: Jul 14th, '12, 01:19
by Jav_sol
Nintendo3DS CM


Posted: Jul 19th, '12, 00:08
by Jav_sol
Ayase Haruka & Sato Takeru star in movie "Riaru Kanzen Naru Kubinagaryu no Hi"


The movie is based on the novel "Kanzen Naru Kubinagaryu no Hi" by Inui Rokuro, published on January 8, 2011, which won grand prize at the "9th Kono Mystery ga Sugoi!"

Koichi (Sato Takeru) & Atsumi (Ayase Haruka) have been friends since their childhood days and they eventually became lovers. About one year ago, Atsumi attempted to commit suicide and fell into a coma afterwards. Koichi, desperate to know why Atsumi attempted suicide, takes part in a new medical procedure that involves the central nervous system. Koichi will enter the subconscious mind of Atsumi through the medical procedure. When Koichi enters the subconscious mind of Atsumi, shes asks Koichi to find a picture she drew a long time ago.

Filming began June 15, 2012 and is expected to finish in late July, 2012. The movie is directed by Kurosawa Kiyoshi.

Other Cast Members include Nakatani Miki, Odagiri Joe, Sometani Shota, Horibe Keisuke, Matsushige Yutaka & Koizumi Kyoko.

The movie will be released early summer of 2013. There are also plans of entering the movie in the 66th Cannes Film Festival to be held in May 2013.

Posted: Jul 19th, '12, 01:02
by nikid
woah, thanks for the info :w00t: cant wait, but still gonna wait a lot
wow, Cannes Festival, great news :-)

Posted: Jul 21st, '12, 02:59
by Hideaki_Ito
I prefer that they choose a hotter guy for Ayase. That guy ain't gonna cut it.

Posted: Jul 24th, '12, 00:39
by Jav_sol
Hideaki_Ito wrote:I prefer that they choose a hotter guy for Ayase. That guy ain't gonna cut it.
Doesn't really matter to me because I don't really pay attention to the men.

Posted: Jul 24th, '12, 00:39
by Jav_sol
Nikkan Gendai has released a ranking of the top-earning actresses in Japan. The list covers the recent estimated earning of an actress for one episode of a drama and the potential viewer ratings she could garner. Matsushima Nanako topped the list with 2.5 million yen per episode (US$31700, SGD$40000). With plans to participate in only 2 dramas for Nippon TV next year, there are rumours that she might even command 4 million yen per episode.

Top-earning actresses

Name/Estimated fee per episode(円)/Potential viewership ratings(%)

1. Matsushima Nanako 2.5 million (US$31700) 12.4%
2. Ayase Haruka 2.2 million (US$28000) 12.1%
3. Ueto Aya 2 million (US$25400) 11.9%
4. Nagasawa Masami 2 million 9.7%
5. Amami Yuki 2 million 8.9%
6. Koizumi Kyoko 2 million 8.4%
7. Yonekura Ryoko 2 million 7.9%
8. Nakama Yukie 2 million 5.5%
9. Suzuki Kyoka 1.8 million (US$22860) 5.9%
10. Matsushita Nao 1.7 million (US$21600) 8.7% ... z21Ulb78ax

Posted: Jul 26th, '12, 08:56
by Wakashimazu
Ayase Haruka attends ‘Himitsu no Akko-chan’ event


On July 24th, actress Ayase Haruka attended a completion ceremony for the upcoming movie “Himitsu no Akko-chan“.

The main character Akko-chan, played by Ayase herself, transforms during the movie as a result of a spell cast on her. When asked what she would like to change into, the actress cheerfully answered, “I’d want to be a dinosaur. You can fly, and they’ve got nice long necks. Aren’t they called pteradons? I’ll look it up later,” causing the press to laugh with her carefree attitude.

Ayase, who appeared at the event along with her co-star Okada Masaki dressed in yukatas, also revealed how she felt when she first received the offer to appear in the movie. “When I first heard that I’d be doing ‘Himitsu no Akko-chan’, I was like, ‘Eh!?’ I was surprised because I had this image that she was a young girl, but when I heard that I’d be the adult the ten-year-old girl turns into, I thought, ‘Oh, I see.’”

When asked the same question as Ayase, Okada Masaki answered that he would want to transform into Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate of Japan. “I love history, so I’d want to be Minamoto no Yoritomo. I bet I could get used to it easily,” he confessed, referring to his role in the current taiga drama “Taira no Kiyomori” in which he plays Minamoto no Yoritomo. Following suit, Ayase commented, “I’d want to be Yamamoto Yaeko,” a nod to her role in next year’s taiga drama “Yae no Sakura“.

The movie is based on the popular manga of the same name, which was written by Akatsuka Fujio and is currently celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, with a new modern twist on a timeless tale about girls. The movie debuts in Japanese theaters on September 1st. ... han-event/

‘Himitsu no Akko-chan’ event video:

Posted: Aug 30th, '12, 02:17
by Jav_sol
綾瀬はるか CM SK-Ⅱ COLOR×ひみつのアッコちゃん

Posted: Aug 31st, '12, 19:32
by Jav_sol
Weekly Big Comic Spirits No.39 (2012)
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
*pics are large so here's a folder link for easier viewing:

Posted: Sep 5th, '12, 01:35
by Jav_sol

Posted: Sep 11th, '12, 01:40
by Jav_sol
Weekly Playboy (2012) No.37

Posted: Sep 15th, '12, 00:52
by Jav_sol

Glico CM


Posted: Sep 19th, '12, 01:48
by Jav_sol

Posted: Sep 26th, '12, 01:43
by Jav_sol
Results of the 2012 August ‘TV Celebrity Image Survey’ revealed

On September 24th, Video Research Ltd. released the results of their highly influential ‘TV Celebrity Image Survey‘, which is always conducted twice a year (February & August).

Aside from researching the official TV audience ratings, Video Research Ltd. often conducts image and popularity surveys related to various topics concerning people, products, and characters appearing on TV and radio. One of those surveys is the well-known ‘TV Celebrity Image Survey’, which analyzes the awareness, popularity and image of 1,000 celebrities that regularly appear on TV. The August 2012 ranking marks the 80th time that they’ve conducted this particular survey.

The results can be very influential, as industry officials often include this data when deciding the cast of new shows, dramas/movies, and commercials. While the detailed information only is available for their official partners, such as all the TV networks, they always release the top 50 of the general popularity ranking to the public. The popularity rating displays (in %) how many of the 1,130 people (565 for the male ranking, 565 for the female ranking) who took part in this survey either chose “I like him/her a lot” or “I like him/her a little” for the talent in question. The survey is being done within a 30km radius around the Tokyo Station in Tokyo and covers a range of people from an age of 10 to 69.

In the female ranking, actress Ayase Haruka managed to reach the top spot for the first time in her career. She already made it into the top 10 with the February ranking of 2010 and has been gradually climbing up towards the top ever since. Fellow actress Horikita Maki can thank her starring role in the very popular morning drama ‘Umechan Sensei‘ for finally making it into the top 20 of this somewhat meaningful ranking. Meanwhile, talent Rola made her first appearance in the survey and immediately ranked inside the top 50.

01 (02) – 54.5% – Ayase Haruka
02 (01) – 51.7% – Asada Mao
03 (03) – 50.8% – Amami Yuki
04 (20) – 50.6% – Ueto Aya
05 (07) – 45.5% – Becky
06 (05) – 45.1% – DREAMS COME TRUE
07 (09) – 43.7% – Yoshinaga Sayuri
08 (04) – 42.3% – Matsushima Nanako
09 (06) – 41.8% – Nakama Yukie
10 (14) – 40.9% – Kanno Miho ... -revealed/

Posted: Oct 10th, '12, 00:59
by Jav_sol
Ayase Haruka attends opening ceremony of the ‘Glicopia East’ learning factory

Image Image

On October 7th, actress Ayase Haruka attended the opening ceremony of Ezaki Glico’s facilities for a factory tour ‘Glicopia East‘ in Kitamoto, Saitama.

Ayase wore a red one-piece dress for the event and greeted all the persons present, “Starting with the Kitamoto residents, I hope there will be a lot of people who come here and see how sweets are made.” She added, “I’m praying that sweets will receive even more love from now.”

Aside from the officials and the special guest Ayase, Glico also invited the local primary school students to be the first children to enjoy the factory tour. Of course Ayase had enjoyed it just as much as the children and ate some freshly made PRETZ together with them. She commented, “It was so good. You could taste that it was just made and the saltiness was just perfect. I was also surprised how fast the finished sweets get wrapped up and put in the box.”

The factory also comes with a little museum where you can learn about the history of Glico and their famous products, including all those little freebies they tend to add to some of their products for the children. Ayase was in a daze and stated, “They are all so cute. I also collected some of them myself, like that wooden car and so on.”

She wrapped up the event and said, “It’s exciting to come here, since you usually don’t see how sweets are made. There are also games you can play and chances to learn more about sweets in general. You certainly have to come here and experience how all those Glico sweets are made!”

‘Glicopia East’ is going to open on October 8th. It doesn’t request an entrance fee and people can subscribe for a tour via Internet or telephone. ... g-factory/

Posted: Nov 7th, '12, 22:21
by Jav_sol


Posted: Nov 23rd, '12, 22:48
by Jav_sol
NHK releases poster image for taiga drama ‘Yae no Sakura’


On November 21st, NHK began their promotions for the 2013 taiga drama ‘Yae no Sakura‘ with the release of the main poster featuring starring actress Ayase Haruka.

Ayase is disguising herself as the protagonist Niijima Yae, a female warrior that can be described as the Japanese Jeanne d’Arc during the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate. In the poster she is holding a spencer rifle and is glancing into the camera with a serious expression. The tagline on the poster reads “I will bloom in this era“.

Yae is the daughter of her domain’s gunnery instructor and participated in the Boshin War disguised as a man. During the war she barricaded herself with 500 women in Tsuruga castle, Aizu. She prefers to fight with a spencer repeating rifle, a breech loading rifle that can be loaded with a seven tube magazine; and always carries around 100 bullets around her back in order to be prepared for the worst. For the poster they also added a kimono with a sakura pattern, but this was only used to emphasize the mixture of east and west and won’t be a part of the outfit in the drama itself.

During the Meiji era, Yae marries Niijima Jo or Joseph Hardy Neesima, who worked and taught Christianity as an educator and founded the Doshisha University as well as the Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts. The drama depicts her whole life from 1845 until 1932.

The supporting cast includes Odagiri Joe, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Hasegawa Hiroki, Tamayama Tetsuji, Kuroki Meisa, Gouriki Ayame, Oguri Shun, Sorimachi Takashi, and many more.

‘Yae no Sakura’ is scheduled to air its first of 50 episodes on January 6th, 2013. ... no-sakura/

Posted: Nov 26th, '12, 02:47
by Tran
So we've seen Ayase with her short hair lately is because of her new drama. Such a big commitment to star in 50 episode drama. Is that mean we won't get to see her much in other activities then.

Posted: Nov 28th, '12, 23:40
by Jav_sol
Tran wrote:Is that mean we won't get to see her much in other activities then.
It's likely she will only concentrate on the show for most of the year.

Posted: Dec 22nd, '12, 16:56
by gz2009
From "Yae No Sakura" (with a bit of Ichi)

Posted: Jan 11th, '13, 13:47
by bad.secret
hi evrybody
I want Himitsu no Akko-chan movie but I didntfind it anywhere
plz can any one help me with that

I wanna see it

Posted: Jan 12th, '13, 23:54
by kotsukotsu
I was very impressed by episode 01 of the new Taiga drama "Yae No Sakura." Surely no other Taiga drama before or afterwards will have the heroine shoot (and kill or at least wound) so many people in the first 7 minutes of the first eposode! This is very different from the typical start of a Taiga drama.

But I've got one question: what is the full meaning of "ならぬことはならぬのです," which you hear repeatedly in episode 01 and in the interesting explanation thereafter. In Edo era Aizu-ben, did "ならぬ" mean both "shouldn't" and "won't"? I can't find a clear explanation on the WWW, nor in the usual resource (Eijiro WWW online dictionary). The ultimate resource (often very helpful for Jidaigeki), "A Reference Grammar of Japanese" by S.E. Martin, simply says that "ならぬ" is one of the old literary versions of the modern "narimasen," which suggests the meaning is simply "things that won't happen, won't happen," which doesn't seem to be much of a commandment. Could a native speaker please explain? Thanks!

Posted: Jan 13th, '13, 00:25
by kotsukotsu
Bad.secret wrote:

> I want Himitsu no Akko-chan movie but I didnt find it anywhere ...

This movie was released in Japan recently, Sept. of 2012. As usual, the first thing to check is Amazon Japan, where you will find an announcement that says the DVD does not go on sale until March 16th, 2013, Japan time. Thus you are unlikely to find a torrent version of this movie (which looks rather interesting, thanks for pointing it out) until about April of 2013 or later.

--- Kotsukotsu

Posted: Jan 13th, '13, 02:26
by cantaboy
I'm not an expert, but I understood it that way too. I found another meaning for ならぬ。It's "must not do". Maybe it would make more sense this way? I haven't watched the first ep yet. Just wanted to see if I could help in any way.

Posted: Jan 15th, '13, 02:02
by kotsukotsu
I searched on Google just a few minutes ago. Enough Japanese have been doing exactly the same search (similarly puzzled) that there is an explanation that is readily found now by doing a search:

It turns out the it really doesn't mean anything out of context, it really simply is tacked on to the end of the list of rules that Samurai (and children thereof) in Aizu were supposed to follow, as per the explanation at the end of ep01. That is to say it means "and that is how things are - these things aren't done".

Posted: Mar 15th, '13, 02:51
by iloveloaf
Haruka ayase...
love her works

she knows how to acts and give flavours to drama she acts

Mr Brain. Hotaru No Hikari. I'm a Cyborg

Posted: Apr 15th, '13, 19:03
by kotsukotsu
The NHK program explaining the background of this Taiga drama, the real historical Yae, is now available on D-Addicts as episode 133 of the program "Rekishi Hiwa Historia" posted to the j-tv RAW area. The real historical Yae was an amazing person, so you can immediately see why NHK focused on her for this Taiga drama.