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Aragaki Yui

Posted: May 7th, '06, 08:39
by oberon
Ok people, She is the reason why I'm watching gyarusa ( and off course Suzuki Emi, but she wears to much makeup). I know she also was in Dragon Zakura, Does anyone have more info about her??

check: or

Posted: May 8th, '06, 01:00
by Littleangel91356
I'll translate the japanese wiki pedia of her info then *this is the newest info up until now*.

Career overview:
Currently, she's enrolled in Horikoshi Gakuen high school*they have a section for high school students who work in the entertainment industry*

In 2001, her sister who reads the magazine "Nicola" targeted for elementary/middle school students said, "I can't do it anymore so I'll leave it to you." and so she auditioned and got the grandpry on it. So after that, she mostly worked as a Nicola model 'Nicomo' and she became popular with Conan Yuka and is best friends with her. After that year in the spring, she graduated Nicola and in 2004, she expanded her career in varety shows, swim suit gravure, and as a actress.

She gets attention in 2005 with the drama "Dragon Zakura" and after that, she has been on late night shows.

In March 3rd 2006, her first picture book, "ちゅら☆ちゅら" *Chura Chura* was released. In addition, "Chura" in Okinawa language means "Beautiful/Beauty" and on March 5th, she did a sign and handshaking event. There was around 1500 fans and at the store where she did it, this mass of people was rare since the famous baseball player, Nagashima Hideo.

Personal info:

The youngest out of 3 sisters.

When she was small, she was a shy girl. Even now, she has trouble getting along with new people.

In Middle school, she was in the batminton club for a month.

Even she's from Okinawa, she's bad with hot weather.

Below her hip, it's 80 cm and it shows that her legs are pretty long.

She changes how she refers to herself from time to time. Usually it's "Watashi" but when it's her diary that she writes, she refers to herself like " Boku" "Yuibo" " Yui" " Aragaki" "Gakki-" and etc. (At her school, only two people in her grade level refered to themselves as watashi in Okinawa)

Her nickname "Gakki-" was given idea by Enomoto Ayako right after she became a Nicomo.

Her middle school friends called her "Yuibo" and such.

She strongly admires people who have a calm aura around them and said her 2006 resolution is to "Raise her mental level older than 5 years."

Her hobby is Karaoke.

She's a fan of Da PUMP.

She loves manga a lot. She's currently into "Love☆Con"

She's pretty good at drawing.

Her best cooking food is Go-ya Chamburu *Okinawa food*. She showed off her skills when she was on "Koi suru Hanikami" with Koide Keisuke.

She loves to eat ice and even eats in winter. She loves milk soo much that she even drinks it even when she eats pizza and ramen *She said it herself*

She really hates shots/injections.

She has a lot of Gyaru*Gal* roles. In her roles, she is not really respected well as a actress as she sounds like she just reads from the script and doesn't properly act out the words. But she is paid attention by the fans from when she was a Nicomo.

Morning Musume's Niigaki Risa is born in the same year but read differently.

Ishida Miku is born in the same year and is in the same talent agency. They even live in the same dormitory since moving into Tokyo.

She goes to the same school as Satsukawa Aimi *she's also in Gal circle as Shizuka*.


When she became Kashino Yoshino in "Dragon Zakura", she dyed her hair and she was pretty happy about it.

In 2006, when she was on Quiz! E Kizakon II and did the paper test, she was 17th out of 18 people.

In her jimusho, she became close with this girl and she is still in good terms with her.

She's afraid of heights. On the magazine, "Up to BUY", she was doing a gravure photoshoot and there was a place where she had to ride the ferris wheel and she was scared soo much that she couldn't look outside. So she clamed herself in the ferris wheel.

The cross nexklace that she always has on her is recieved by her mother and grandmother*goes down generations probably* and she recieved a wedding ring from her mother's mother but she lost it herself. She recieved a big shock from that incident and now, she wears a ring that replaced it, always in the same place *Right hand, ring finger*

Nocomo times:

She mainly did handsome*kakkoii* fashion and character and was recieved well by the girls around her age.

Other than boyish casual, she could wear many kinds of clothing and that was greatly admired by the readers.

In her owned clothes, she loved to wear her father's jeans *they are big and has a great damage* and made the new kind of word she invented, "Papa Kaji(papa casual)" and it became greatly popular in the magazines.

She was a REALLY popular Nicomo. She appeared on the cover for 15 times. It's the most back then and even now.


2006 Chou gekijyouban Keroro gunsou- the voice of ミララ.

TV anime
Degimon Savors (4/2/2006- Fuji TV) voice of 藤枝淑乃.

TV drama
Sh15uya Shibuya Fiften (2005- Asahi TV) Role of エマ.
Friday drama "Dragon Zakura" (2005, TBS) -Role of 香坂よしの.

Onna no ichidaiki dai 2 yo "Koshiji Fubuki" (2005, Fuji TV) She portrayed the childhood times of "Koshiji Fubuki" a women who was the queen on Shanson and was produced/made by Takarazuka kagek dan.

"P&G drama special true love" (2005, Fuji TV)
Ex21 Seiki Shinjin senario taishou "Kanojo no Koibumi" (2006, Asahi TV) -Role of 川村ゆかり.
Gal sa-*Gal circle* (2006, Nihon TV) role of ナギサ.

Variety TV
Parky Party(2003, Tokyo TV)
Nicomono! (2004, Osaka TV) Regular
Kangaeru hito (2004, Fuji TV)
Heisei kyouiku 2005 Yobikou (2005, Fuji TV) Every other week regular
Rakka onna (2005- March 2006, Nihon TV) Regular. In 2006, the DVD is going to be released.
Koisuru Hanikami (2006, TBS) Was on this show with Koide Keisuke.
Quiz purezen variety Q sama! (2006, Asahi TV)
Quiz! E Kizakon II (2006, Fuji TV)

Daiou seishi, Erie-ru (2003)
Meiji Seika (2005)
JT, Senopi- (2005)
P&G, Pante-n (2006)
Chiba vison, DAILIES AQUA (2/ 25/2006 - )
NTT Tou Nihon
"Atarimae wo motto, zutto." (2005 - )
"Hikari de Anshin, Motto." (2006 - )

model pictures
Gunze, Piekue-ru (2002)
Takara, Sweet Bambini(2004)
Shinjuku Subna-do (2004)
Heisei 18 nen do haru no kasai yobou undou you bouhi poster (3/ 1/2006- 3/7/2006)

Nicola Video (2002, Avex)
Aragaki Yui's first DVD&UMD Shanyui releasing in 5/17/06!

Pictorial book
Gakki- book (2004) sold seperately from nicola.
Chura ☆Chura (2006) first swim suit photo book.

Nicola (Oct. 2001- June 2005) past Regular
Bessatsu Friend- Still on there
MENS Non-no
YOUNG JUMP- the issue of 10/28/2004
UP to BOY the issue of Dec. 2004
Shuukan Playboy


PHEW this took a while to translate the whole thing! Other info that comes up, it's up to the fans to find out^^ll and if anyone wants to use it, credit goes to me!

Posted: May 8th, '06, 01:13
by mizune
Yikes, lot of work there, Littleangel... ^_^;;;

*adds to index*

Posted: May 8th, '06, 14:23
by oberon
WOW arigatou little angel :cheers:

isn't Horikoshi Gakuen high school btw also the school were almost all the Johnny's went to??

Posted: May 8th, '06, 22:41
by Littleangel91356
Yeah Mizune, took a while to complete but it was all worth info so I kept on going lol...

Yes, Horikoshi is where most of the Johnnys Jr. and the young actresses like Ueto Aya and such also go to. Not all JE members go to Horikoshi but it's still a pretty popular school. It seems that if you go to that school, you can see celebirties everyday *that would be nice^^*

Posted: May 11th, '06, 17:06
by qilver
nice information and pictures of gacky... :wub:

Posted: May 12th, '06, 14:01
by oberon
Littleangel91356 wrote: Her nickname "Gakki-" was given idea by Enomoto Ayako right after she became a Nicomo.
What is a Nicomo?? :scratch:

Posted: May 12th, '06, 23:29
by Littleangel91356
I answered that question on my post, this part: he mostly worked as a Nicola model 'Nicomo'


Posted: Jun 6th, '06, 11:50
by newersumm
Oh please please can someone post some of her pics.
I only have 2 of them and really small too :-(

Id be really grateful if someone could send it to me via MSN or post it here.

Posted: Jun 6th, '06, 15:30
by plug
newersumm wrote: Id be really grateful if someone could send it to me via MSN or post it here.
Post them here, share the love :D

She acted in sh15uya , recently subbed by mishicorp.
Check their tracker if u want to download them.

Edit : Found this on a japanese blog , Aragaki Yui as a maid , yay ! :D

Edit : And another one !!

Posted: Jun 6th, '06, 18:53
by newersumm
Yui is the sex

People with her pictures, PLEASE post them here :w00t:

Posted: Jul 4th, '06, 11:05
by oberon
OMG Aragaki yui in maid uniform.. :-)

Btw next season she's gonna be in My boss, my hero with Nagase Tomoya
check: ... rch_videos

And in this clip she is with that japanese presentor from Lost in Translation:

Posted: Jul 6th, '06, 10:50
by Ninodie
She is really cute and beautiful
I think is a good actrice
Thanks you for information

Posted: Jul 8th, '06, 00:12
by Rikayla
Um, I have over 30 pictures of her, but that's a lot, so I'll just post my favourites and leave the rest. If you guys want the rest, just tell me, PM or something, and I'll zip it up into a neat little folder for you guys to download. :)
There we go. Ummm, and yeah, I'll zip up the rest later. XDD Enjoy.

Posted: Jul 9th, '06, 20:02
by oberon
thnx for the pictures
I like the one on the railroad tracks

Posted: Jul 9th, '06, 20:05
by xiaoshenlong
thanks alot. i loved her in dragon zakura. it was when i first began to notice her.
she was one of my fav. gals in gal circle.
can't wait for my boss, my hero.

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 19:29
by Seghal

Posted: Jul 13th, '06, 20:06
by Seghal

Posted: Jul 14th, '06, 16:51
by oberon
OMG thnx a lot seghal :D

Posted: Jul 15th, '06, 00:13
by Ninodie
Thanks you a lot

Posted: Jul 20th, '06, 13:36
by Filax san
O M G! Thank you a lot! i think i'm in love!! :D

Posted: Jul 21st, '06, 02:42
by T.M.Revolution
For some reason i keep on getting a error when i tried to DL it, can someone upload it somewhere else? =XX
please help =D

Posted: Jul 21st, '06, 06:21
by K.T.Tran

Posted: Jul 22nd, '06, 19:08
by furransu
ahh i didnt know she has a role in anime digimon savers.. lol ><

Posted: Jul 31st, '06, 11:25
by AJhackett
T.M.Revolution wrote:For some reason i keep on getting a error when i tried to DL it, can someone upload it somewhere else? =XX
please help =D
yeah same to me too.. so sad man.. i wanna see her pics :cry: :cry: lol so can any1 pls upload it into another server lyk ysi or filefront.. :roll :roll sorry for the inconvienence.. i always had problems wif rapidshare

Posted: Jul 31st, '06, 14:02
by pappi
Here's a link for all YouTube video featuring her. :D

Posted: Jul 31st, '06, 14:13
by furransu
she has sexy arms and legs xD

Posted: Aug 8th, '06, 22:17
by K.T.Tran

Posted: Aug 9th, '06, 01:30
by Rikayla
Alright. Sorry, I got banned for three weeks off the computer. Heh, so I couldn't upload it and SS was being ultra-slow. Nya. Anyways. Two more pictures and following them is the SendSpace link. Enjoy! ;)

P.S. I just realized today that she's with Koki in that My Boss, My Hero drama. I am such a Bakanishi git.

P.P.S. If you ever need me to re-upload, give me a PM.

Posted: Aug 9th, '06, 18:37
by T.M.Revolution
Can someone reseed this zip on another site? cos i keep getting a error when i try to DL it =( my ISP is shitty =\

plz help

Posted: Aug 11th, '06, 06:27
by SacredCultivator
Wowo, thanks to both Rikayla and Seghal and K.T. Tran for the pictures.

Posted: Sep 12th, '06, 14:33
by Rewrite

Posted: Sep 12th, '06, 15:05
by SacredCultivator
Yeah I ahve seen that side, SH15UYA!!!! haha

Posted: Sep 21st, '06, 22:28
by Rikayla
Hmmm. What was that? A movie?

Posted: Sep 22nd, '06, 01:41
by Rewrite
Rikayla wrote:Hmmm. What was that? A movie?
Its a series it originally was a manga
I guess you can classify it like a Kamen rider :thumleft: :thumright:

Posted: Sep 22nd, '06, 04:54
by K.T.Tran
Its a TV serie, but really short. Like 20 something min per ep......

Posted: Oct 1st, '06, 09:54
by skachild
she so kawaii in My Boss My Hero.... :wub: :wub:
but not very so in Galcir/Gal Circle lol... very mean towards other girls and always been the coolest one...
not like in MBMH... very friendly and looking pure... :wub: :wub:

Posted: Oct 4th, '06, 07:14
by satanxgod
i took this torrent from ~ just in case u don't know eh ~ don't beat me :P

Yui's DVD photobook [Xiang Yu] --- DVD ISO (3.04 GB)
the torrent was posted on Aug. 25th, and it still quite active..
Ops ~ login so that u can see the attachment to download eh! :roll
and pls help seeding when you completed your download eh! thanks! :salut:

Posted: Oct 4th, '06, 19:57
by zenobiology

found them while looking for stuff on Yui's Xiang Yu/Shanyui....don't think it's related though. But enjoy anyways

Posted: Oct 8th, '06, 14:01
by oberon
thnx a lot zenobiology an satanxgod!!!
can't get enough of YUI!!

Posted: Oct 8th, '06, 23:14
by spokeydokey00
Rikayla wrote:Hmmm. What was that? A movie?
it's a series called "Sh15uya" (Shibuya 15)

Posted: Oct 8th, '06, 23:58
by myke
she so cute.......

love to watch her acting... :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Oct 9th, '06, 06:59
by aznndave
she's beautiful, i haven't have a chance to see her drama yet but im sure i would get hooked

Posted: Oct 9th, '06, 23:38
by Rikayla
Thanks for the Bittorrent. I've never heard of her DVD photobook, so that will be interesting. I hope that site you got it from is reliable too. :S

Posted: Oct 21st, '06, 15:24
by johnnie82
Hi mates,

Can you please upload the file again? I can't seem to download the file from sendspace.
Anyway, I found that in Yui's picturebook (Chura Chura), there is 1 DVD. And you can view it in HD on the following website.

If you're a fan of Yui. then you must watch it!!! :wub:

Thanks for uploading the zipped file! Thank you!!! :cheers:

Posted: Oct 21st, '06, 16:47
by aznndave
I want her photobook too! please reupload, i'd really really appreciate it!!

Posted: Oct 23rd, '06, 09:36
by Rikayla
I posted a Yui Aragaki video for downloading at my LiveJournal everybody if you guys are interested.

Yui Aragaki - UP to boy Vol.173

Posted: Oct 23rd, '06, 13:48
by aznndave
i got this video already, she's very pretty

Posted: Oct 24th, '06, 10:08
by delong
I like her very much..
she is a good actress.^^
My boss my hero is a very wonderful drama

Posted: Oct 24th, '06, 18:06
by JacksonywL
yeap.. too bad i just followed up to ep2.. i wanna download the hardsubbed cause the raw files are too big.. yet, NYA release them slow TT___TT

ps. PLEASE REUPLOAD the PB chura chura! and if anyone have the 1st which is Gakki please upload it too!!


Posted: Oct 27th, '06, 07:34
by newersumm
Someone pleeeeeeeeeeeease reseed the Zip file :-(

Posted: Oct 27th, '06, 18:08
by spokeydokey00
For those wanting the Photobook Chura Chura, I reuploaded the zip file on sendspace. The link is Let me know if there are any problems. Enjoy!

Posted: Oct 27th, '06, 19:20
by Rikayla
spokeydokey00 wrote:For those wanting the Photobook Chura Chura, I reuploaded the zip file on sendspace. The link is Let me know if there are any problems. Enjoy!
Much thanks, spokeydokey00.

Posted: Oct 27th, '06, 19:21
by JacksonywL
yesh!! hontoni arigatou gozaimasu!!

Posted: Oct 30th, '06, 20:09
by newersumm
spokeydokey00 wrote:For those wanting the Photobook Chura Chura, I reuploaded the zip file on sendspace. The link is Let me know if there are any problems. Enjoy!
OMG mate.... thank you so MUCH!!!!!! :O
Holy s...t she's hot in that swimsuit :wub:

Posted: Nov 6th, '06, 01:14
by satanxgod
sorry for the trouble, but i always get the "no download slot available" messenger at sendspace :crazy:
with my crap connection. it'll take me forever to get it there :cry:

can u re-upload it somewhere else ? like :salut: thanks a lot!

Posted: Nov 6th, '06, 04:36
by spokeydokey00
satanxgod wrote:sorry for the trouble, but i always get the "no download slot available" messenger at sendspace :crazy:
with my crap connection. it'll take me forever to get it there :cry:

can u re-upload it somewhere else ? like :salut: thanks a lot! is asking for the recipients e-mail address. just PM me your e-mail address and i'll send it to you.

Posted: Nov 8th, '06, 17:04
by 303aegiszx
She's so cute in My Boss My Hero ^^

Posted: Nov 9th, '06, 22:06
by spokeydokey00
I found this while looking on the Erika Toda forum: ... /graph/04/. It's an interview about Gal Circle i think and there are some pictures of Yui.

Posted: Nov 22nd, '06, 07:30
by Rikayla
I found this site about Yui. Looks like a Pocky blog.

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 13:56
by auroragb
Just saw her "recruit" commercial. She was so cute in it. Can someone upload it?

Posted: Nov 24th, '06, 20:55
by misakomaik1fan
Someone already did here.

Posted: Dec 1st, '06, 03:10
by fat_otoko
I just found out about her in my boss my hero,talent,beautiful,cute and young.

I try to download yui pb chura chura on send space but i receive this message :Sorry, the free service in your location is too busy."

can anyone upload it on yousendit please? or rapidshare...not megaupload as the site give me same excuse like sendspace.

Posted: Dec 1st, '06, 10:56
by satanxgod
Aragaki Yui [chura chura] : --- 53.5 Mb, WinRAR archive.

link will expire on December 8th.

Posted: Dec 1st, '06, 15:21
by BLitz-Ace
Hey thanks alot "satanxgod" for posting :cheers: , the other sendspace stuff didnt work for mi either.

Posted: Dec 2nd, '06, 03:46
by satanxgod
well, also have to say thanks to spokeydokey00 since he sent me this PB using yousendit :roll

Posted: Dec 2nd, '06, 04:03
by spokeydokey00
And I have to give my credit to Seghal because I DLed the PB from his post.

Posted: Dec 2nd, '06, 18:36
by fat_otoko
I download the pb already,its a nice pb and gakky have a very beautiful smile.

thank you satanxgod.

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 01:15
by javinian

Posted: Dec 8th, '06, 05:29
by spokeydokey00

Posted: Dec 9th, '06, 11:01
by oberon
Did you guys already see this movie??

(gakky in bikini)

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 13:59
by japanese_boy
satanxgod wrote:blah!
Aragaki Yui [chura chura] : --- 53.5 Mb, WinRAR archive.

link will expire on December 8th.
can u reupload it please.... :-)

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 15:39
by dod13
Yes, please! I'm a few days too late for the last upload... :-(

Posted: Dec 13th, '06, 23:59
by satanxgod
Aragaki Yui [chura chura]: --- 53.5 MB

link will expire on December 21th ~ :|

Posted: Dec 14th, '06, 00:06
by newersumm

my god, shes a godess