Three Favourite Actors & Actresses (Poll)

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Three Favourite Actors & Actresses (Poll)

Post by Mwulf » Feb 17th, '07, 07:11

A brief scan of the five pages of threads here revealed no similar topics, so I apologize if this has already been done.

Basically... just post who your three favourite Japanese actors and actresses are (not necessarily ranked, of course) alongside whatever role you think he or she peformed best, and maybe elaborate on your reasoning if you want to. Simple, no?

It'd be really, really stupid of me if I didn't go first; so here goes!

Toshiro Mifune - Redbeard/Akahige ~ it's a classic... sure, the plot wasn't anything new, and sure I could predict almost everything... but the movie was amazingly well done and an utterly fantastic experience to watch. Kurosawa was a great director, and Mifune was a great actor... in every instance where the two came together on a project the finished result was near-perfect.

Yaka Akiko - My Little Chef ~ I first saw Akiko in Last Christmas, and although I liked the series I wasn't too terribly impressed with any of the acting... then I saw My Little Chef... and loved every minute of it when she was on screen. She has a very... commanding presence that really makes MLC so fun to watch. Every time her eyes light up (a trick, admittedly) I can't help but sit up in my seat a little straighter.

Abe Hiroshi - Trick ~ He's easily the most talented modern-actor I've seen... from Trick to Kekkon Dekinai Otoko to My Little Chef, he's able to play a variety of different roles with great ability. I especially like his performance in Trick where his comedic timing and ability is unrivaled.

I also rather like Usui Ken, Nakama Yukie and Uedo Aya, though not quite so much as the above three.


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Post by Mwulf » Feb 19th, '07, 22:06

What... no one?

Gee... way to make me feel foolish.

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Post by Wuzixi » Feb 19th, '07, 22:26

Abe Hiroshi in Trick and Antique
Jun Matusmoto for Gokusen/Kimi Wa petto and HYD
Yamada Takayuki (dunt remmeber his name) in ByakuYakou , Sekai ni and Water Boys
also Nagase Tomoya My boss my hero , Mukodono!
Ayase Haruka Byakuyakou and Tata hitotsu no Koi
Nakama Yukie Gokusen/Trick/
Koyuki Searhin for my polarstar,kimi wa petto ,IWGP

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Post by Rikayla » Feb 28th, '07, 02:48

Matsumoto Jun in Hana Yori Dango series and Gokusen
He's simply one of the best actors out there. His acting skills only keeps getting better and better. And he's able to create the chemistry between each of his co-stars, which is pretty difficult to do, I think. And his facial expressions are amazing too, especially during emotional scenes in Gokusen. His upcoming drama, Bambino! is really going to show his range too, when he starts talking Italian and stuff.

Hiraoka Yuta in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Okay, this is biased because I like him in any character because he plays each character pretty well, including the one from Tokyo Friends. Plus, he's so good-looking and has that adorable dimple. Hee.

Kamenashi Kazuya as Kiritani Shuji in Nobuta wo Produce
I also liked his acting in Sapuri too. He continues to improve in his acting. Some of his emotional scenes from Sapuri or Nobuta wo Produce really impressed me because I didn't think he could do scenes like that.


Namase Katsuhisa as Ichinose Tadahiko in 14 Sai no Haha
His performance in this show totally broke my heart as the father of Shida Mirai's character. In the emotional scenes, I just stared at him while he acted because it was utterly heartbreaking (especially that one when he finds out his daughter is pregnant). Amazing acting, especially when I first watched him in Gokusen.

Oguri Shun
I can't pick which drama I like him best, but his acting is just really good. Of course, there's room to improve, but his facial expressions and little tidbits of acting he incorporates into his actions adds to his talent and acting skills.


Shida Mirai as Ichinose Miki in 14 Sai no Haha
How awesome was her performance? She blew me away with her acting in every single episode. She's going to be an amazing actress when she grows up because in this series, especially at the ending episodes, she broke my heart again and again with her facial expressions. Definitely one of the best actresses out there.

Ueto Aya as Komine Nanako in Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi
I think her acting is pretty good to be honest. It's improving, but from what I've seen so far, she really can act, but just isn't given the right roles to show her talent. Hopefully Hotelier will do that for her.

Inoue Mao as Makino Tsukushi in Hana Yori Dango series
Amazing performance. Her acting was practically flawless in every scene in the series. She does a really good job creating that chemistry with Matsumoto Jun too, along with the other actors. And her emotional scenes really take my breath way... And her ability to cry so easily! Or create that crying expression on her so quickly! One of the best rising actresses out there.


Toda Erika
I can't pick which drama I think is her best, but I think her acting is amazing and is improving! She does a good job creating chemistry between her co-stars too. I think her new drama may allow her to prove herself that she really is one of the best rising actresses out there too.

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Post by Japanese_alcoholic » Feb 28th, '07, 03:02

definitely Matsmoto Jun. if i start on y he's the best, i'll be here all night. well, his best acting was in HYD.
yamashita tomohisa *squeals* mmm.. Nobuta Wo Poduce
kamenashi kazuya- Yuuki
Inoue Mao- HYD
Oguri Shun- dont knw about him but ill say HYD
well, i have more but i cant remember their name right now XD

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Post by toyotaku » Feb 28th, '07, 03:26

It's impossible for me to choose one role for those who are my favorites... they're where they're at in my heart because of many consistently excellent performances over a wide range of genres & media. :-)

Toyohara Kosuke - the man can play anything... slapstick comedy or serious drama, lead or supporting, film or television. He's not half-bad as a musician, either.

Takenouchi Yutaka - the believability of his characters never fails to pull me into a story no matter what I might think of the project as a whole.

Yajima Ken'ichi - relatively unknown character actor with the skill to bring scores of minor characters into play... I think too often we forget how necessary minor characters are to enhance the leads we love so much.

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Post by marmar » Feb 28th, '07, 05:51

I'll just keep it simple:
1. Oguri Shun.....his like in every drama I watched couldn't help but fall in love with this guy
2.MatsuJun...yes him too...thanks to HYD
3. Yamapi- I really like his acting..though at times I find it that he is not giving his's still good.

1. Ueto Aya- she was my first actress and I love her acting in good
2. Inoue Mao- love her in HYD..she is really good at what she does.
3. Horikita Maki- love her from NWP & Kurosagi..lookin' forward to her upcoming works.

that's my top three for both...but if I had to combine them.

It'll be Oguri Shun...all the way...LOL

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Post by Seelenfang » Mar 1st, '07, 00:05

Hmmm, very difficult, cause there are a lot of good actors/actresses, but my lineup is.

1. Abe Hiroshi is just great in "Kekkon Dekinai Otoko" and "At Home Dad"
2. Kimura Takuya in "Hero", "Beautiful Life" and "Pride
3. Sakaguchi Kenji in "Iryu ~ Team Medical Dragon", "Itsumi Futari de", Pride and "Ikebukuro West Gate Park"
4. Tamaki Hiroshi in "Nodame Cantabile" and "Last Christmas"

1. Shinohara Ryoko in "Haken no Hinkaku", "Hanayome wa Yakudoshi!", "Unfair", "Anego" and "At Home Dad" :wub: just love her...
2. Koyouki in "Kimi wa petto", "Searchin' for my Polestar" and "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" :wub: also love her...
3. Hasegawa Kyoko in "Oishii puropozu", "Itsumi Futari de" and "Boku dake no Madonna" also a very hot chick :wub:

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Post by keiko001 » Mar 1st, '07, 21:21

puh, i dunno. there are so many good ones .... these would be 1. Ando Masanobu 2. Shota Matsuda 3. Takashi Tsukamoto/Yamapi
1. Mika Nakashima ( I know she´s singer, too! But i like her as actress) 2. Mao-chan 3. Aki Maeda

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Post by dragon35fire90 » Mar 2nd, '07, 02:18

Yamashita Tomohisa - I think he has major potential that's just starting to bud.
Kamenashi Kazuya - His little twitches and such give more... character to his character(?).
Akanishi Jin - He's getting there. Right?

Ueto Aya - Oh, she has real potential.
Horikita Maki - Her acting in both dramas I've seen doesn't fail to impress me.
Inoue Mao - The small movements and facial expressions, again.

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Post by sachin » Mar 31st, '07, 21:25

my favourites are

1)Jô Odagiri
2)Yukie Nakama
3)Yonekura Ryoko

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Post by l0nEr » Apr 2nd, '07, 07:03

Actors (not in particular order):
1... Kimura Takuya : Engine, Pride, Karei naru Ichizoku, etc.. (you name it all)
2... yamashita tomohisa: Nobuta wo produce, Kurosagi...etc...
3... Narimiya Hiroki: Orange Days, Karei naru Ichizoku, NANA (though i didnt watch it)

Actress (not in particular order too):
1... Erika Toda: nobuta wo produce, Death note, Gal Circle, etc..
2... Aragaki Yui: Dragon Zakura, Gal Circle, my boss my hero
3... Horikita Maki: Nobuta wo produce, Kurosagi, PV of Sangatsu kokonoka (that was the first time i saw her)

Reasons: Okie I'll just admit that i kind of like them because they are handsome or pretty. No point giving some crap reason for liking them. lalala... I mean i cant really tell excellent acting skills, but i can tell real bad ones. And i do not think that any of them fall into that league. So im ok with them :)

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Post by matsujun06 » Apr 21st, '07, 02:46

My Favorite Actors:
1. Matsumoto Jun - Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2, Pikanchi and Pikanchi Double
2. YamashitaTomohisa - Stand Up!, Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, Dragon Zakura
3. Hideaki Takizawa - Majo no Jouken, Strawberry on the Shortcake

My Favorite Actresses:
1. Matsushima Nanako - Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2 , GTO, Majo no Jouken, The Ring 1 and 2
2. Inoue Mao - Hana Yori Dango 1 and 2
3. Horikita Maki - Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi

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Post by celticmoon » Dec 17th, '08, 05:21

I know this is somewhat of an old topic, but I'd like to participate in this thread, so bump!
And three is a little difficult--so I'll double the number and go for six each. I think all the ones I picked here have a good balance of both looks and talent (or, at the very least, have developed their talent if they weren't so good at the beginning of their careers). They've all had several good performances, but I've tried to just pick one or two for each.


Abe Hiroshi - Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
Karasawa Toshiaki - Shiroi Kyotou
Matsuyama Kenichi - Sexy Voice and Robo*
Sorimachi Takashi - Virgin Road, GTO
Takenouchi Yutaka - Koori no Sekai
Tsutsumi Shinichi - Yamato Nadeshiko, Pure

*Sexy Voice and Robo is Matsuyama Kenichi's only leading drama role to date, so I essentially had no choice here. However, I think he did pretty well in the drama.


Fukatsu Eri - Koi no Chikara
Matsushima Nanako - Yamato Nadeshiko
Sawajiri Erika - Ichi Rittoru no Namida
Shibasaki Kou - Dr. Koto, Orange Days
Takeuchi Yuuko - Lunch no Jyo-ou
Wakui Emi - Pure

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Post by akin16sk » Dec 17th, '08, 10:15

Yamada Takayuki - because he is amazing in just about everything, I can't decide which of his roles I like the best. He is my most favorite Japanese actor, if not actor as such.

Matsumoto Jun - because every time I start to think he is just a pretty face, he amazes me with his acting. There are many moments which I liked, but to the best counts the scene in Bambino where his boss cooks for him and in HYD when Domyoji finds out that he was tricked.

Abe Hiroshi - His scene in Dragon Zakura as he tears the money while Yamapi is begging him not, simply wow.

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Post by colyn7 » Dec 18th, '08, 14:28

akin16sk wrote:Yamada Takayuki - because he is amazing in just about everything, I can't decide which of his roles I like the best. He is my most favorite Japanese actor, if not actor as such.
:salut: YES!!! You said it correctly.. hehehe.. He was the reason why I'm totally addicted to Jdoramas... I just love him in his every role.. My favorite is in "Taiyou no Uta, H2 Kimi to Itahibi, Waterboys and Crows Zero)... I haven't watched Densha Otoko.. I've been planning too... I hope to be able to find a copy of cd/dvd anymore..

Ey guys, do you where we can buy Junon calendar or photobook of our favorite J Actors/ Actresses?

On my list are....

Haruma Miura - KOIZORA is his best and Gokusen 3... I fall in love with him after watching those drama and movies... :roll:

Oguri Shun - i guess he is also present at all dramas and movies ALMOST... hehehe... He is utterly adorable.. I want to meet him for real.. ehehe :whistling: :wub:

I can't wait for Crows Zero II which have aLL my favorite actors in 1 movie.. I can't missed this.. hehehe..

Kenichi Matsuyama also showed a great performance skills in DEATHNOTE series... Damn.. :thumright: Everybody loves L... ^_^

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Post by bloodbath-angel » Dec 19th, '08, 06:36

1. Yamada Takayuki - I've seen a lot of japanese drama and his acting in Byakuyakou definitely made an impact on me.
2. Jo Odagiri - Comedy, Drama, or Action this guy is great.
3. Nishikido Ryo - Has great potential as an actor.

1. Ayase Haruka - Loved her in Byakuyakou and Hotaru no Hikari.
2. Ueno Juri - I loved her in Nodame and i was impressed when i saw her acting a very different role in Last Friends.
3. Toda Erika - I'm loving her role in Ryuusei no Kizuna. I think through time, shes gonna develop into a great actress.

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Post by Toritorisan » Dec 22nd, '08, 08:54

1.) Takenouchi Yutaka - he is good in anything (and even if he isn't... I still watch his stuff!)
2.) Yamada Takayuki - Although it's not his most famous role, I loved him in H2. (and also in Byakuyakou)
3.) Tsumabuki Satoshi - loved in Lunch no Joou... I hope he does another drama series too (romantic comedy one)

I also need to mention Kimu Taku too. Even though he isn't one of my favorite actors, I think he is one of the best Japanese actors out there. He always seems to pick good scripts and definitely can deliver.


1.) Wakui Emi - She was one of my faves, but hasn't had any main roles lately.
2.) Ayase Haruka - One my recent faves. She was so good playing an "evil" role in Byakuyakou, and then a total opposite in Hotaru no Hikari
3.) Takeuchi Yuko - My favorite role of hers was in Lunch no Joou

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Post by BlueIce84 » Dec 23rd, '08, 08:25

Eri Sakurai (Mahoro/Jannu in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger)
She's an actress in my favorite Tokusatsu series and pulled off amazing dramatic work. Her character's life was an emotional roller coster and she nailed the material every time. To be honest, I'm surprised she hasn't been cast in some JDrama by now.

Maya Banno (Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi, Abaranger, ect.)
Maya is one of the best dramatic actresses I've ever seen. She has so much talent, especially for such a young age (I think she's only 12). During Abaranger's finale in fact, she actually managed to bring me to tears. Thus far, Maya is the only actress to ever do that.

Amami Yuki (Maya in Jyoou No Kyoushitsu)
I've only seen her in the one role so far, but she totally blew me away! One show and I already love her! :wub: I've definitely got to check out some of her other work pretty soon.

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Post by ayaseharukaftw » Dec 24th, '08, 04:34

1. Yamada Takayuki
2. Tamaki Hiroshi
3. Kimura Takuya

1. Ayase Haruka
2. Ueno Juri
3. Ueto Aya

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Post by colyn7 » Jan 18th, '09, 12:34

~Oguri Shun (aLL the best... he is far my favorite actor.. I seem to see him in every movie or drama I've watched and my.. he can really portray his character Like from Hanzawa Rui, good silent guy in HYD then to Genji as Yakuza son in Crows Zero...)

~Yamada Takayuki (one of my faves aLso, he is the reason why I'm addicted to JDramas... He can reaLLy act.. i Love him in "Taiyou no Uta", "Waterboys", "H2 Kimi to Itahibi", and "Crows Zero")

i thought Oguri Shun and Yamada Takayuki only portrays good characters , I mean Like they're good guys, but after watching Gokusen and Crows Zero, well they can act Like a Bad Guy too.. with soft heart.. :whistling: LOL)

~Kenichi Matsuyama as L (Deathnote 1, 2 and L Change the World.... He is perfect for the roLe.. What more can I say...)

~Ueto Aya as Azumi and Alice in Celeb to Binbo Taro (from Assassin to a Celebrity... my my... She really act it out perfectly... Love her!)

~Satomi Ishihara (watched her in H2, kinda expressionless there.. but I've aLso watched another drama in which I think she acts best.. forget it though.. sorry) hehehe...

~Erika Sawajiri in "Taiyou no Uta" (She Look great as Amane Kaoru...)

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Post by tunix_2008 » Jan 18th, '09, 13:00

1. Oguri Shun - He is such a versatile actor. He can go from serious to totally outrageous in an instant. This is startlingly evident in Kisaragi. He has played several high school student roles but each performance is different from the other. He is really very good plus a successful voice talent and radio personality as well.
2. Ikuta Toma - With his eyes alone, he could act circles against veteran actors. In a tight camera shot where you could only see his eyes, he could convey a myriad of emotions without saying or doing anything. That is a benchmark of a real thespian.
3. Nakamura Aoi - Although I've only seen him in one jdrama, I think he has a long and bright future in the industry. He plays "subtle" very well. He's very daring in Gakko ja Oshierarenai -- agreeing to play a closet homosexual early in your career could spell future stereotyping but he didn't seem to be affected by it. It's a sure sign that he's going to be someone to watch -- he doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.

1. Ayase Haruka - She's very funny and engaging. She's totally convincing as both a slob and a competent career woman in Hotaro no Hikari. She plays a good robot too in Cyborg She.
2. Mizukawa Asami - She's really hilarious in Yume wo Kanaeru Zou. She had me laughing out loud at her antics and convinces me to be as confused as she is in the teaching scenes. She is also convincing as an experienced high school girl opposite Oguri Shun's doté in Stand Up!.
3. Horikita Maki - She's so good she got me addicted to jdramas. I think that's reason enough to count her as one of the best.

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Post by evigsinne » Jan 18th, '09, 13:31

I have to jump on the Yamada Takayuki bandwagon; I've liked him in everything I've seen him in. I also quite like Nagase Tomoya, mainly for Ikebukuro West Gate Park, which remains my favorite drama ever. Speaking of, I also have to list Kubozuka Yosuke. Even though his career is now mostly dead, he was amazing in absolutely every drama and movie I watched him in. The only reason I finished Strawberry on the Shortcake was because of him.

As for actresses, Ueno Juri tops my list. After watching Last Friends and then Nodame Cantabile right after, I was completely blown away by her range. If I hadn't known beforehand, I might never have even realized it was the same actress in both series. I also like Koyuki (who can spot the trend here? lol), and Ayase Haruka as well.

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Japanese Actors & Actresses My Top 3

Post by sapphirenad » Jan 26th, '09, 12:59


[1] Nagase Tomoya - My Boss My Hero , Tiger&Dragon

[2] Tamaki Hiroshi - Nodame Cantabile

[3] Kimura Takuya - Hero , Change


[1] Koyuki - Sasaki Fusai no Jingi Naki Tatakai , Engine

[2] Ueno Juri - Nodame Cantabile

[3] Takeuchi Yuko - Bara No Nai Hana Ya , Mukodono!

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Post by PiaHawk » Jan 28th, '09, 02:36

1. Nagase Tomoya - because Yan Papa is my favorite drama ever. and he was amazing in Utahime.
2. Abe Hiroshi - His role in Trick was my favorite, but he is amazing in every role. I really liked him in Change too.
3. Kubozuka Yosuke - I've only ever seen him in the movie Ping Pong. Man I love that movie.

Honorable Mention:
Kimura Takuya - because if he's in a drama, it's pretty much guaranteed to be good. I liked Long Vacation and Change a lot.

I guess I like actors more than actresses . . . :sweat:

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Post by Airirin » Jan 28th, '09, 16:38

1. Abe Hiroshi : TRICK and Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
2. Tamaki Hiroshi : Nodame Cantabile
3. Sakaguchi Kenji : Iryu

1. Ueno Juri : Nodame Cantabile and Last Friends
2. Aragaki Yui : Dragon Zakura
3. Toda Erika : Gal Circle

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Post by immaperson » Jan 31st, '09, 12:19

1. Matsuyama Kenichi- Death Note. he was very convincing for his character in Sexy Voice and Robo even if it was painful for me to finish the series.
2. Kimura Takuya - he has a very natural and charismatic way of portraying his characters. I especially liked the part in CHANGE where they only showed his back, but you could feel the sadness from him.
3. Haruma Miura - i think he has potential. i liked what i saw of him in bloody monday, although it was mainly the plot that drew me into the drama. his portrayal of the young galileo was pretty good too.

1. Uneo Juri - her range of acting is amazing. I loved her in Nodame Cantabile and while I disliked Last Friends (mainly a plot thing), I loved how she portrayed her character.
2. Ayase Haruka - Hotaru no Hikari.
3. Inoue Mao - HYD and Anmitsu-hime. I think she has potential and is improving as an actress.

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Post by Issy » Jan 31st, '09, 12:39

1- Tomoya Nagase in Tiger & Dragon and IWGP
(i had to chose two but i do think he is amazing in every thing he does :lol )
2-Hiroyuki Sanada in Konna koi no Hanashi and Tabloid
(again, same reason as above, i think he is great in all of his works)
3-Jun Matusmoto in Kimi wa Petto and HYD

as for actresses, i still have not found my most favourite japanese actress yet. :P

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Post by luciolem11 » Aug 14th, '09, 05:14


KANAME JUN - tall and hot, with very sharp eyes (I really impressed by those eyes) and wonderful actor he is. Deep and cool in YAOH, funny in ATADAN and KIMI HANNIN, passionate and resilient in PARALLEL, creepy in GOEMON, crafty in GOD HAND TERU, playboy in HIMITSU NO HANAZONO ... well, he also on the same level of many famous actors. Truly a wonderful actor 8)

HIRAOKA YUTA - okay, although he's just not as popular as I want him to be, but who care, he is such a adorable man u've ever met, especially with his lovely dimples. His roles always be the good-looking and kind-hearted man who never finds a girl to love XD But he also has various roles too ^^ like dorky and amiable Takuo Nakamura in SWING GIRLS [and a boy - yes, he's THE BOY LOL], or arduous and lovable Teru-sensei in GOD HAND TERU, joky and playful Kurimoto in KAKURE KARAKURI... Both he and Kaname Jun are versatile actors :thumleft: [who nevers be crazy-loved as young idol actors to be]

the others are NAGASE TOMOYA, KIMUTAKU, EGUCHI YOSUKE, TANIHARA KOUSUKE, YAMADA TAKAYUKI, ABE HIROSHI, OGURI SHUN... all of them are quite good, their acting skill is on high level :thumright:


UENO JURI - she's super funny in NODAME and SWING GIRLS [along wiith Yuta-san], and unbelievale in LAST FRIENDS as Ruka... very good actress! The other thing that I admire about Juri-san, and Yuta-san too, is their ability to play quite many musical instruments: Juri-san can play piano and saxophone, while Yuta-san can also play piano, guitar and be a DJ [it's in the movie CHECK IT OUT YO!!!]

AYASE HARUKA - HOTARU NO HIKARI is super cute, and CYBORG SHE is very impressive. She've done a good job in TATTA HITOTSU NO KOI, too ^^

INOUE MAO - best-ever Tsukushi I've seen. Such a strong and optimistic girl. She has a cute face, like mochi cake :lol

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Post by Maryvel » Aug 14th, '09, 06:08


Kimura Takuya (Sora kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi) One of the few dramas that had me still thinking about it days afterward and the one that made me understand why Kimura Takuya is so popular.

Takizawa Hideaki (Strawberry on the Shortcake) I should probably say Yoshitsune, but I picked this one, because it was one of the first dramas I ever watched and that's where I remember him most vividly.

Tsumabuki Satoshi (Orange Days) Extremely good looking and a highly talented actor. Enough said. :lol

I would also like to mention Kohinata Fumiyo in about everything he does. This guy took a while to grow on me, but now I completely adore him. :wub:


Kitagawa Keiko (Dear Friends) Her acting totally blew me away in this movie and when I saw her again in Mop Girl I couldn't believe that such a beautiful woman could be that funny too.

Horikita Maki (Innocent Love) I also liked her in Nobuta, but she was a bit outplayed by the two guys there. In Innocent Love I was completely focused on her.

Shibasaki Kou (Orange Days) I think she has just grown a lot as an actress. She had some weak moments in Sora kara Furu, but she was amazing in Orange Days and just kind of settled in Galileo, especially in the amazing Galileo movie.

Puh, I agree that the actresses are somehow more difficult. :P

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Post by mokonachan » Aug 14th, '09, 08:55

1. SETO KOJI for Koizora and Atashinchi no Danshi
2. Oguri Shun for HYD and Hana Kimi
3. Toma Ikuta for Hana Kimi

Female, just one: Horikita Maki for Atashinchi no Danshi

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Post by a00za » Aug 14th, '09, 09:33

Kimura Takuya long vacation
Matsumoto Jun kim wa pet

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Post by WobbySabi » Aug 14th, '09, 21:56

1Nishikido Ryo (格好いい!!!!!) 8)
2Mizushima Hiro
3Yamashita Tomohisa :wub:

1Ueto Aya (かっこかわいい!!!!!) :D
2Shaku Yumiko :wub:
3Aibu Saki

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Post by kuro570 » Aug 15th, '09, 00:52

Yamada Takayuki
Nagase Tomoya

Ayase Haruka
Ueto Aya
Yonekura Ryoko
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Post by xtraordinarilynaked » Aug 15th, '09, 01:09

1) Matsuda Shota in pretty much everything he's been in.
2) Eita in either Last Friends or Nodame Cantabile.
3) Aoi Yu in Tekkonkinkreet and Honey & Clover.

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Post by Feisty_Warrior » Aug 22nd, '09, 03:37

Maki Horikita
Masami Nagasawa
Erika Toda

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Post by chisato » Aug 24th, '09, 14:12

my best three:

tomohisa yamashita: in nobuta wo produce, code blue, kurosagi
miura haruma: in bloody monday
takuya kimura: in HERO, Good Luck

aragaki yui: code blue
sawajiri erika: taiyou no uta
kitagawa keiko: buzzer beat

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Post by doramnrose » Aug 24th, '09, 14:40

Toda Erika (Nobuta wo Produce, Liar Game, Code Blue...)
Aragaki Yui (My Boss My Hero, Koizora, Code Blue...)
Kitagawa Keiko (Buzzer Beat)

Akanishi Jin (Yukan Club)
Yamapi (Nobuta wo Produce, Code Blue, Buzzer Beat)
Mizobata Junpei (BOSS, Buzzer Beat)

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Post by losarim » Aug 25th, '09, 09:09

In no Particualr order:
Ikuta toma for Hana Kimi
Oguri Shun for HAna KImi
and Jun Matsumuto for Gokusen. . . .


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Post by Milkywaychen » Sep 1st, '09, 14:39


:heart: Koji Seto
:heart: Satoshi Tsumabuki
:heart: Sorimachi Takashi


:heart: Mao Inoue
:heart: Mirai Shida
:heart: Koyuki

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Post by nnnc » Sep 1st, '09, 16:31

1. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
2. Kimura Takuya
3. Sato Ryuta

1. Nakama Yukie
2. Fukatsu Eri
3. Takeuchi Yuko

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Post by spidergirl » Sep 26th, '09, 12:36

Oh as for me here is the list:
1.Kamenashi Kazuya
2.Oguri Shun
3.Fukuyama Masaharu

1.Kuroki Meisa
2.Maki Horikita
3.Kou Shibasaki

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Post by wmcnair370 » Sep 26th, '09, 12:50

Kano Miho
Matsu Takako
Aoi Yu

Hiraoka Yuta
Naramiya Hiroki

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Post by technohive » Oct 3rd, '09, 08:12

I only like Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto and Oguri Shun

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Post by ladynorthstar » Oct 17th, '09, 15:12

that's hard!
probably my top 3 would be
1. Kaname Jun
2. Ohno Satoshi
3. Sasaki Kuranosuke
but I really love Kimura's, Kamiji Yuusuke's, Mizushima Hiro's and Matsuyama Ken'ichi's acting too...

for actress, probably
1. Horikita Maki
2. Nakama Yukie
3. Ishihara Satomi

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Post by jtan92 » Oct 26th, '09, 13:04

As for me
1. FUJIKI NAOHITO!!! He is sooo lovely, charming, and ikemen older man.... :wub:
2. Probably Takashi Sorimachi for GTO
3. Tamaki Hiroshi for Nodame Cantabile

1. Ayase Haruka, she is soo cute in Hotaru no Hikari
2. Miho Kanno for Itoshi Kimie!! So touching!
3. hmmm maybe Ueto Aya for Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003? :whistling:

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Post by juzzzz » Oct 30th, '09, 11:36

Kashiwabara Takashi - always had a soft spot for him
Takenouchi Yutaka
Masaharu Fukuyama

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Post by Sixcoins » Nov 1st, '09, 21:34

Takenaka Naoto
Tsutsumi Shinichi
Abe Hiroshi

Amami Yuki
Ayase Haruka
Nakama Yukie

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Post by cute_angel » Nov 3rd, '09, 01:35

Matsumoto Jun
Takizawa Hideaki
Kimura Takuya

Kitagawa Keiko
Aragaki Yui
Ishihara Satomi

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Post by uchinanchuu » Jan 4th, '10, 10:01

Takenaka Naoto - always funny
Sakai Masaaki - sweet and funny
Kitano Takeshi (Bi-to) - cool and funny

Miyazawa Rie - always beautiful and elegant, but also big laughs
Nakama Yukie - always beautiful and elegant, but also big laughs
Ueno Juri - cute and funny

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Post by falalalow » Feb 2nd, '10, 15:31

Matsu Jun - Hana Yori Dango/Gokusen/Kimi wa Petto
I think he pulls off any role but I just LOVE him as Domoyouji. His acting skills were superb and his chemistry with Mao was just too adorable. Not to mention his AMAZING smile. I would love to see him in a drama with Yamapi.

Yamashita Tomohisa - Nobuta wo Produce/Buzzer Beat
I just love him. He's such an amazing actor and I feel like he really tries to put his all into a role. I fell in love with him as Akira in Nobuta wo Produce and he was just too cute as Naoki.

Oguri Shun - Hana Yori Dango/Crows Zero
I think he's soo gorgeous...and I think I fell in love when I first saw him as Hanazawa Rui playing the violin. I think he also did amazing in Crows Zero. He really pulled off that haircut! hee!

Kamenashi Kazuya - Nobuta wo Produce
I can't just leave Kame behind! He does such an amazing job in every drama he's in and I just love his smile. I look forward to his new drama! I know he's gonna be great in his role.

Inoue Mao - Hana Yori Dango/Anmitsu no Hime
Probably the cutest thing EVER. I loved her so much as Tsukushi. I can't believe she was only 18 when she started Hana Yori Dango. Her chemistry with her co-stars were just outstanding and she looks like such a genuine person.

Keiko Kitagawa - Dear Friends/Buzzer Beat
She has definitely become one of my favorite actresses. I just love her aura in her dramas and she's a really great actress. I cried every time she cried in Buzzer Beat.

Erika Toda - Liar Game/Death Note
I find her too cute for words and her acting has improved a lot. She shines as Kanzaki Nao in Liar Game and her portrayal of Misa was darling. I'm having fun watching her new hairdo in Liar Game Season 2. I love it!!!

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Post by totemokakkoii » Feb 3rd, '10, 13:05

juzzzz wrote:Kashiwabara Takashi - always had a soft spot for him
Takenouchi Yutaka
Masaharu Fukuyama
I love your first choice!!! :wub: :wub:
choice 2 and 3 I also like. :-)
great minds thing alike.. :lol

alright.. here's my pick...
besides choice 1 kashiwaraba for whatever shows he's in (not alot actually :P)
my choice 2 actor is fujiki naohito in hotaru no hikari & antique
choice 3 will be tamayama tetsuji in brothers beat
bonus choice 4 goes to toma in hanakimi

haruka ayase in hotaru no hikari
ueno juri in nodame and last friend
amami yuki in rikon bengoshi and boss

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Post by Denkira » Feb 15th, '10, 19:47


Yamashita Tomohisa in Kurosagi, Code Blue, Stand up and Nobuta

He's my favourite actor in general ^^ He's not my favourite j-boy though, but just as an actor, he's the best really, I've seen a lot of him and those four dramas made the biggest impact on me, especially Kurosagi *__*

Ikuta Toma in Maou, Majo Saiban and Hana Kimi

He is just amazing as well ^^ He's honestly born to be actor, there are probably only a very few characters that I love more than Nakatsu *____* It's amazing how Toma can pull such a character as him, but is good at the suspense dramas at the same time ^^

Matsumoto Jun in Hana Yori Dango and Gokusen

He's really a great actor, I can say that. He's not one of my favourite idols at all, not like Toma and Yamapi, but as an actor, he's awesome ^^ I loved him as both Domyoji and Shin ^^


Aragaki Yui in Code Blue

She's a great actress and one of the few I like actually ^^ Her role in Code Blue is really nice and she plays it very well.

Inoue Mao in Hana Yori Dango

She's so lovely ^^ One of the few actresses I can stand and on top of that I liked her character in HYD very much...and I liked her with the boy, not like it happens usually - the two boys together XD

Kichise Michiko in Liar Game, Bloody Monday

She's older, but she's an amazing actress...she can pull off those creepy roles amazingly *__*

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Post by bmwracer » Feb 15th, '10, 20:18

Abe Hiroshi
Watanabe Ken
Tanihara Shosuke

Ueno Juri
Yonekura Ryoko
Natsukawa Yui

There's a difference between stars and actors... And these six are actors, first and foremost. :thumright:

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Post by Ethlenn » Feb 15th, '10, 21:28

Watanabe Ken ( Letters from Iwojima made me think so)
Tadanobu Asano
Matsumoto Jun

Machiko Kyō
Koyuki Katō

No one else is on my mind.

Abe Hiroshi is also one of the greatest Japanese actors. Would I sound ancient if I say Mifune san was great? And of course Oguri Shun.

The younger actors don't count. Entirely.
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Post by a-nesuto » Feb 22nd, '10, 03:43

1. Kimura Takuya
2. Abe Hiroshi
3. Doumoto Tsuyoshi

1. Inoue Mao
2. Ishihara Satomi
3. Horikita Maki

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Post by Masumi-chan » Feb 22nd, '10, 04:43

Oguri Shun
Tsumabuki Satoshi

Takeuchi Yuko
Ueno Juri
Ishihara Satomi

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Post by taylor » Feb 22nd, '10, 05:18

Yamashita Tomohisa - I first saw him in Kurosagi & I was really amazed by his forsaken character. I was surprised to see him in NWP cause I didn't think he could pull off a comedic role. I always see him as Kurosagi.
Kamenashi Kazuya - I love him in Tatta Hitotsu and in One pound. His acting is superb. I think a lot of japanese directors love him.
Nakayama Yuma - His young yet he can act so mature. He's cute too.
Matsuda Shota - The strong, bad boy face is very alluring.

Keiko Kitagawa
- Her acting is getting better. She is best when she displays her natural self.
Maki Horikita - I learned to like her in NWP and Kurosagi. I think she's very competitive.
Erika Toda - I just love her in LGT

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Post by ocha.antik » Apr 18th, '10, 03:27

  • Oguri Shun
    Abe Hiroshi
    Nagase Tomoya
  • Horikita Maki
    Inoue Mao
    Ueto Aya

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Post by Reikaa » Apr 18th, '10, 20:54

1-Oguri Shun
2-Hiroshi Tamaki
3-Matsuda Shota

It's so hard to choose only three actors. There are so many that i like, but i think they are the three of the best actors.

1-Ueno Juri <3
2-Kitagawa Keiko
3-Horikita Maki

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Post by Jayme8me » Apr 18th, '10, 21:44

Mizushima Hiro-awesome in everything and anything
Kimura Takuya- Mr.Brain
Matsumoto Jun- HYD
Sato Takeru- Bloody Monday
Seto Koji- Atashinchi no Danshi,Koisora
Yoshizawa Hisashi-awesome in everything and anything
Yamamoto Yuusuke-Hana Kimi

K-Drama-You're Beautiful
Jang Geun Suk
Lee Hong Ki

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Post by hhnd » Apr 30th, '10, 10:11


- Ueno Juri: the only actress/actor that has convinced me in every single role she's played in. She almost never repeats herself, and even when her role is boring or the plot is weak (like a certain drama that's playing right now, ahem) it's still interesting to see how she manages to shine :roll

- Aoi Yuu: you have to watch her movies to know how incredible she is. She always looks the same, yet she pulls off any type of role very well. It's too bad she does look cute and hence get too many cutesy roles, but she can really act the tough ones when called upon.

- Ayase Haruka: I'm not totally convinced, but her acting definitely has a natural feel, as in I don't feel like she tries hard to be cute, or to be thoughtful or whatever.


I generally don't care much for the actors as long as they fit their roles well. Obviously actors like Abe Hiroshi have proven themselves over the years, so there's no need to compare them to the younger, more inexperienced ones, or the ones that are famous simply because of their agency's promotion :mrgreen: . As such, I don't have a preference for actors as much as actresses.

But, I do care particularly for Okada Junichi ( can't say that I'm not biased :roll: ) Though to be utterly honest, somehow he's the only actor who has made me always pay attention to him onscreen regardless of what role he plays. I believe he's given a lot more acting space in his movies (Hana yori mo naho, Tokyo Tower, Oto-na-ri, Kagehinata ni saku) than his dramas though.
Not a JE fan either :roll

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