Which is better?? Jun Masumoto or Akanishi Jin?

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Which is better??

Jun Matsumoto
Akanishi Jin
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Which is better?? Jun Masumoto or Akanishi Jin?

Post by girlcute0916 » May 3rd, '07, 09:19

oh...hi there...

just want to know from you which is better of these two guys...
jun matsumoto or akanishi jin?

well, i just vote for akanishi jin..

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Post by suboshi » May 3rd, '07, 09:29

Jun Matsumoto for me ;D

I like more Kazuya Kamenashi that akanishi jin from KAT-TUN ;D

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Post by shosef » May 3rd, '07, 10:12

overall i like Akanishi Jin :D :D

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Post by gHe » May 3rd, '07, 10:30

i vote for jUn... !!! :lol

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Post by leenkath16 » May 3rd, '07, 10:50

it's a hard question for me 'coz i like them both...

but at the end, i realized i like Akanishi Jin more...

yeah, they are both hot and does sing...
but i like Jin's voice than jun's...and Jin is such a great dancer...

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Post by Misato-san » May 3rd, '07, 11:48

Better actor, better singer, and his looking is more appealing for me :wub: :wub:

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Post by Natsu-chan » May 3rd, '07, 13:50

Jin is hotter, has a better voice & is just way too adorable.
Although I admit that when comparing Jin's acting (Gokusen 2 & Anego) to Jun's acting (Kimi wa petto & Hana Yodri Dango) Matsu Jun knows how to portray his character/ role more than jinb.
But I adore Akanishi Jin all the way ^.^

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Post by thtlam » May 3rd, '07, 14:00

Jun all the way :D even tho I like Akanishi Jin too so it was a hard decision

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Post by eUxaZnxRo » May 3rd, '07, 14:15

this is definitely hard... i guess i voted for jin because he can sing and dance very well... i do like jun's acting (he can make me hate/love/laugh at him so much) but he's done that a little bit more than jin has... gosh now i'm thinkin about changing my vote... :scratch:

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Post by yasumi14 » May 3rd, '07, 14:19

:thumleft: JuN maTsuMoTo!!!! :wub:
He's tHe BeSt... :cheers:
hehehe :D

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Post by nanafarhanna » May 4th, '07, 15:03

akanishi jin...

tho it's pretty hard to choose, but it definitely be akanishi cos he's funnier and cuter and hotter than matsumoto..

his baka-cuteness drive me crazy... ^___^

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Namida Iro
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Post by Namida Iro » May 5th, '07, 08:05

hmmmm........ tough decision. but voted for jun~ love his acting and voice (though jin's voice rocks too). xP

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Post by chckboy5 » May 5th, '07, 08:32

Jun is a better actor

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Post by mizune » May 5th, '07, 20:16

I'm locking popularity polls between actors/actresses from now on.
I think it's great that people want to support their favorite actors and actresses, but there really isn't anything new being brought up in these topics that can't be covered in the actor/actress' dedicated thread. Please support your favorite actors and actresses in their own threads.

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