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Matsushima Nanako

Discuss about your favourite Japanese Actors and Actresses
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Which Actress Do You Favor More? (Both Talent and Beauty)

Matsushima Nanako-san
Nakama Yukie-san
Total votes: 31

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Matsushima Nanako

Post by mikomiko123 » Jul 19th, '07, 23:24

Matsushima Nanako-san, A great actress and a super beauty. I just love her. Cant find a thread for her, so here it is. Some pix i found:
and By the way, this thread is for her fans.. please do drop by and post a comment.. thanx
im not that creative, but i hope its fine....
MATSUSHIMA NANAKO.jpg (195.46 KiB) Viewed 4042 times
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Post by mikomiko123 » Jul 20th, '07, 03:12

someone, please post a reply!!!

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Post by Tadanga » Jul 20th, '07, 10:43

She is very talented indeed.
However with the japanese media industry being what it is, she will probably have to go to HK or Korea to get real jobs that can showcase her talent. In Japan, she will be stuck playing the same characters over and over again.

Although the collage you made is very nice, but it is a bit too wide.Maybe you should reduce it by half.

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Post by mikomiko123 » Jul 20th, '07, 15:29

thanx, but the problem is, i dont know how to edit this thing.. i even mispelled her name, the topic title...lol...

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Post by Ore.Sama » Jul 20th, '07, 21:13

^ there is an "Edit" button behind each of ur posts... As 4 the title i dnt know

I like this actress... quite talented

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Post by mikomiko123 » Jul 20th, '07, 22:55

Ore.Sama wrote:^ there is an "Edit" button behind each of ur posts... As 4 the title i dnt know

I like this actress... quite talented
thanx soo much.. i changed the title, but i dont think ill change the collage cuz the pixels will make the pic look bad

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Geinou Fansubber
Geinou Fansubber
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Post by mizune » Dec 16th, '07, 16:43

Congrats to both Matsushima and her husband Sorimachi Takashi on the birth of their 2nd daughter!
Born on 11/30, the media didn't get wind of it until this past week. (Looks like they were expecting the child later in December, but she was a little premature).

All's well though... :)

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Post by Mrs-Nishikado » Dec 16th, '07, 16:50

aah,i love her!!
my first drama that she was in was hyd!!
she immediately dazzled me with her smile!!

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Post by mingming96 » Dec 16th, '07, 16:52

the first series i watch her is in GTO.she used to be my fav actress.

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Post by Jeanxi » Dec 24th, '08, 23:22

I wish Nanako-san would appear more in dramas!! She has been my favorite actress since I started watching j-dramas (not a big surprise since my first drama was GTO) I watched HYD just so I could see her but I couldn't bring myself to watch HYD2 even though she was also in it :cry:

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Post by avieamber » Dec 25th, '08, 01:09

Matsushima Nanako, she was one of my favs in the early era...but ever since she stopped appearing in dramas/movies, i kinda lost interest. :-)

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Post by danchemistry » Mar 1st, '09, 01:06

any idea what is her next movie/drama project?

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Post by auroragb » Jun 4th, '09, 04:12

Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 4 starts on July 7th!

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Post by GreGG » Jun 11th, '09, 12:26

It's a difficult choice. They both are great.

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Post by wmcnair370 » Jun 11th, '09, 12:33

Ah...ah...ah...please don't make me answer this question. Way to difficult to choose between the two of them. If I try my head may explode.

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Post by frashdi87 » Jun 11th, '09, 12:42

absolutely matsushima nanako...lover her :wub:

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Post by Ivanavi » Jun 14th, '09, 05:04

Also voted for Matsushima Nanako. She's awesome.

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Post by vietxmikey » Jun 25th, '09, 07:20

Beautiful woman and she is married to Takashi Sorimachi who is one of my favorite actors as well a role model! Loved all the dramas Matsushima Nanako was in! She looked amazing in Hana Yori Dango.

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Post by fifimimi » Apr 29th, '12, 16:34

Matsushima Nanako is currently my favourite actress!!

After watching Lucky 7, I realise how beautiful she is and how charismatic she is! Then I watched Kaseifu no Mita...and her acting is CHO~~ SUGOI!!! Turns out that I haven't seen any drama by her so I back tracked and watch GTO, Beauty & the Beast (one of my fav now!!), Majo no Jouken (amazing romance drama..daisuki!!).

She is not only beautiful but also super talented actress with great skills in playing different roles. Despite what a pretty face and smile she has..her sorrowful roles/acting is so amazing! I cannot praise her enough and simply hope to see more of her dramas...as main roles!!

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Post by YukawaManabu » Aug 11th, '13, 15:21

GTO was my very first Jdorama. She easily became one of my favourites. Then I found out that she's married to Sorimachi, who is also one of my favourite actors. I was thrilled. :D

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Post by bmwu14 » Sep 23rd, '13, 20:31

She actually got her break in Asadora in the early 80's.
I have not seen that asadora around here.
I hope someday that asadora will become available.

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Re: Matsushima Nanako

Post by JackBauer2424 » Sep 6th, '16, 01:50

I started watching Eigyo Bucho Kira Natsuko (2016), and can't wait to see each next episode! Same thing with Koori no Sekai (1999) where she looks very good, especially at the end of episode 2 in her school workshop where she asks Animal Shinji who's next? Too bad the picture quality is bad.

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