[poll] if you can date japanese actor who would it be?

Discuss about your favourite Japanese Actors and Actresses
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[poll] if you can date japanese actor who would it be?

Post by sistergirl » Apr 17th, '09, 10:10

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Yeo San Mi
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Post by Yeo San Mi » Jun 5th, '09, 16:10


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Post by SunmiWonder » Jun 10th, '09, 02:50

The one that doesn't put a japanese actor thread in a korean actors & actreeses topic.

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Post by RainWolf » Jun 10th, '09, 03:30

Ryuya Wakaba!!! luv him lol

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Post by zizzle_stick » Jun 10th, '09, 03:37

yamapi!!!! :D

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Post by springflower » Jun 10th, '09, 04:26

SunmiWonder wrote:The one that doesn't put a japanese actor thread in a korean actors & actreeses topic.

Yeo San Mi
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Post by Yeo San Mi » Jun 11th, '09, 07:34

SunmiWonder wrote:The one that doesn't put a japanese actor thread in a korean actors & actreeses topic.
I think that's ok... many korean fans like japanese too...
like me.. i like japanese actor too.
maybe you didn't like japanese actor so you said like that.^^

Peace Ok!! ^^

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Post by heartxx218 » Jun 11th, '09, 08:23

Mine would be a hard choice....between mizushima hiro and ryo nishikido !! :-)

but i heard somewhere that ryo doesnt like girls who talk a lot....i find that weird. so im guess im gonna go with hiro :wub:

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Post by LilyJade » Jun 11th, '09, 09:10

Ok...hmmm... I'd say Kaname Jun ! He's tall and charming.

The other guys are cute but too young for me! :p

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Post by Mirokujin » Jun 11th, '09, 09:18

Odagiri Joe or Akanishi Jin

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Post by artalicous » Jun 11th, '09, 10:22

Thats a tough question...well depends...cause we don't know them who they are in person...but according to the image the show and my way of thinking i would choose Shibutani Subaru...
Well...we choose...the other question is would they choose us??? ;P

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Post by Aquitaine10 » Jun 11th, '09, 10:32

I would really love to date Hayami Mokomichi=D
He's so handsome and half-Filipino too :D

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Post by afro_08 » Jun 11th, '09, 11:31

Toma Ikuta, Mizushima Hiro and Jun Matsumoto - I love them ;)

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Post by thienly » Jun 16th, '09, 04:50

Takizawa Hideaki My dream man

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Post by miznagase » Jun 16th, '09, 23:55

ichihara hayato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by tkah » Jun 17th, '09, 00:13

After watching Pride...Kimura Takuya...After watching Tatta Hitotsu no Koi.... Kazuya Kamenashi, after watching Majo no Jouken..I would say Takizawa Hideaki. Sorry can't make up my mind. I love them all.

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Post by Aiko_ » Jun 17th, '09, 12:49


or Kame-chan or Ikuta Toma :D

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Post by Sato-shi » Jun 18th, '09, 12:31

@sistergirl I think you mean Mukai Osamu, right? :-)

Ohh, it's a tough question, because there are way too many awesome Actors.
I guess I'd date Kamen Rider Actors Sato Takeru or Seto Kouji.
Or Eita seems fine, he's calm and quiet, that would be nice.
I Can't decide xD

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Post by OrangeKsyu » Jun 18th, '09, 12:58

mmmm.... I want to meet Tegoshi ^__^ He is so cute.... kawaii ^_^

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Post by cloekay » Jun 21st, '09, 07:38

Takizawa Hideaki :wub:

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Post by Peggy » Jun 21st, '09, 08:33

really wouldn't pick just one...but

Osawa Takeo.. and Ichikawa Somegoro and of course for some fun around town and a meal it would have to be Takuya Kimura.


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Post by Mai-Soon » Jun 22nd, '09, 18:27

one of those guys...i can't choose one out of all those hand-some pretty boys:w00t: :whistling: :crazy: :unsure: :scratch:
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Post by Utada » Jun 26th, '09, 20:11

First of all Miura Haruma, obviously. <3
Ikuta Toma, Shige, Ryo, Oguri Shun, MatsuJun.

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Post by «minah» » Jun 28th, '09, 04:07

Narimiya Hiroki (but with him I would be absolutely nervous because he's sooo cool!) Matsuyama Kenichi, Ikuta Toma, and Tanaka Koki (I'm surprised to have Johnny Boys in the list... I'm not that crazy about them.....)

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Post by Issy » Jun 28th, '09, 14:39

# 1-- the person in my ava & sigi, the one and only

also i don't mind having the option of dating the following on the side. :lol
Hiroyuki Sanada


Takeshi Kaneshiro

http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a230/ ... 1246198308[/img][/img]

Yutaka Tekenouchi


Tetsuji Tamayama


Masaharu Fukuyama


Shosuke Tanihara


and not to forget my two toyboys



and the young Hiro

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Post by totemokakkoii » Jun 28th, '09, 15:47

i am quite greedy :P , i would like to date the followings (not in order of preference):
kaneshiro takeshi, kashiwabara takashi, fujiki naohito, takenouchi yutaka, tsumabuki satoshi, hayami mokomichi, tamayama tetsuji, mukai osamu, ikuta toma, fukuyama masaharu...

oops.. did i just ask for too much????? :wub:

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Post by jade_monster » Jun 30th, '09, 15:33

I really can't choose, so any of the following:

- Ikuta toma
- jun matsumoto
- sho sakurai (after watching yamada, i always smile whenever i think about him... soooo cute)
- mizushima hiro (rihito sama... awwwww)

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Post by teya » Jun 30th, '09, 16:33

Oguri Shun
Mukai Osamu
Kimura Takuya
Nishikido Ryo
Ikuta Toma
Tanaka Koki

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Post by Niji-Rach » Jun 30th, '09, 16:34

Yabu Kota. Unrivaled.

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Post by Sayumi » Jun 30th, '09, 18:05

nagase tomoya, takeshi kaneshiro (i think this one's the hottest japanese guy!) or matsuyama kenichi ^^

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Post by izzuya23 » Jun 30th, '09, 18:42

absolutely kamenashi kazuya~!! <3

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Post by londonsoul » Jun 30th, '09, 19:13

Takenouchi Yutaka, I love :wub: love :heart: love him :D :D

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Post by Kasuke » Jun 30th, '09, 19:28

Since I saw Tantei Gakuen Q, I love Kaname Jun !!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by McYume » Jun 30th, '09, 20:06

I would choose Mizushima Hiro or Kaname Jun

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Post by usagi_on_the_moon » Jun 30th, '09, 20:27

In my perfect/extremely greedy world, I would date:

narimiya hiroki, nishikido ryo, kota yabu, sato takeru, miura haruma, ueda tatsuya.....arrrg, i can't decide

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Post by Haiiro » Jun 30th, '09, 20:39

Mizushima Hiro. Hands down. Not only his he gorgeous, he sounds like an awesome guy. Ayaka is a very lucky woman. XD

I'd also date Narimiya Hiroki...

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Post by lenrasoon » Jun 30th, '09, 21:18

Right now i'd vote for Mukai Osamu to be my boyfriend *__*

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Post by nix_renji » Jul 2nd, '09, 21:47

i'm a big Big BIG fan of kamenashi kazuya, but he's not the type i would date.... It's not good when the guy is prettier than the girl :mrgreen:

Since i like funny guys, I would prefer Tomoya Nagase as a boyf :P

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Post by xtraordinarilynaked » Jul 2nd, '09, 22:01

Matsuda Shota, no questions asked. :wub:

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Post by Rozenrot » Jul 3rd, '09, 00:01

Haruma Miura :wub:


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Post by happybi » Jul 3rd, '09, 01:16

I'm VERY greedy so here is my list!!! Not in any order!! There is just NO way I can pick just one Japanese actor!

Nagase Tmoya, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Fujiki Naohito, Takenouchi Yutaka, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Hayami Mokomichi, Kaname Jun, Mizushima Hiro, Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota, Tamaki Hiroshi, Kimura Takuya, Fukuyama Masaharu, Yamashita Tomohisa

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Post by OnlyXainz » Jul 22nd, '09, 09:07

tomoya nagase if he was a little younger LOL XD masanobu ando too for that matter :P
eita i guess :o he's a cutie but i have no idea what he really is like :3

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Post by Goodnessgracious » Jul 22nd, '09, 23:40

The only Japanese actor I wouldn't mind dating is already married. Damn you, Miyazaki Aoi :mrgreen:

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Post by Misato-san » Jul 23rd, '09, 00:58

Matsumoto Jun :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by Ardillita » Jul 23rd, '09, 11:58

Seto Koji, Nakamaru or Taguchi Junnosuke :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

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Post by luciolem11 » Aug 14th, '09, 03:56

absolutely Hiraoka Yuta and Kaname Jun-san XD they're my ideal man. Yuta-san is cute and kind, while Kaname-san is just give me the feeling of protection ^^
actually I want them to be my nii-chans XD

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Post by mokonachan » Aug 14th, '09, 08:58

DATE !!! *drolling* oh what a awesome awesome dream if i can date SETO KOJI xD may be not date, just meeting him face to face make me die of happiness

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Post by brokenparadise » Aug 14th, '09, 09:48

Nagase Tomoya. He's fun!
or Hanging out at Nino's home and play games together.

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Post by taylor » Aug 14th, '09, 10:42

I would say... YAMAPi, Shun, Ikuta, Jin, Kame

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Post by asahii » Aug 16th, '09, 14:27


He's hawt 8) And he thinks, talks and acts like an adult.
Don't get me started with his voice lol

...I wouldn't mind Nagase Tomoya either, though :whistling:
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Post by joykimlee » Aug 16th, '09, 15:43

As u can c, i luv tall biseinen over 180cm.
1) Matsuyama Kenichi - Desu Noto
2) Matsuda Ryuhei - Ashita no Kita Yoshio
3) Shingo Katori - Bara no Nai Hanaya

dabog 23
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Post by dabog 23 » Aug 20th, '09, 03:49

whew!! TAKUYA KIMURA :wub:

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Post by bonaparte » Aug 20th, '09, 05:02

Matsuda Shouta -- he's so hot omg ☆___☆

Kimura Takuya -- for obvious reasons~

Tsumabuki Satoshi -- he seems so genuine! i love him sfm~

I'd keep Miura Haruma and YamaPi for my boy-toys. >D Muahaha.

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It´s a hard question!!

Post by OosakiNana707 » Aug 20th, '09, 05:53

A hard one, I have a list of my Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese LOVES actors, and the number one is MIZUSHIMA HIRO........ :wub: hahaha

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Post by zjhennypher » Aug 20th, '09, 07:52

sakurai sho!!! i wanna date him!!!! ^_^

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Post by SunStar » Aug 20th, '09, 08:16

soooo many to choose from....

well...here are my top 3 guys...

1. Ikuta Toma
2. Tsumabuki Satoshi
3. Eita

these guys just have a genuine aura around them when i see them on screen....makes me feel like they're really wonderful like that in real life too....

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Post by phalaenopsys » Aug 20th, '09, 08:28

of course Kimura Takuya but i don't mind Katori Shingo too or Oguri shun:)

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Post by doramnrose » Aug 24th, '09, 14:38

Akanishi Jin or Mizobata Junpei! *¬*

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Post by Krabbi » Aug 24th, '09, 14:45

Domoto Koichi *__*

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Post by phyphy » Aug 24th, '09, 15:33

Definitely :wub: KAMENASHY KAZUYA! :wub: He is the perfect bf :I :wub: :wub: :wub:


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Post by KomiGreeny » Aug 24th, '09, 15:37

It would be Akanishi Jin for sure * ~ *.. just love everything bout him x3 :heart: . Jin-sama *cheers* :wub:

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Post by gilraen06 » Aug 24th, '09, 15:50

there are so many cute Japanese actors that i want to date

It's not fair!

but i go for: SETO KOUJI :roll :wub:

:w00t: buy yamapi is also on the list XD

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Post by noonoonoon » Aug 24th, '09, 16:16

Matsumoto Jun, Mizushima Hiro, Oguri Shun >_<

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Post by chisato » Aug 24th, '09, 17:06

mine is gotta be yamapi!!!!!

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Post by kozumifan » Aug 24th, '09, 17:41

so many!

my first choice would definitelly be Miura Haruma
if not, then Okasa Masaki

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Post by losarim » Aug 25th, '09, 08:46

me i would like to be ikuta toma . . . . !!!!!

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Post by sansukini » Aug 31st, '09, 15:58

Definitely Oguri Shun. I just love him.. I'll probably spend all my time just looking and listening to him. Love his face. Love his voice!

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Post by nikita1611 » Sep 1st, '09, 19:22

yamapiii <3<3

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Post by sansukini » Sep 4th, '09, 02:33

OGURI SHUN! The one and only. I really love his face, his voice, and he's tall. Absolutely PERFECT!

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Post by spidergirl » Sep 26th, '09, 12:47

It will definitely be Kamenashi Kazuya

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Post by rebeday » Sep 26th, '09, 18:22

dang this is hard O.o AKANISHI JIN YO!!!!!!! takizawa hideaki.... <3
kamenashi kazuya.... all so hot and talented!


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Post by Melissa100 » Oct 7th, '09, 17:28

I see no one has mentioned Kuranosuke Sasaki. I loved him in Absolute Boyfriend and I was disappointed when he didn't get the girl in Konya Hitori no Beddo de.

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Post by ladynorthstar » Oct 17th, '09, 15:05

probably Kamiji Yusuke, he seems so much fun!
a really bright and entertaining person, plus he love children~
my ideal kind of guy~

Daki Kibe
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Post by Daki Kibe » Oct 29th, '09, 18:30

Kazuya Kamenashi :3
Or Junnosuke Taguchi. Nyaa ~

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Post by VioletSakura » May 16th, '10, 20:40

Only one??? I can't choose just one...
Let me see... Jun Matsumoto, YamaP, Kamenashi Kazuya, Kenichi Matsuyama, Toma Ikuta, Hideaki Takizawa, Ryo Nishikido... Do I want too much??? A girl can dream, right :D

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