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[poll] Your favorite japanese NON-beautiful actors/actresses

Discuss about your favourite Japanese Actors and Actresses
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[poll] Your favorite japanese NON-beautiful actors/actresses

Post by uchinanchuu » Jan 4th, '10, 10:47

Everybody's talking about beautiful, cute and sexy actors and actresses... only a few mention those who are not. I know beautiful is a matter of individual taste, but I'm talking about beautiful in a manner of Helen (the girl for which over 1000 ships departed for Troy, remember?)
You can however mention people that have been beautiful in the past, but now have a beer-belly hanging over their belt.

Here're my favorites:

Takenaka Naoto
Emori Toru
Waki Tomohiro
Nishida Toshiyuki

Nakamura Meiko
Izumi Pinko
Taira Tomi

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Post by fuhu123 » Jan 11th, '14, 16:53

Virtually somebody hardly will buy videotapes like this , I remember one onna-ushi from one movie of Shinobi no mono from Iga but this lady can appear before cam only for some second and only like guest or Keibuho Yabe kenzo part 4 , when Katsura cries – Anata wa ! waitress in that bar

Its an old ellinic (greek ) tale .She is a dream , fiction of blind Hentai , Agamemnon begun the war like Hideyoshi to rob another state

And why Takenaka is belly ? ive seen him in Tales of Terror from Tokyo there is nothing of kind . and Watanabe-san had something alike , he played by Shogun Tokimune ? i have not seen this eiga , but have seen this one

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Re: [poll] Your favorite japanese NON-beautiful actors/actresses

Post by Yanez » Jul 21st, '19, 23:22

Watanabe Eri! She may not be a beauty queen but she's such a great actress!!! :notworthy:

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