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[poll] Most overrated/underated & promising young talents

Discuss about your favourite Japanese Actors and Actresses
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[poll] Most overrated/underated & promising young talents

Post by nhk9 » Mar 6th, '10, 05:32

Overrated: Ueto Aya (no offense to her fans, but her acting is sometimes as wild as Morning Musume, and sometimes as stiff as Keanu Reeves) She has a cute face but sometimes I find it a chore to go through her dramas such as "Attention Please".

Underrated: Nishikido Ryo
I think they definitely can give him more roles. He has a face reminiscent of Oshio Manabu, but his acting potential is much greater. He is very good at acting different characters as can be shown in Ryuusei no Kizuna

Promising: Anzu
Too bad she has not yet really had a full leading role but I can sense that she's going to be a star. She has a very natural side to her that someone like Ueto Aya or Kyoko Fukada don't possess. More over, she doesn't possess your stereotypical "heroin" look (eg. Kuninaka Ryoko; Kaho), so she can probably be given more diverse roles. Hopefully she can become the next Kanno Miho

Please post your picks for the three categories

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Post by marriedtomisaki » Mar 7th, '10, 00:49

Overrated: Honestly the other day I was watching Orthros no Inu and I made a comment to my brother that I thought Nishkida Ryo may be the worst actor in Japan. Maybe thats an overexagerationg but he's pretty bad.

Underrated: Ishihara Satomi, She was excellent in Hanayome to Papa

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Post by nhk9 » Mar 7th, '10, 05:24

I wouldn't say that he's the worst actor, as long as you have the likes of Yamashita Tomohisa and Takenouchi Yutaka. It's nice though to be listening to the opinions of others.

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Post by luver » Mar 7th, '10, 05:52

I must warn those who read this. My opinion contains serious flames, if you don't agree immediately once you see the idol's name, stop reading.

You want to talk about overrated? It is defined in two words: Wu Zun

Never in my life have I been ensconced in such overrated and exaggerated hype for an actor with non-existent acting skills. I know that I should give him props for attempting to act, but once it's proven that you only have looks, get out of studio! My heart literally broke into a thousand pieces knowing that he stole Charlene from Hu Ge. Hu Ge, in all his brilliance and handsomeness, would fit the bill as Liang Bo perfectly, since he has experience of falling in love with a cross-dresser anyhow (Tian Wai Fei Xian :wink: ). Please stick to singing, even though your expertise in that area is subpar as well.

Promising: Jin Sha for her beautiful but brief performance in The Myth.

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Post by kawaiimomo » Mar 7th, '10, 06:51

overrated: Aragaki Yui, maybe it's not fair to judge her cause so far i've only seen her on a few things like koizra and code blue but i honestly feel like she's a pretty weak actress. she brought no emotional depth in koizora

overrated: Nishkido Ryo, don't get me wrong i actually really like Ryo but i think he's given way too much credit for his acting. i liked him in 1 litre of tears and ryusei no kizuna but i thought some of his acting was laughable in orthros no inu especially when he yells out "Ryuzaki!"

underrated: Fukushii Seiji, although i've only seen him in one thing, Innocent Love, he seriously was the best thing in that show! his character was so dark and creepy and so underused it was a crime! i really would love to see him in more stuff! plus he's totally hot imo and a way better actor than ryo, yamapi, and a whole lot of JE actors

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Post by koyuki-chan » Mar 11th, '10, 11:44

Overrated : Hor'rible'kita Maki, nothing special about her, I'm starting to hate her not-so-cute-fake smile in alot of dramas but seems that many adore and praise her acting (what the...) :thumbdown

Overrated : Akanishi Jin and Nishikido Ryo ... dunno what to say... just what kind of acting is that? :scratch:

Underrated and promising : definitely Ikuta Toma! He's one of the promising talents in Japanese drama, but I dunno why he doesn't have as much roles as I expected :x

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Post by marriedtomisaki » Mar 13th, '10, 03:33

nhk9 wrote:I wouldn't say that he's the worst actor, as long as you have the likes of Yamashita Tomohisa and Takenouchi Yutaka. It's nice though to be listening to the opinions of others.
Yeah but Yamashita Tomohisa has Nobuta Wo Produce to hang his hat on. His Akira was awesome. But I agree after that there isn't much there. He was dreadful in Code blue.

I'll give Ryo props for Last Friends I think that role fit him like a glove. Although that might not be a good thing. lol.

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Post by lenrasoon » Mar 13th, '10, 04:29

Overrated: Mizushima Hiro, i'm yet to watch a drama to back it up the hype he gets.

Underrated: Ohgo Suzuka, i love this girl since "Sexy voice and Robo", i just wish she could do a leading role in a drama

Promising: Naka Riisa, i've been watching her dramas since her first role on "My Boss My Hero", but didn't pay much attention to her until "Gakko ja Oshierarenai!" her comedy timing is great and after her amazing performance on "Ninkyo Helper" i can't wait to watch more things with her. Also Mizobata Junpei is catching my attention lately after i watched "Akai Ito", he's definitely getting more recognition which is great. oh and Shida Mirai! i love this girl so much, such a good promising actress.

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Post by lontong.stroong » May 15th, '13, 13:44

Well, is it too late to revive 3 years old dormant thread? :lol

Actually I already posted this comment in Tokyohive forum, but no one responds

Damn, too many good young actors and actresses (u-20) in these years. Even if we set aside more mature, popular and uber-capable Shida. They simply never cease to produce good actors with cute/good looking attributes, although in some past 10 years they seemed slow down. Too many actresses to be shortlisted because they are so capable given their experience and age. Of course there are some let-down or overrated "talents" , but better not to discuss it here :)

OK, here's my list:
Perhaps a guy like me sometimes neglect or sideline actors, compared to actresses :D, but not all fly under my radar. Some stood-outs:

Ryunosuke Kamiki (born 1993). If Shida Mirai was a boy, he was most likely she would look like, appearance- and talent-wise.

Yukito Nishii (born 1995). Perhaps another genius actor come from Japanese acting youth system. Really solid performance in Confessions and Suzuki Sensei, though these roles are not easy to portray. This dude is surely talented and has a great future ahead.

Kaoru Fujiwara (born 1995). Idem with Nishii, since they often play together. It's quite easy to pinpoint that both are so talented, they easily win castings in then-critically acclaimed shows like Confessions and Suzuki Sensei. I'd dare to say this kid is the next Tatsuya Fujiwara (coincidentally they share same surname :lol )

Shota Sometani (born 1992). I think everyone already know him, should I say more?

Ryusei Saito (born 1996). Former child actor who won my attention in Ryusei no Kizuna (playing as young Nino) and Hikari ni Tomo ni. After he grows up, he's still very good actor. Go and watch Suzuki Sensei (the series), he is superb there.

Takumi Kitamura (born 1997). Also another former child performer. Dubbed as the next Ninomiya for his recent good performance.

OMG this is my soft spot. A lot more good actresses compared to actors IMHO.

Ai Hashimoto (born 1996). This girl is definitely a staple in anyone's list. She's got strong screen presence for someone in her age.

Fumi Nikaido (born 1994). She has shown a level and talent waaaaay ahead of her age. Should be in everyone's list.

Mayuko Fukuda (born 1994). Even in her tender age, she was one of the best. Very strong in terms of nonverbal acting, yet still not got enough attention.

Suzuka Ohgo (born 1993). Too bad an actress this good always sacrificed in place of lesser-quality acting girls. The same as Fukuda, she needs more attentions. Still need to work a bit in screen presence and comedy, but her forte is in nonverbal acting.

Ayaka Miyoshi (born 1996). Who says every idol can never act so well?

Honoka Miki (born 1997). Her strong points are screen presence (perhaps one of the best in her generation) and accuracy. It's extremely easy to overact in shows like Itazura no Kiss yet she doesn't.

Yuiko Kariya (born 1996). Another U-20 elite. Her performance is so far a bit limited but she has boundless potential yet to unveil.

Tao Tsuchiya (born 1995). If you still don't know who she is, go and watch Suzuki Sensei

Kurumi Shimizu (born 1994). A new favorite of mine. Her acting style resembles younger Yuika Motokariya, simple but effective young actress. Amazed me in Kirishima Bukatsu Yammeteruyo.

Mayu Matsuoka (born 1995). Future versatility-based actress, reminiscent of her senior Mikako Tabe. Shows an amazing range (emotion-wise and role-wise) despite her relatively handful performances (movies and dramas).

Ayano Kudo (born 1996). Dubbed as the next Saki Fukuda. Superb performances in Suzuki Sensei and Kuro Onna Kyoushi.

Erina Mizuno (born 1993). Shame everyone only knows her as a very capable dancer. Can't hardly believe her acting skills are almost as good as her dancing technique, and she's versatile as well.

Rena Nounen (birn 1993). I checked unsubbed current asadora (Amachan) and find that she is decent and has nice comedic timing. Definitely someone to keep an eye on

Damn, I can name more than 20 other actresses (i.e. Kasumi Yamaya, Nanami Fujimoto, Fujiko Kojima, Rio Kanno, etc) in the list but I'm afraid running out of space :p

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Post by dennis008 » Jul 1st, '13, 07:45

overrated-shirota yu?? kamensahi kazuya maybe...

underrated- definitely ishihara satomi

promising new talent-renbutsu misako..

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Post by k361 » Jul 1st, '13, 16:56

underrated: Naka Riisa, Sakuraba Nanami, Narumi Riko, ...

Also wish to see again some girls form the drama Suzuki Sensei in serious roles

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Post by lontong.stroong » Jul 4th, '13, 06:52

k361 wrote:underrated: Naka Riisa, Sakuraba Nanami, Narumi Riko, ...

Also wish to see again some girls form the drama Suzuki Sensei in serious roles
Couldn't agree no more, can't hardly believe they could waste those good actors like water, or simply too few well-written scripts for everyone?

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Post by cute_angel » Jul 13th, '13, 21:51

Matsuzaka Tori - I really can't stand his acting and he irritates me. :glare:
Gouriki Ayame

Hiraoka Yuta - He should have more lead roles.
Mikami Kensei
Ashina Sei
Kiritani Kenta - He is a good actor
Miura Shohei

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