Take Care Of Us, Captain (SBS, 2012)

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Take Care Of Us, Captain (SBS, 2012)

Post by semi-fly » Jan 12th, '12, 23:04


Han Da Jin is an inspired pilot who tragically loses both of her parents after graduating from a prestigious pilot school in the US. She looses her faith in flying, but finds a reason to fly again to make her father proud. Kim Yoon Sung was Han Da Jin's fathers student and became a pilot under his studies, but after he tragically causes Han Da Jin's mother to die on the flight from Korea to San Francisco he loses faith in flying as well. Kim Yoon Sung finds his desire to fly again and turns out to be a successful captain. Han Da Jin and Kim Yoon Sung start to work together as captain and co-pilot, but Han Da Jin's way to become a successful captain is not guaranteed as Kim Yoon Sung wants to teach her the basics from the start. Also on the way of Han Da Jin's success is Kang Dong Soo, a flight tower manager who first brings the not pretty side in Han Da Jin.

Show Details
- Title: 부탁해요, 캡틴 / Butakhaeyo, Captain
- Previously known as: Fly Again
- Genre: Drama
- Episodes: 20
- Broadcast network: SBS
- Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-???-??
- Air time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

Koo Hye Sun as Han Da Jin
Ji Jin Hee as Kim Yoon Sung
Yoo Sun as Choi Ji Won
Lee Chun Hee as Kang Dong Soo
Lee Sung Min as Hong Mi Joo

Extended Cast
Lim Seong Eon as Jang Min Ah
Joo Sung Min (주성민) as Heo Jae Soo
Park Jae Rang (박재랑) as Jo Wan Joon
Ha Joo Hee as Lee Joo Ri
Kang Nam Gil as Choi Dal Ho
Kim Jin Geun as flight director
Sean Richard as James
Kim Chang Wan as Han Kyu Pil
Lee Hwi Hyang as Yang Mi Hye
Lee Saet Byul (이샛별) as Cha Geum Hee
Kil So Won (길소원) as Han Da Yeon
Lee Ah Hyun as Yang Mal Ja
Jo Hyung Ki as Kang Pal Bong
Choi Il Hwa as Hong In Tae
Suh In Suk as Hong Myung Jin
Jung Gyu Woon (cameo)

External Links
- Official Website

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Post by WildMuffins » Jan 15th, '12, 23:30

I was expecting a lot from this drama given the cast. Sadly I am very disappointed. The first episode was one of the stupidest I've ever seen. It's another example of a drama that displays absolutely no knowledge or respect for the industry in which the story takes place. If what occurred was indicative of the industry no one would ever fly on a commercial airliner. Even more pathetic is that with just a little bit of imagination they could have come up with realistic, intelligent scenarios instead of something that seems like it was written by 10-year-old idiots.

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Post by Peggy » Feb 15th, '12, 23:56

Totally agree.

Couldn't agree MORE

.I feel sorry for Ji Jin Hee.

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