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Dummy Mommy (SBS, 2012)

Posted: Mar 31st, '12, 18:59
by Ethlenn
Title: 바보 엄마 / Babo Eomma
Also known as: Dumb Mom
Genre: Family, drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-17 to TBA
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50
Official Website
Original book Babo Eomma by Choe Munjeong

A tale of love, conflict and reconciliation between three women of different generations. Young Joo, a genius with an IQ of 200 and the youngest editor of a leading fashion magazine, is constantly embarrassed by her dim-witted mother, who has an IQ of 56. Ashamed of her mother's intellectual disability and suffocated by her affection, Young Joo runs away to get married and leaves her mother behind. Young Joo, in turn, gives birth to her own daughter and finds herself in a different position.

Kim Hyun Joo as Kim Young Joo
Ha Hee Ra as Kim Sun Young
Ahn Seo Hyun as Park Dat Byul
Kim Jung Hoon as Lee Je Ha
Kim Tae Woo as Park Jung Do
Shin Hyun Joon as Choi Go Man
Yoo In Young as Oh Chae Rin
Gong Hyun Joo as Han Soo In
Park Hyung Shik (박형식) as Oh Soo Hyun
Kim Ha Kyoon as Oh Min Suk
Kim Chung as Jang Young Sook
Sa Hee as Park Jung Eun
Jo Duk Hyun as Butler Kim
Lee Joo Shil as So Gop Dan
Suh Dong Won as Bae Il Do
Baek Bo Ram (백보람) as Hong Yi Rim
Lee Se Na as Kim Soo Ri
Lee Eun Jung as Jo Sun Hee
Park Jae Rom as Na Jae Won
Chun Jae Ho (천재호) as Robert Oh
Park Chul Min as Kim Dae Young
Yang Eun Yong (양은용) as Kang Hyun Joo
Hong Suk Chun as hairdresser (cameo)
You may agree or disagree, but I know few people that enjoy this drama (myself included). It's a very well written and acted drama, touching some unpleasant and dark sides of human character.
Oh yes, and this has Shin Hyun Joon, if anything else fails. :salut:

Posted: Mar 31st, '12, 19:41
by Issy
Thanks E-chan for making this thread and I have to say that I'm one of people who really enjoying this drama. I started this one only because of SHJ and to my surprise got hooked from ep1.
As said above, the human side of this story is very touching and emotional.
Can't wait to discuss this drama with all :mrgreen:

Posted: Mar 31st, '12, 21:20
by Ethlenn
That would be probably only us +/- two people. D-A is getting more quiet in constructive discussions these days.

And thanks to Kim Jung Hoon's fans, this drama is fairly fast subbed^^
As I wrote someplace else, beginning of 2012 is definitely SBS' time.

Posted: Mar 31st, '12, 23:09
by Issy
I think this thread will be filled with our post mostly too. 8)
ok, so I have seen 3eps and waiting for the 4th and here are my thoughts.

I started this drama with feeling sympathetic towards YJ but my sympathy got less and less as story progressed. by ep3, I even felt happy for all those horrible events that was happening to her and I saw it as her karma.
some say that her feelings towards her sister are quiet normal. I might agree if she still was a at school and kept getting bullied because her sister is such a dummy and simpleton. but now that she is a grown professional woman and has a child, how on earth she still treating her sister with such cruelty? specially when she already knows that is something out of her sister's control.
Ok, I blame it on her recent misery and cheater husband. but still, I just can't get over that cruel treatment of her sick sister. in any way, we all know that she is going to change and she does not really hate her sister as she keeps saying and all just because of building up the drama.
I also read on other thread that
SY might be actually YJ's mom and not her sister. it kind of makes sense if we look at the title. This would be really interesting if its true.
The high lights of each eps have to be all Shin Hyon Joon's scenes and his butler. They are just priceless to watch. specially all those mathematical calculations that goes inside his head almost in every thing.

not sure if this going to happen in the drama but I really do want SY, YJ, GM, DB and the butler to live under one roof in that house. that would be fun to watch.

I will talk about the cheater husband in later posts. One thing I really hope is not have an ending like I Need Romance Drama. that would be a great disappointment for me.

Posted: Apr 1st, '12, 17:10
by Ethlenn
Issy wrote:
not sure if this going to happen in the drama but I really do want SY, YJ, GM, DB and the butler to live under one roof in that house. that would be fun to watch.
That would be dream ending, but I don't think this will be the case.
I still haven't seen ep 4, and I left it for tomorrow. But I can't blame YJ for her behavior. Kids in school are cruel and they don't understand others' situation, and any handicap situation is used by them to mock. I know what I'm talking about, me and my friend had over 10 years of nightmare because of some physical issue, and we were mocked constantly, teased, etc. I know how kids grow up hearing such things every day, so I can sympathize with YJ.
We may call her behavior cruel, yes, but had she any other solution than to cut herself from such a family that - intelectually - was a burden for her? Perhaps it's not a big issue here, in Europe (or actually it is, but it's swept under the carpet and we pretend it's just barbaric) to treat someone like a garbage because of the family background, but in confucian society this is one of the "blocks" that constitute a human as a 'brick' in a wall called society. Human doesn't exist separately, he's/she's is always connected to others.
So, a background may be seen as something that has an impact on a person's character.
If a kid is brought up in a family of thieves, and he/she is not taught that stealing is wrong - he/she will steal not seeing it's wrong.

It's not like I'm defending her actions, they are cruel, I know. But she has a motif, and I'm stating I understand her motif painfully well.

Her husband is not karma, he's just a cheating bastard that deserves to get beaten to a pulp (yes, I'm kinda violent), or better - he deserves a marriage with his oppa girl who will turn his life to hell (thanks to her gangster father, kkk).

I'm sure they won't get back together. They grew apart too much to reconcile.

Posted: Apr 1st, '12, 18:45
by Silverman
I will watch this one, but later, when more episodes are available.

Posted: Apr 1st, '12, 23:56
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:
Issy wrote:
not sure if this going to happen in the drama but I really do want SY, YJ, GM, DB and the butler to live under one roof in that house. that would be fun to watch.
That would be dream ending, but I don't think this will be the case.
No, I was not talking about the ending. I want it to happen actually right now. like the whole story unfolds while they are living together. maybe YJ loses the house some how and GM who wants to eat SY's cookings so badly offers them his place ....
yes, I do have wild imagination sometimes. :P and ability to make up stories. :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 2nd, '12, 10:29
by Ethlenn
Well, losing the house when your husband is Prof of Law is not that hard, kkk...
I'm more concerned about the kid. She's missing her dad and she loves him, unaware of all he has done. He's just a good Daddy who cooks for her while her mother forces her to learn and is always working.

I need ep 5 & 6 so bad.

P.S. I just read that this book is a sequel to "달빛 이야기" (Moonlight Story) and is based on true facts. The real main character is Datbyeol, a genius girl, who reconciles with her mother and grandmother. I'm also reading about the rape in the background, but not sure.

Posted: Apr 2nd, '12, 12:02
by Issy
I am still hating the cheater husband with passion but knowing that he married YJ aginst his will and he never wanted to be with her from the start makes him less cheater than before in my eyes. Not to forget him being an apportunistic guy ( as it runs in his family :whistling: ) so he most have been bribed big time to get married.

What puzzles me is the cheater husband family seems to be classy and rich yet they keep taking advantage as much as they can from YJ.

As for the kid, true! I am worried too. I want her to know about his true identity as soon as possible.
and now that we don't whose kid she really is and why YJ does not want to have DNA test
This drama keeping me entertained to the max. It has become my most one out of the ones I am watching.

Posted: Apr 2nd, '12, 20:33
by Ethlenn
I'm after ep 4 and I have to say one thing - Datbyeol scares me. This kid has no empathy whatsoever, she's really cold and messed up. And she apparently listens only to her Daddy, not even mother, not even that normal kid she's hanging with can influence her.
I really hope, like you Issy said, she will know her Daddy's real nature. He's a bastard and that's all. And his family is bunch of thieves, leeches and disgusting, shallow b*tches. I just wanted to strangle YJ's sister-in-law in the hospital.

Aaarrggh, I'm so frustrated!!!

Posted: Apr 2nd, '12, 21:57
by Issy
Thank god I am not the only one who is scared of that little kid. I seriously wanted to give her a hard slap on the face after all I have seen of her. She is in no way cute. I don't care if she is the Einstein of her era but I just can't stand the way she behaves. She is a bully herself. I want her to be disciplened so badly and I think SY is the person to do it.

Posted: Apr 6th, '12, 06:14
by tails2
Just finished watching the first episode. I thought the first half was a little slow, but what can I expect as i is only starting out. The second half was quite good. It had a couple of laughs which is a good sign.

Shin Hyun Joon is quite good. From his first scene it started to get better. I had never seen Ha Hee Ra in anything before, so I looked her up and man she doesn't look 52 at all. I think she will be a good character that will keep me hooked to this.

I have to say I got quite angry a couple of times. Kim Tae Woo & Yoo In Young make want to chuck something at the tv screen. 나쁜 사람

Posted: Apr 9th, '12, 11:32
by Issy
I watched the last 2 subbed eps and I have to say that somehow I am finding my blood pressure getting to the boiling points more often.
YJ is just too cruel and selfish (and I don't care how much she was bullied during her high school time and how everything is against her right now or she really does care about her sister deep inside). her words are just too harsh and too cruel to leave me with any sympathy for her. actually, one thing I can't comprehend during all those years that I have watched kdramas is the way they speak to each other with such harsh words and even between the family. to this degree of being hurtful. I have never seen it in any other dramas. maybe Korean people have developed quiet a think skin and they don't get hurt anymore. :whistling:
and now by end of ep6 we find out that SY is YJ real mother and YJ knew the truth herself all long. this fact making me dislike her even more. she already told her daughter off because she let SY out of the house as she can get easily lost but she herself leaves her in the middle of road and goes without any thinking. not even coming back to her but going food shopping.
That Kid is not normal. not because she is a genius but because she is too cruel, selfish and smug for her age (I wonder who she gets it from? :whistling: ). as I said before, it's not cute. but still, she is a kid. kids can't see the logic and truth even it's in front of them. and she is has chosen her cheater father over her mom. The only time I like to watch DB is when she calls her oppa (It's so sweet, even though it's weird with that age gap but I totally see the innocence going on there) and asks for his help.
Talking about DB, now that JY is refusing DNA test, all of us of wondering who is her real father then. my money is on JH. YJ's old friend. of course we have not seen them to be this close to have had a relationship before, but I think it will be explained later on. obviously something happened that prevented YJ telling JH and go to the old cheater husband instead. maybe he had a fiancé back then? otherwise, who else could it be?
I am going to ignore the cheater husband and his dumb annoying woman this time too. to save me some :cussing:

but the highlight of this drama for me still remains in SHJ's moments and how deals with everything. GM and his butler really make my day everytime they are on screen and I just don't know why their scenes are so little in each ep. :-(

Posted: May 13th, '12, 22:52
by Ethlenn

Posted: Aug 4th, '12, 23:36
by Sajen16
alright so I watched the first three episodes and the preview for episode 4 and decided I couldn't take any more of Young Joo so skipped to the last episode, now I'm confused but I'm not going back so I'll just ask a few questions
first when did Go Man and Sun Young become a couple, also when did Sun Young become Young Joo's mother instead of her sister? And really why did Sun Young die instead of her **** of apparently daughter Young Joo