[Discussion] Prime Minister and I

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who do you think that Nam Da Jung should be with?

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Kwon yul
Kand In Ho
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[Discussion] Prime Minister and I

Post by kdramaforever593 » Dec 19th, '13, 21:19

:D okay I need to talk to other people about this drama ep 4 just came out and I don't think I can wait till next week Monday every time I think about that drama I get so excited like you don't even know it is so funny Yoona is a great actress and so is lee beom soo who I will admit is looking pretty good in this kdrama

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Post by E-Licious » Jan 21st, '14, 17:31

I hope the show is as good as you say. It's not getting very good ratings though. I will still watch it since I'm a Yoonaddict. Not sure this is a series I want to follow every week so I think I will wait a few weeks when it's over and watch them all at once.

I find it funny that they keep pairing Yoona up with progressively older male leads. The only drama where the male lead was close to her age was Love Rain. She is a 90, and if you take Love Rain out, her male leads have been an 80, a 76, and now a 70! She must have a lot of uncle fans...lol

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