Jumong (MBC, 2006) historical drama

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Post by shirahime » Mar 18th, '07, 04:57

I tried to search for torrents for this here but I couldn't find it. Where can I find eps 13 and further?

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jumong episode 71 and 72

Post by javvy820 » Mar 20th, '07, 14:23

hi im not sure if this is allowed anyway,, just uploaded jumong episodes 71 and 72 via www.veoh.com under jayvelmanila account id,, titles mongju71 and mongju72 and episode 1 jumong_ep1,,

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Post by RyuNoKami » Mar 28th, '07, 13:22

does anyone have the song that plays during the the end of episode 35?

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Post by loveless_soul » Apr 9th, '07, 00:18

no one reply to this since march... wow
even if you guys haven't watch a historical drama before or have but didn't like it
you guys should still try this one..
i wouldn't say i watch the WHOLE serie.. i watch the beginning and somewhat at the end and i still gets it
when i have more time i will watch it from ep 1-81..
just finish episode 81 last night and i was crying for at least half of the episode..
it was really touching and i barely cry when watching dramas.. only sad ones
and yes this was was.. i`m almost in tears when i think about it too..
though i think the last episode they kind of rush the battles.. the war with the Han seem really short.. so yeah

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Post by karin-chan » Apr 9th, '07, 07:06

i honestLy dont LIke this drama at first bcoz i think its boring and i dont dig historicaL themes... however when my mom bought a dvd of it and joined watching it grew on me... but reaLLy reaLLy Long... it has 81 eps... my mom is currentLy watching this and she is stiLL in ep. 63

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Post by wujou_mao » Apr 15th, '07, 09:13

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Post by wujou_mao » Apr 15th, '07, 09:16

after seeing the 1st episode last year on tv, iv been waiting patiently for a DVD release. but them i was abit pissed that the normal run of the mill routine of korean drama with subs was not happening, as america is bringing it over. thats not a bad thing, but to be honest, i really prefur the korean versions as the boxsets are stunning. my question is vol 1-3 of the korean version is un-subbed, but according to http://global.yesasia.com/en/Search/SearchResult.aspx yesasia, vol 4 korean version has english subs. it cant be the american version by accident as its region 3, not region 1. so is this a mistake on yesasia's part? or the korean version really has english subs?

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Post by Kai Lien » Apr 15th, '07, 09:17

I think its a mistake. I'm pretty sure all of volumes will have english subtitles.

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final episode jumong

Post by opaque540 » Jun 15th, '07, 15:42

I missed the fial episode of jumong. can anyone tell me what happened? is there a synopsis posted anywhere? :cry:

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Post by Norlia » Jun 27th, '07, 03:15

opaque540, go to soompi.com and register than you can search for jumong. You can find everything there

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Post by liangjie » Sep 9th, '07, 15:42

:D hey guys look what i found
prince ryan torda jumong.JPG
prince ryan torda jumong.JPG (18.82 KiB) Viewed 633 times

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Post by cindai » Sep 24th, '07, 10:14

the songs for this drama is really nice. anyone knows where to find the ost? it's not at the torrent :-(

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Post by tourette » Oct 4th, '08, 15:02

it tooks me ages to finally give that one a chance. everyone were praising it but i couldn't get through the 2 first episodes. but now i am at ep 22 and am totally hooked. i am amazed how the show developpes even if there is nothing much new going on there. the story is rather quite simple and you can easily guess what will happen next and in the future.
in fact, i started watching this thinking it was really historically related before realizing it is a King Arthur-like legend drama. not that i care much actually. hope the show continues at that speed.

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Post by ImL0st » Oct 4th, '08, 15:13

I like thhe one about Jumong's grand don which's showing, only subbed to ep6 and I'm keep waiting for the next eps to be released :-)

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