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Hello My Teacher (SBS, 2005)

Posted: Jun 4th, '06, 09:13
by ebony
[img] ... 1791f2.jpg[/img]
Gong Hyo Jin as Na Bo-ri
Gong Yoo as Park Tae-in
Kim Da Hyun as Ji Hyun-woo
Choi Yeo Jin as Noh Jem-ma

i've just started to watch this show and i really really like it. i couldn't find any other thread about this but if there is please close this one down and i'm really sorry for starting it. i was just wondering what other people thought of it.

thankyou :D

Posted: Jun 4th, '06, 09:37
by KoreanMania
Wow, a couple of days ago when I checked out Gong Yoo's new drama 'One Fine Day' and I even looked through the threads to avoid having a duplicate, but it ended up that the thread for that drama has already been started :lol But anyways, after that I was thinking about not seeing the thread for this drama, but I'm really glad you started it, ebony! :D Oh my goodness, I really like this drama too! It turned out better than I thought it will and I'm totally addicted to it right now and really thankful at the same time that the S.O.S team is working on it :thumright: I had to stop myself from watching Episode 12, better save the best for the last :lol So think I better get busy with all the other K-drama/movie before I continue this one.. haha

Gong Yoo has great acting talent and so does Gong Hyo Jin. A very warm-hearted and touching drama about how Teacher Na Bo-Ri endured being a teacher though she faced lots of hardships and how she was always there to help her students in their life problems :-) And how it changed their life in the end, not to mention, it's really sweet to see all the classmates caring for and helping each other in times of trouble :wub: Of course, not forgetting, Gong Yoo & Hyo Jin really got some good chemistry between them, and I just love them both a lot! :wub: (In fact, I was always anticipating their next scenes, their expression, conversation and happenings between them just keeps you glued to your seat!) This is a definitely must-watch drama for those who haven't watch it, brings laughter and tears, and overall, a great drama! :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:

ebony, hope you don't mind if I include both the wiki and the official website for this drama? Just in case anyone needs it, here's the links :

[img] ... eacher.jpg[/img] :wub:

Posted: Jun 4th, '06, 18:06
by ebony
i really am just so addicted to this show and i'm glad that i didn't duplicate the thread and thankyou for including the links. this is a drama where i want to know the ending before i carry on watching i have about five episodes to watch but i really really wanna know the ending, so if there's anyone that wants to spoil me and give me just a quick description of the ending i would really love it :whistling:
as for gong yoo when i first saw him i thought he looked a lot like hyun bin but after watching him more and more in this drama i really can't wait to watch his next drama.
i highly recommend this drama it's become a real favourite and i thank the subbers for makeing it possible to watch in english.

Posted: Jun 9th, '06, 20:11
by doom89757
Yup, this show is not bad, it currently aring in my country TV channel

Posted: Jun 12th, '06, 10:28
by rambutan
After reading the reviews, I am interested in the series. However, this series has few seeders so I am discouraged from dl. Can someone batch this file please? Batched file is easier to seed and leech. Thank you.

Posted: Jun 13th, '06, 01:18
by didia
i would love to download it, but is there subs for it?

Posted: Jun 13th, '06, 05:55
by rambutan
didia wrote:i would love to download it, but is there subs for it?
Subs can be found here: ... 843#469843

Posted: Jun 15th, '06, 06:37
by lil_vi3t_cupid
i just started this drama and i'm really enjoying it! The scenes are so cute and i love Gong Yoo's group of friends!

I was just wondering if EuiChul, the tall lanky cute one, gets a story of his own?

Posted: Nov 13th, '06, 06:08
by ch3nny
hey guys any1 know where i can dl hq versions 700mb of this series on clubbox, sendspace or megaupload from ep 11 and onwards? thanks!!!!

Posted: Nov 15th, '06, 07:26
by cuteangelika
Sorry to rain on your parade guys but I've seen this and I must admit the first few episodes were addicting but I got disappointed when it came to the last episodes. It was just dragging and repetitive. I dont know, to each her own, i guess.. sorry, just my two cents.. but do continue watching it, you might like it. I might just have had high hopes on it.

Posted: Dec 1st, '06, 05:42
by daisylya
dis drama is great..i love gong yoo and his 8)

Posted: Dec 6th, '06, 05:20
by *kawaii*
a very romantic , funny and cute drama
i really liked it :)

Posted: Dec 26th, '06, 02:51
by blueriver
i very like gong yoo, but i couldn't find the link for this drama.
Can somebody please show me where are they?
Thanks so much

Posted: Jan 15th, '07, 13:30
by merrica
Not being seeded anymore? Pity...I like what I have seen of it

Seed, please!

Posted: Jun 24th, '07, 06:52
by Nonbirira
Although this drama is a little old now, there is a group of us who would LOVE to see it! So...would greatly appreciate some seeders (especially for episode 2 - a large group of us have been stuck there for weeks). I promise to seed as well! THANK YOU!! (Mwa! I kiss your feet, oh honorable seeder) :mrgreen:

Posted: Jun 24th, '07, 07:00
by Nonbirira
A HUGE THANK YOU to the seeder who is seeding episode 2! WOW! What a quick response to my request! Greatly appreciate you!

Posted: Jun 25th, '07, 17:41
by *kawaii*



Posted: Jun 27th, '07, 21:58
by Nonbirira
New seed request! A bunch of us are now stuck at episode 8. Would grealy appreciate it if some kind hearted seeder would help us out! Bless your seeder soul! (Yes, I've done the official seeder request route as well.) THANK YOU! :D

Seeders for episodes 12 and 16, please!!

Posted: Jun 30th, '07, 13:40
by Nonbirira
A BIG MWAA (=kiss) to the person who seeded episode 8! Thank you! Looks like almost all of the episodes are seeded except for episodes 12 and 16. Quite a few of us are stuck there. We would greatly appreciate it if you could help us out! Thanks! Promise to seed! (Yes, I did an official request as well...)

Really enjoying the drama - I teach in Japan and this all feels so familiar (except for the flying-the-air martial arts stuff...LOL!).

Seeders for Episode 14-16 onegaishimasu!

Posted: Jul 5th, '07, 14:00
by ^FuNKy^
I've tried posting this on the Episode 14 thread but for some reason when I click "reply" I keep getting redirected to the main page =(

If someone could seed the last three episodes (Episode 14-16) I would be ever so grateful!

And thanks to the kind person who seeded the last 1.5% of Episode 12 for a whole bunch of us who have been stuck at 98.5% for ages! :wub:

Posted: Jul 5th, '07, 14:11
by Nonbirira
Yes!! Kisses left, right and center for the seeder of episode 12! :mrgreen: And I second the request for seeders on the final 3 episodes. There are seeders but things are moving very, very slowly... Thanks!!

Seeders for episode 14, please!!

Posted: Jul 11th, '07, 12:58
by Nonbirira
Thanks to all the seeders that have helped out with this round! Just having trouble with episode 14... Quite a few of us are stuck at 80% and have been for quite a while. You would thrill our leecher souls if you could seed it for us! THANKS! :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 8th, '07, 10:28
by littledraci
:lol haha, thanks to Coffe Prince I found my Gong Yoo :wub: :wub: *wtf..why did it take me so long*
---checked out wiki and finally found crunchyroll is streaming this drama.
watched 6 episodes in a row *god, I'm crazy, I know :whistling:*

well, so far I've to say I really like it. But it was hard to imagine Gong Yoo as a highschool student..and even it is now sometimes..he just look too manly *aawwww hot :wub: * for this role...but when he is smiling and makes his jokes - hehe, just like a little boy, so cute.
I don't really like the art teacher... remembers me of all the stories about teacher-student- relationships even if she's a teacher by herself now :scratch: funny, but I don't see the relationship with her and Gong Yoo like a teacher-student-story :scratch:

I watched Sang-Doo, lets go to school half a year ago with her - Na Bo Ri - and I was really surprised with her acting. I actually liked her pretty much in it. And I like her in Helly My Teacher!

The drama itself..well, it reminds me a lot of GTO, with these stories about her students.but it's unlike GTO - at least in the beginning, where you have one students story in one episode. The teacher is the main character with a LOT more romance than GTO <- that's why I like it more than GTO :cheers:

...mmhhh...finished for now *have to watch the rest later, 'til the releases of Coffee Prince* :mrgreen:

loved it!!

Posted: Sep 27th, '07, 17:44
by JlovesVan
I am a couple episodes away from finishing this drama and I must say it is fantastic! I don't know why it took me this long to watch it. Aside from a bit of an after school special hokiness at times, it it funny, sweet and has a great cast. I urge anyone who hasn't seen it yet to watch it :)

Posted: Sep 29th, '07, 12:06
by ZeZuZ
Hi all,

I just discovered this drama recently after watching Coffee Prince. It's absolutely GREAT. I love it. Goong Yoo looks much younger and cooler in this drama compared to Coffee Prince. Hope after the army, he will continue releasing new and great dramas/movies like these.

Hope all the seeders will continue seeding this GREAT drama, I'm still downloading it at the moment. Thank you very much!

Posted: Nov 14th, '07, 20:20
by Hitokiri_Johndoesai
I watched the first 7 episodes and i really LIKED it. Gong Hyo Jin is a really great actress. I've first seen her on "Let's Go To School Sang-Doo" , then in "Ruler of Your Own World". Gong Yoo is really cute, I couldn't think of him as a high school student at first, but he did a good job. The seemingly impossible "Teacher-Student Love" between Gong Hyo Jin and Gong Yoo is really heartbreaking; I'm really sorry for Gong Yoo. She just can't see him as a man. The art teacher is really handsome and kind too; but if the ending turns out like I anticipated, I'll feel sorry for him.

Posted: Nov 15th, '07, 03:27
by belleza
Yeah, this is kind of the prototypical Gong Yoo role. He was terrific in Coffee Prince, but he actually dialed back his trademark acting style for that role.

He's fallen for his teacher; he's fallen in love with his adopted sister; he's fallen in love with a boy who's really a girl. What could be a series of creepy choices turns into an avenue to watching this actor play the fine line between man and child. Gong Yoo is among the most physical actors in Korean drama too, and it's used to really good effect here.

Gong Hyo Jin's probably my favorite actress now, because of her ability to interpret the marginality of her characters. Few young actors or actresses are more cerebral at "the slouch" of life than Gong Hyo Jin. Much of her acting is about subtraction. If a Eun Hye is about 20 different simultaneous gestures to make one impression, Gong Hyo Jin is about the hesitation to even making that impression, because she knows that somebody is listening, somebody is waiting for her response. Few actresses in K-drama are as aware about one-to-one reaction as she is, just as few young actors are more in tuned with people body language as Gong Yoo.

If you watch her performance, notice how her character interacts with the male students. She's too casual with them, and yet she doesn't seem aware at all how flirtacious, how casual she is with the students. She doesn't build a line between herself and the students, because she herself has never properly graduated and gone onto university. She doesn't know anything else, and her irresponsibility towards him belies genuine naivete. And it helps to articulate a sense of attraction that is not clearly understated in the script; she is just only a caring person to him and her class; she becomes physically attractive to him and the other boys.

Gong Hyo Jin nails this perfectly while the story remains pretty light. It's a neat character study rapped in rom-com -- their situation is an accident waiting to happen . . .and yet doesn't mean to let it happen.

Posted: Nov 18th, '07, 20:49
by Hitokiri_Johndoesai
I just finished watching the Drama, it was really interesting, just beautiful. I liked the leads sooo much! The cast was generally good too. I have a question about the ending:


What does this mean? I'm really curious.

Posted: Nov 18th, '07, 22:56
by Morphin
Just found this drama after it is KSoTM in november :p
Really, it's a good drama =)
Funny and romantic.
I love the battle when Gong Yoo is captured and the "reality" in the end of the episode :)

Posted: Nov 24th, '07, 21:23
by asian_grl
This series made me laugh, cry, and squeal like crazy, but I started getting annoyed at around Episode 10. I find it so irritating that Bo Ri fell out of love so easily. Hyun Woo did nothing wrong that I can tell, apart from when Eun Seong had the families meet again to try to trap him. He professed his love to her at every opportunity, yet Bo Ri kept getting mad and misunderstanding him.

The 2 guys are gorgeous *drools* I'll marry either of them lol..

Posted: Nov 27th, '07, 05:38
by ZeZuZ
Hitokiri_Johndoesai wrote:I just finished watching the Drama, it was really interesting, just beautiful. I liked the leads sooo much! The cast was generally good too. I have a question about the ending:


What does this mean? I'm really curious.
I have the same question. Can anyone who knows Korean translate this for us?

Posted: Nov 27th, '07, 05:46
by suuuueee
^ it's basically saying thanks for watching.

"thanks to all of you who've watched and loved 'hello my teacher.'"

but idk what 시청자 means.

Posted: Nov 27th, '07, 07:16
by ZeZuZ
suuuueee wrote:^ it's basically saying thanks for watching.

"thanks to all of you who've watched and loved 'hello my teacher.'"

but idk what 시청자 means.
Thank you for translating it. From altavista babel fish, I know that 시청자 means "Viewers". Really miss this series even though I watched it twice already. Can't wait til Gong Yoo's next project. It will be long though.

Posted: Nov 27th, '07, 07:36
by Hitokiri_Johndoesai
Thanks for the translation. It was a really sweet drama.

Posted: Nov 28th, '07, 01:37
by suuuueee
no problem :D
but sigh. gong yoo is going to goondae, no? i guess we won't be seeing him for a while T_T

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 14:11
by never2muchcoffee
I see it's been a few years since anyone has posted to this thread, but I'm hoping that someone will see this and be able to answer my question about the last part of the last episode. Warning: MAJOR spoiler so if you don't want the ending given away, don't read it!
After the tagline that says something like "The day after biscuit teacher and star candy's wedding" we see Bo Ri walking with the art teacher/ex-fiance in a school and he's showing her a listing of the teachers there. She looks surprised at something she sees on the list. Then we see Tai-in in a classroom talking to students about all he had to do to get his girlfriend to marry him (which was quite funny to me, honestly). Bo Ri walks in and teasingly takes him to task. He's all apologetic then sneaks a cheeky kiss (pun intended) and runs out. Okay, so my question is Bo Ri's role. It's obvious that Tai-in is now a teacher at his uncle's school. How does Bo Ri not know this when she's married to the guy? What's her position that she's carrying around a cane in a school like that? I'm confuuuuuuuuused.

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 14:58
by Morphin
He just probably managed to hide his hiring from Bo Ri with the art-teacher help to make a surprise. And her postion ? probably just a normal teacher (or more likely homeroom teacher :p). I doubt there is any profound meaning here xD
It's just my point of vue but at least the ending here isn't bad, and don't just end with a "i love you" and they kiss (like so many romance drama...)[/spoiler]

Posted: Sep 25th, '10, 15:12
by never2muchcoffee
Thanks! I didn't figure there was any profound meaning or anything like that, I just wondered
how she could not know if she was married to him and also a teacher there herself. But your idea does sound good - if uncle art-teacher helped Tai-in keep it a secret, then that would explain the scenario. Makes sense to me! :)

Posted: Aug 12th, '12, 12:21
by sunflower63
I just finished watching this and I really, really enjoyed it. I had seen Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince and initially it was a little weird to see him a little younger and in the role of a student. However, little by little he really conquers the viewer and it is impossible not to be deeply touched by all of his actions. The chemistry between him and the teacher is incredible and the story is really passionate. A definite rewatch for me and a great classic.