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My Older Sister (MBC, 2006)

Discuss Korean drama series here.
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My Older Sister (MBC, 2006)

Post by chunu » Sep 26th, '06, 20:14

[MBC] My Older Sister ( Episodes: ? )
[img]http://img74.imageshack.us/img74/4497/2 ... opyde1.gif[/img]

Cast: Song Yoon Ah (Hotelier, Arang), Kim Sung Soo (Full House, Monopoly), Heo Young Ran, Kang Kyung Joon (Nonstop 5), Jo Kyung Hwan (Dae Jang Geum, Sad Love Story), Park Geun Hyung (Miss Mermaid, To Marry A Millionaire), Yang Hee Kyung (Let's Go To School, Sang Doo; Super Rookie), Kim Ja Ok (Attic Cat, My Name Is Kim Sam-soon), Ahn Yeon Hong (Sweet Spy, One Fine Day)
Airing: 8/12/06 - Sat/Sun Nights (Replaces Really Really Like You)
PD: Oh Kyung-Hoon
Writer: Kim Jung-Soo (You And I)
Official Website
Credit Soompi

She faces poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar to her than sadness. But she proudly recovers her original place by believing in herself.
Many people regard accumulation of riches as the ultimate value of life. However, we have now reached a point where we need to look back and reconsider our life goals. This drama series revolves around a twenty-something woman who is suddenly thrown into the cold world together with her immature brothers, after losing her father to a sudden accident. Within a very short period, she experiences the two extreme facets of life. Coming face-to-face with poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar than sadness, she also has to withstand psychological downfall, which is more difficult than her loss of wealth. Fortunately, there is a man standing next to her, quietly supporting her. She overcomes her crisis thanks to this simple, warm-hearted man and his family, finally recovering her original place through her own strength and means. Through this young woman and stories about people around her, this drama series intends to ponder about the true and worthy values that we need to pursue to make our lives more meaningful.
Credit Summary Info: Drama Wiki Page

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Post by chunu » Sep 26th, '06, 20:21

hehe...just thought of starting this kdrama discussions thread since these are
among my 2 favorite leading actor / actress. Let's hear everyone thought on this
drama. Please be nice ... hehe...and BTW, does anyone knnows exactly how many eps.
there is? I read over at Soompi posted by Luv that it mite be about 50 Episodes.
I'm about to drop since this is also one of our D-Fansubs Project. :blink

I've just starte watching only 2 eps. and started liking it....I'm bitting my nails and
hope it'll be with a good ending and not rushing kindda ending.

Okay...that's all I have to say for now...come on guys and gals, let's hear ya. :wub:

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Post by chunu » Sep 27th, '06, 23:44

hello peers...here are some of the pictures I got over at Soompi.
enjoy ! :wub:
Someone, please translate for us. :-( Thank You! :D
[img]http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/5016 ... t01eu6.gif[/img]
Credit: Soompi:

[img]http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/6981 ... 9reri5.jpg[/img]
Credit: Soompi / MBC

[img]http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/7568 ... 252un3.jpg[/img]
Credit: Soompi:

hehe...I'll post more up later. :wub:

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Post by koulen » Oct 20th, '06, 13:45

Where can I find English sub? I have been looking all over but couldn't find it. Can someone please give me the link? Thanks.

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Post by noura » Nov 4th, '06, 13:21

koulen :: from the home page , go :: Subtitle>>my older sister..you'll find the sub files..only two episodes have been released..you'll have to wait for the kind people in D-Fansubs
to do there great job.

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Post by a_evie » Jan 7th, '07, 06:24

i've just downloaded the torrents for episode 1-6 but have yet to see any seeders etc.

keeping my fingers crossed..based on what i read..it looks like a good one to watch.

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Post by altitude143 » Sep 17th, '09, 14:11

You can watch this great drama at crunchyroll.com under the title "My Beloved Sister". This is really a must see drama.

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