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Best Hong Sisters Masterpiece

Discuss Korean drama series here.
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What is your favorite drama written by the Hong sisters?

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005)
My Girl (SBS, 2005)
Total votes: 71

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Best Hong Sisters Masterpiece

Post by fizzlex3mh » May 11th, '07, 23:44

The topic discussion is which Hong sisters drama do you like the best?
Most people have seen at least one of the Hong sisters' dramas.
And if you haven't, go watch one...NOW
Since these 3 dramas are so simliar I wanted to see how they compare in popularity.

Starring Han Chae Young, Jae Hee, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Shi Eun

Two words: Jae Hee
I think pretty much every female who watched this fell in love with the actor who plays Mong-Ryong
Also, DGCH has the best OST of the three.

Starring Lee Dae Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Junki, Park Si Yeon

Sizzling chemistry
The first one of the three that I saw, and one of my first kdramas so it had a big effect on me.
My favorite rom com to this day!

Starring Han Ye Seul, Oh Ji Ho, Kim Sung Min, Park Han Byul

Great characters
I decided to try this drama because of how much I liked its predecessors and it turned out to be a very wise choice.
I love dramas that make you love something about each character.
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Post by rambutan » May 11th, '07, 23:54

My Girl was my top fave. Held my attention throughout the 16 ep and even had repeats. Fantasy Couple was OK, had some good laughs but I wasn't jumping off my chair. No repeats either. Delightful Girl - I nearly couldn't finish it. The middle was draggy, with the other guy trying to get her and messing things up, etc. So I missed a few ep and skipped to the last one or two ep and closed the series. Never felt like going back for repeats.

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Post by starryeyed » May 12th, '07, 00:10


I didnt enjoy the other two as much as i enjoyed FANTASY COUPLE. It is sad that FANTASY COUPLE is underrated compared to the other two.

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Post by BOGCHI » May 12th, '07, 00:33

I'd have to pick My Girl.
Fantasy Couple was nice, but it had a lot of boring moments. It had a good story though, and very CRAZY characters.. It's a very "stylish" drama.

Delightful Girl was good too.. until you get to the middle which gets a little bit draggy, but still very watchable.

Now My Girl.. I thought it was just great all around. To be honest.. I really don't think LeeDaHae is an extremely beautiful actress, but this drama got me to look at her in a different way to the point that I'd pick her over SongHyeGyo (or maybe not..).

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Post by kobe23 » May 12th, '07, 15:11

My Girl by a long shot. It's one of those drama's that leaves you with a lasting impression.

Fantasy Couple was funny in parts, but generally quite boring.

DGCH I didn't like mainly because I didn't like the characters, but otherwise it was alright.

All 3 dramas are very similar and I would be reluctant to watch any of the Hong sisters' future projects :O Unless of course, Song Hye Kyo stars in it....or Kim Tae Hee ....or.....yeah you get the drift :)

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Post by fizzlex3mh » May 13th, '07, 00:07

awww... no Delightful Girl fans? :-(
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Post by lenrasoon » May 13th, '07, 00:12

fantasy couple is my favorite *.*

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Post by bedifferent » Jun 23rd, '07, 04:39

ok.. here it is!
My vote is for Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang! Mostly due to the one-man-show that is called Jae Hee. Seriously, this series has the more complete story (even though it was draggy in the middle). The writing was so clever and terrific. Love the ending of each episode. Some of the scenes got me rolling on the floor like no other series have. I like the transition from high school to adulthood by both leads. Comedy, drama, romance and action all in one. It has the best ending among all 3. Just love the chemistry between HCY and JH on screen. JH was so cute! :wub:

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Post by arabian » Jun 23rd, '07, 08:35

My girl & Fantasy Couple are the best & enjoyable..

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Post by bean » Jun 23rd, '07, 12:26

My Girl coz sassy girl chun hyang is very boring at the end... Only like the beginning.

Well, My Girl, is more funny and dindt make me feel sucks until the end of the drama..

I think maybe because got Lee Junki and Doong Wook wakaka.... :D

MY GIRL... never watch fantasy couple :roll

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Post by anhnie » Jun 23rd, '07, 19:48

Without a doubt, it's gotta be My Girl! that was such a cute romantic comedy! it had good humor & the leads were so cute together! ....i havent seen Fantasy Couple yet so i dunno..and Delightful Girl, i'm on episode 5 of that..and it seems okie so far but the lead actress just annoys me, she doesnt really fit the role at all 'cuz she's supposed to be sassy, but she's not.

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Post by jinjai87 » Jun 23rd, '07, 20:04

my vote goes to "Delightful Girl Choon Hyang " because it was just a perfect drama in anyway i think of it,

My Girl has "Lee Dae Hae" in it as the main female lead and she is indeed a great actress, but the last 4 ep they tried to stuff too many things in it, but it was a great series

Fantasy Couple never seen it yet

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Jun 24th, '07, 04:16

I'm surprised Fantasy Couple has more votes than DGCH. I always thought it was quite underrated compared to the two. :scratch:
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Post by mayette31 » Aug 6th, '07, 03:36

Hmmm... It's a tie between DGCH and My Girl. LDW and LDH were so cute in My Girl. I loved their kissing scene. So sweet! But Jae Hee as Mong Ryong absolutely rocked! Isn't he the funniest? My goodness! He made my heart melt in episode 9. =)

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Post by leenzy » May 1st, '08, 02:27

MY Girl d BEST!!... :)

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Post by nysophia » May 1st, '08, 02:45

My Girl hands down! LDW and LDH had such great chemistry and LDH really knows how to act <3

i think that Fantasy Couple was great, but really, it was hard to keep watching it towards the middle, because it got kinda boring. DGCH was kinda...typical... i like jae hee and all, but you can't choose that drama JUST because of him.

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Post by myusername » May 1st, '08, 14:36

Fantasy Couple!! I thought the other two were boring. I watched about 10 episodes and then skipped to the end.

abel nightroad
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Post by abel nightroad » May 2nd, '08, 14:47

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang for me!! i like the relationship between CH and MR... they are so cute together... plus the sound track also is very nice... the storyline was ok and the leads did a very good job IMO.

i haven't watched Fantasy Couple... seeing that many people here like it... i will watch it...

I don't know why but My Girl didn't made a very big impact on me... maybe a lot of people said it was very good that i had a lot of expectations from it... it is still a very nice drama but i will still go with DGCH

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Post by pansiu » May 2nd, '08, 15:04

Fantasy Couple for me, because I really like Han Ye Seul. But DGCH has the best story.

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Post by brokendreams » May 4th, '08, 06:51

DGCH! cute couple, most romantic scenes, awesome soundtrack.

but i liked my girl too!

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Post by theedqueen » May 5th, '08, 04:13

Choong-hyang definitely. My Girl and Fantasy Couple were good, but I just LOVED Choon-hyang.It was funny, loved the characters, and the chemistry was awesome. Also loved the OST and the unique Chosun parodies at the end.

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Post by cherio » May 5th, '08, 21:51

1st- MY GIRL
2ND-DElightful girl

i havent seen Fantasy Couple yet.
haven't have the time.
maybe soon

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Post by *member* » May 8th, '08, 22:20

I'm sadden to see that DGCH its not getting much love. :-( to date its my favorite drama. i thought it had everything it was funny, romantic enough, it had action great action and each characters was well developed. also interesting twist and turns. it was not boring at all.

oh well what can i do :cry:

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Post by amktsy » Oct 19th, '09, 05:27

i vote fantasy couple.
in fact i only watch bits of delightful girl choon hyung so i cannot conclude much.
I love fantasy couple,the funniest kdrama i ever watch.
My girl is good......but i also don't know why,i just not a fan of it...

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Post by Neliets » Oct 19th, '09, 12:52

My girl. No doubt.

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Post by nancywong1224 » Sep 27th, '10, 22:38


I have seen many K dramas but this one is the nearest and dearest to my heart

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Post by JiveTalkinRobot » Sep 28th, '10, 00:16

My Girl is my favorite KDrama of all time and probably my favorite show/miniseries of all time.

If they ruin Gumiho I am going to be pissed at the Hong Sisters though.

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Post by leilan » Sep 28th, '10, 00:24

Definitely, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang. They are jus so cute!!! I love them

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Post by Neliets » Oct 4th, '10, 13:47

Delightful girl was so boring. So I choose My Girl. ;]

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Post by Ethlenn » Oct 4th, '10, 15:07

Hmm, first thing, is there something like "bad masterpierce"? Masterpiece is a masterpiece, the highest peak, it can't have good or bad equvalents.
Second: all Hong sisters dramas are mediocre. Funny at the moment, but nothing more.

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Post by MGIAG » May 16th, '11, 01:47

why my girlfriend is a gumiho is not there?

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Post by sigep66 » May 16th, '11, 02:43

because it's a 4 year old thread.....

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Post by SouthsideIrish » Jun 6th, '11, 14:03

Dropped Greatest Love, so my record stands. Still have not finished a Hong drama. The most overrated scriptwriters on Earth!

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