Seoul's Sad Song / Hansung Byeolgok (KBS2, 2007)

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Seoul's Sad Song / Hansung Byeolgok (KBS2, 2007)

Post by skyccm » Jul 9th, '07, 08:09

I'm very excited that there'll be interesting krdamas start.
'Hansung Byeolgok - 正'(한성별곡 - 正) is one of those.
(I have no idea what I have to write it on in English..^^;)

It looks very interesting. kinda crime investigation.. things... I guess...^^

Preview Clip ... VID=758134[/url]
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Post by tkman1 » Jul 19th, '07, 02:23

Even though i am a Korean. I can count on my fingers k-dramas I have seen. I don't know why i don't like my country's drama. But while watching this drama , I was totally into it.
This drama was made before showing on TV and has 8 episdoes. It describe the political situation that happened in Hanseong (the past captial of korea )In 1800s korea, There was a fiercely political battle of the aristocrats , always oppose king's idea , very conservative and disregard their king, and the king, jong -jo, who lost his father by the conspiracy of them. During this era, Most of people in the country suffered hunger while the greedy aristocrat and politician were lining their pocket . The king wanted to rebuild the korea that nobody die of hunger and formulate policies for the lower class of society as well as revenge them.

After he managed to be crowned king and get his reliable servants . he decided to transfer the capital to widens his political power so that he could put his belief into action . This is somewhat similar to the present polictical situation . Because of that, this drama was almost blacked out after airing 2 espisodes with the pressure from some high ranking officials who are against the incumbent president.

it sounds serious but it is funny at the same time like the money's warfare
I think it is because of the supporting casts' good performance and plus the visual in it is so beautiful .

here is another preview ... 48e7_1.wmv

OST Clip ... VID=803462
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Seouls sad song

Post by wujou_mao » Aug 30th, '07, 14:50

Seouls sad song

i saw this in a video shop in malaysia today. but i dont trust the chinese subbing the drama into english as the grammer mistakes are off putting.
would we ever see this little known historical drama being released in this conmuminty?

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Post by arabian » Aug 30th, '07, 18:05

No sub for the drama yet..& also no one will sub it as for now.. :-)
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Post by wujou_mao » Sep 1st, '07, 07:39

well i picked up the so called dvd [tv rip] last night. rather short episodes and not so much confusing subtitles, but i know they could be better. i have seen much worse.

i'll wait and see what happens in the meantime on a real rip

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Post by huyie » Sep 1st, '07, 12:20

wujou_mao, are the subtitles hardsubbed onto the DVD? or do you have an option to turn them on/off? I was wondering if it was the latter, would you be able to rip the subtitles using SubRip, and post it to the Community Fansub Project, it might save a Fansub group from timing it from scratch. since this is 8 episodes long, someone kind hearted soul might be able to transcribe from the KBS-World TV airings.

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Post by wujou_mao » Sep 3rd, '07, 09:49

you have the option to change them off. english and chinese. well i'm on holiday here in malaysia, and i go back home to uk this saturday. if someone hasnt done it already by the time i fiqure out how to upload the subs, i'll do it.

as iv been lazy here while on holiday, i did happen to see a few episodes rather than just have a butchers at a few scenes. how the drama was ripped from tv isnt in the normal routine. out of 2 disks, each disk has 8 chapters, and run at 25 mins each. it would be a waste of time putting the subs up if the drama is released as 50 min episodes as it normally is

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Post by maakopla » Aug 3rd, '08, 08:49

Thsi drama seems so damn interesting. Right now I'm into historical darmas and it's a pity that no ne has picked this up. oooh, shoot I don't understand Korean that well T_T And the lead guys are hot too. Well gotta look for the DVD version.
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Post by creidesca » Aug 5th, '08, 12:45

The Director's Cut DVD set with english subs has been out for some time already. ... rch&genre=
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