Romance (MBC, 2002)

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Romance (MBC, 2002)

Post by 192192122129812 » Jul 29th, '07, 01:53

This kdrama seems really interesting, I am very surprised d-addicts hasn't talked nor uploaded this sorta drama. I am very interested in watching it...but the problem is i can't find any episodes past 8. I'm sad...
anyone else find this drama amazing?


Year Published: 2002
Genre : Drama
Total part/eps: 16
Director: Lee Dae-Young
Casting: Kim Je-Won, Kim Ha-Neul
Language: Korean
Choi Kwan-Woo (Kim Jae-Won), a vivacious and noble young man, and Kim Chae-Won (Kim Ha-Neul), a free-spirited teacher, serendipitously meet at a blossom festival and hopelessly fall in love amid innocent lies and social taboos.

April 1999, Kwan Woo met Chae Won at Jin-Hae Cherry blossom festival and fell in love with her at first sight. Concealing his age (high school student), he had a date with Chae Won. But with a sudden death of his father, they were separated without knowing each other's phone number or address, and his affection for Chae Won grows.

After his father died, his family moved to Seoul so he was transferred to a high school in Seoul and he met Che Won and shockingly she was a teacher of that school. Even though it is forbidden love (between student and teacher), Kwan-Woo's love for Che Won keeps growing and Chae Won also could not help being in love with him...

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Post by fft » Apr 30th, '08, 11:44

So did you ever find torrents for this series? I like this series. This is actually the first Kdrama that I've ever wanted. I watched it on KISB (Free To Air) American Korean channel with English subs. It's a station based in Hawaii and it's for the American Korean audiences.

I've searched all over D-addicts (and the net) and can't find any good quality episodes, yet alone any episodes. Anybody have the episodes?

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Post by saby » Jun 2nd, '08, 10:26

i wanna watch this too

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Post by swit_thng » Jun 2nd, '08, 14:26

i was watching this drama but got stuck at episode 10 because the dvd is damaged. sadness. i want to find the rest of the episodes too.
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Post by jon_toyo » Feb 14th, '09, 16:49

i have the complete and working kdrama Romance 2002 with subs.. if you wat i can upload it....

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Post by Dalheah » Feb 14th, '09, 17:20

Yes, please seed it for us. I'd like to see it, too.

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Post by Suoth » Feb 14th, '09, 18:25

I woud like to see it to, yes please seed this drama

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Post by mynameis » Feb 20th, '09, 14:27

Is this video has been upload yet??

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Post by TragicKingdom » Mar 5th, '09, 18:52

It's licensed by YA Entertainment

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