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Loveholic (KBS2, 2005) with Kang-Ta

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Loveholic (KBS2, 2005) with Kang-Ta

Post by JlovesVan » Sep 28th, '07, 21:02

I am surprised there isn't a thread about this drama already. I am through episode 4 now and I am loving it!!! Has anyone seen it? What did you think?

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Post by hehrharz » Oct 29th, '07, 19:54

I have ever watched this series...I think this is a nice series, but the rating is not good (I don't know why). I watched all of the episodes and really love how the story goes. Maybe the people don't like such a story (not cute enough, maybe), but I like it.

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Post by Cleo » Nov 1st, '07, 16:15

I'm glad to see a thread about this drama, it's one of my favorite but it's been pretty underrated unfortunatly.
I liked the relashionship between the 2 leads, a complicated yet very touching one. The girl is not your typical pretty but naive/ shallow girl, she portrayed all the emotions well and really moved me. Too bad I didn't see her in another drama, coz I grew fond of her in this drama.
For Kangta, he's tall, good looking, a bit dark :wub: , well quite yummy in fact lol

And if you haven't heard the OST, go grab it, coz it's one of the best I know. I just couldn't (and still can't ^^) get the songs 1 and 16 out of my head, I like them too much!

So if you just finished Coffee Prince (like everyone^^), and don't know what to DL next, go and try this one!

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