In-Soon is Pretty (KBS2, 2007)

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In-Soon is Pretty (KBS2, 2007)

Post by xxmikeyxx » Nov 16th, '07, 09:07

Title: 인순이는 예쁘다 / In-Soon is Pretty
Episodes:?(If anyone has info on this please help fill it in)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Nov-7 to 2007-Dec
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Lee In-soon (Kim Hyun Joo) is an ex-murder convict who accidentally killed a person in high school and served time in prison for her crime. In her school days, thanks to her outstanding looks, she received a lot of love from people. However, after the murder incident, she wears tinted glasses and is afraid to meet people's eyes. However, she's a tough woman who hasn't lost hope, and longs for happiness. Han Jae Eun (Lee In Hye) is an announcer.

* Kim Hyun Joo as Lee In Soon
* Kim Min Joon as Han Sang Woo
* Lee In Hye as Han Jae Eun
* Lee Wan as Geun Soo

Extended Cast:
* Nah Young Hee as In Soon's mother
* Seo Hyo Rim as In Soon's sister
* Jang Young Ran

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Post by Valentine_rose » Nov 16th, '07, 09:31

The end of first episode is little sad and the preview of episode 2 is great, I'm so exciting.

I love the lead casting, I waiting impatiently WITHS2 sub for episode 2!

(thanks to WITHS2 for picking this drama!!!)

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Post by arabian » Nov 17th, '07, 12:47

For those who are waiting the drama on KBS world , it'll show the first Ep on 28-Nov..

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Post by RAV4 » Nov 18th, '07, 17:58

Does anyone in here know if there is the KBS world channel in San Diego?

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Post by Morphin » Nov 18th, '07, 18:16

Kim hyun Joo \o/
Nice to see WITHS2 already starting to sub this drama :p

seems really interresing storyline =)

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Post by Hitokiri_Johndoesai » Nov 22nd, '07, 12:30

I really liked the first two episodes. Very tragic story and good acting, seems to be interesting. In-Soon's innervoice while thinking makes me laugh.

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can someone..

Post by JlovesVan » Jan 5th, '08, 02:40

for anyone who has finished this drama, can you tell me if it is worth watching. It seems that I can't find a current thread on it (maybe I am blind LOL). I am a Lee Wan fan so was curious about this one but haven't heard much....

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Re: can someone..

Post by arabian » Jan 5th, '08, 05:41

JlovesVan wrote:for anyone who has finished this drama, can you tell me if it is worth watching. It seems that I can't find a current thread on it (maybe I am blind LOL). I am a Lee Wan fan so was curious about this one but haven't heard much....
I watched it till Ep12 on KBS World & it's nice drama, me too watching it for Lee Wan :lol , but his character is make him soo harsh on Insoon.. I didn't read about the ending but it seem Happy one..

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Post by ringosan » Jan 11th, '08, 00:31

oh i love this drama :D a bit different

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Post by jinloh » Jan 12th, '08, 02:21

I've enjoyed watching this drama so far but there seems to be no torrent after episode 11 on DA torrent.

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Post by ninjinchan79 » Jan 12th, '08, 02:42

fyi,you can found them at soompi :cheers:

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Post by jinloh » Jan 12th, '08, 04:54

:-) I rely mostly on DA torrents. Hope someone will continue to upload the rest of the series here. All the same, thanks for your info. :salut:

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Post by ReBeLa » Jan 12th, '08, 13:04

i have it in my pc, but i haven't started watching it. I hope i won't get disappointed by this drama. :-)

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Post by fluid_motion » Jan 12th, '08, 21:34

A predictable drama but still a good watch. A lovely happy ending. Worth watching with a great cast of actors and a great script.

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Post by RAV4 » Jan 22nd, '08, 07:52

This is a lovely drama. KHJ is great as usual.

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Post by latuongtu » Feb 23rd, '08, 12:35

I like Kim Min Joon a lot, but for some obscured reasons, I am still sitting on the sideline watching other stuffs....mainly Japanese dramas! (The story lines seem different from Korean dramas. Japanese series is more like a collection of short stories, as compared to a novel in Korean drama)

So, could you compare this drama to another similar drama in the past?
and on a scale of 1-10, how would you rank "In Soon is Pretty"?


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Post by sabriyahm » Apr 4th, '08, 22:22

I have just started episode 6 and all my liking for the series is slipping away. The whole storyline with her mom just seems so typical. As a matter of fact typical seems to be the best word to describe this show. And it started so well! I would have liked it better if it had really been about her struggles to improve and overcome the ex-con label. Mostly its about wiating for when her secret will be revealed and her mom will be embarrassed. Show would have been better if it was rooted in the everyday instead of the fantastical coincidences typical of kdramas.

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Post by empressayame » Apr 5th, '08, 02:51

I really liked in-soon is pretty, its not your typical korean drama and its really funny. I think the fact that she's keeping her past a secret plays a big role in the plot, so not having this aspect is pointless.

I enjoyed this drama and recommend it to people who are not easily entertained. This drama is def. not for childish teenagers who are just looking for cutesy themes.


p.s. does anyone else think jung-ah seems kinda mentally challenged? I was sooo sick of hearing her say, "오빠...같이 가요..." GRAHHHH!!!~ stop!. :P

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Post by Silentwolfdog » May 11th, '08, 05:18

The ending is a bit confusing. Did Insoon's brother died right? That is so least he died feeling a bit freer than before, not having to carry that burden anymore because he confessed. But still, that hurts watching him die alone at bus stop.

Lee Wan need to stop picking character that just dies at the end. Argh! lol

abel nightroad
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Post by abel nightroad » May 11th, '08, 14:59

i like the OST of this drama... Un je ga ji na... the lyrics was very nice to...

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Post by noname11 » May 18th, '08, 02:32

OMG thanks I will definately check this out. Sounds awesome.

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Post by littledraci » Jun 22nd, '08, 23:19

No more reactions to this drama??@-@ How sad, it's such a good one.
Like mentioned before probably not for someone who's looking for "looking for cutesy themes"
It left me kinf of thoughtful after every episode or when I took a break from my 3 episodes sessions.. really like the tune of it...
I would rate it right under Que Sera, Sera... QSS has a more romantic tune, while Insoon is more about her life in general *well of couse love can't be missed though^^*

The OST is great, too! My favorites are the SG Wannabe song and the instrumental Mom & I, F.T. Island's song has to be mentioned too XD

Hope to see more of Lee Wan in one of the major roles.. I liked him a lot in here *well more than in Heaven's Tree...a lot more^^*

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Post by Masumi-chan » Mar 5th, '09, 02:52

anyone know what movie Sang Woo's mother was watching in the last episode in 55:05?, i think the actor was Kwon Sang Woo but i didn't know the actress.

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